Monday, August 31, 2009


Did THE QUIET GIRL freaking finally actually say her real name on her blog!!!???
Everyone already knew it was my blog anyways.
Today is August 31st.
August 31st 2008 is the day I think I officially went vegetarian!!!
So as of today I haven't eaten meat in a year!!!
YAY ^_^
Think of all the animals I just saved!!!
So yeah.
Also today was the first day of school.
Sophomore year!!
Year number two of this crazy thing called high school!!
So yeah.
The bus never came so my dad had to drive us.

FIRST PERIOD= photography 2!!!
I like photography so having it first thing in the morning is fine.
But I need a camera that takes film. And a better digital camera.
But it's kool cuz I want both already and photo 2 gives me a better excuse for wanting them.
And I actually have a friend in the class! Yay! I am a loner no more!!
But our first assignment is to take pictures of kids.
At a parade. Without permission.
So basically being a stalker.

SECOND PERIOD= child development
The teacher is weird and I don't like her.
I don't know like anyone at all.
And the only reason I signed up for the class in the first place is cuz like all my friends were. So of course I end up being in the class with people I don't know.
It sucks.
I am most likely switching out.
LOL...I don't even know how to switch out cuz I've never wanted to switch out of a class before.
I should really figure it out.

I hate math of like any form
Also a class with no friends.
But I don't really care.
It's easier to focus that way.
Excpt this girl that's friends with one of my other friends is in that class and she sat next to me.
She talks a lot most of the time. And all her stories don't really get to the point or anything.
So I dunno.

FORTH PERIOD= Espanol dos
Is that how you spell it?
My teacher has like 15 letters in her last name and I don't know how to pronounce it.
Not even my friend how speaks Spanish could figure it out.
But yay, I do have one friend in that class AND she already speaks Spanish.

Couldn't find my friend.
I saw her other two friend who we ate lunch with last year walking down the hall during lunch and was like "HEY WHERE YOU GUYS HEADED??"
And they like ignored me (I don't think they like me, but I've had this theory for a while :-/)
Or thay didn't hear me. I don't know. I was like right next to them.
So I ate lunch with the friends that made me sign out for freaking child development.
Which was ok.
But I think my other friend will get mad if I start not eating lunch with her. Even though I like never talk anyways.

I keep calling it SNL by mistake.
Ya know like SAturday night life?
The teachers nice and there's like four kids in that class I'm kinda friends with so it's kool.

SIXTH PERIOD= Honors english
With my kinda friends. Woooo.
And Mark Jubert who said he was a fan of my blog.
Twice in one period.

SEVENTH PERIOD= Honors biology
My lab partner is some girl I don't know.
But she seemed nice.
That's kinda all I have to say about school.

About Cadegoestocollege. He made a new video!!! And he has a blog on blogspot!!!
So guess who's following him??
Lol that said very stalker-ish.
He's freaking 20.
He's olllllldddddddddd.
But yeah.
thats all.
I'm talk to my cousin on FB and stop blogging now.
I hope this is like the longest post ever.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomorrow = the first day of the rest of my life...LOL

I wanted to give this post a stupid name.
So there ya go.
Tomorrow is the first day of my sophomore year of high school. Oh boy. My english teacher last year told me that sophomore means wise fool. But he wasn't a very good teacher so who knows if that's true. And I thought it was spelled sophmore until spell check said it's sophomore. And it still doesn't look right to me but I looked at my mom OLD high school yearbook cuz it's on the shelf right behind me and apparently it is sophomore.
I just finished watching the rest of Cade's youtube videos so now I am think of what to do next.
So yeah school starts tomorrow. And usually I'm like freaking out the day before school starts but right now I'm just kinda like "So what?" which is weird cuz usually I'm like freaking out about everything. Maybe like tonight or tomorrow morning I'll be all like "ohmyGodohmyGod school!! AHHHHHHHH!" but right now, I'm pretty chill.
Right now my brother is at Virgin Free Fest.
He is going to see Blink 182. Lucky duck!
Another thing with school starting: I will probably try to not spend all my time on the computer. So my farm on Farmville will just be sitting there. But whatever. It's been fun.
I just remember today is Sunday!!
And you know what Sunday means:
I've been confused on what day it is for like at least three weeks now.
I can't really think of anything else to say.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I'm about the get off the computer but there was a Cadegoestocollege video that I thought was cute so I'ma post it on here in honor of this being the last week of summer.


dentist= unfun

GUESS WHAT!?!????!!
I went to the dentist today.
I hadn't been there in like years.
On the car ride there my dad asked if I was born on the 12th or the 14th cuz he thought 14th.
Then we got to the dentist and my dad had to fill out this form thinger and wrote my birthday as 08/12. Now he's getting the month confused!
And he wrote that my middle name initial was E.
Wrong kid.
Then when I actually had to go back and get my teeth X-ray-ed the lady gave me salt to swallow for some reason. I'm still confused.
Then I went and sat in the chair and after like 5 minutes a lady finally came over and cleaned my teeth while talking to one of the other ladies about her kids or whatever.
Then she left and I waited like 10 minutes till the dentist guy came over and told me I have no cavities.
Now I have to go back in like a month or two.
So now I'm bored.
I'm on youtube watching CadeGoesToCollege videos. He's kinda like Mitchell Davis but not quite.
He's kooler than Shane Dawson though. I don't really like Shane Dawson. I don't know why. And I don't get why his vids are so popular? Whatever.
The important thing is: me and Cade both wear yellow socks.
So yeah.
That's all.
Go play farmville!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last week of summer 09

I was bored so I watched old videos I filmed.
We all look different now!
I have like three different videos of Mark singing/playing "the kill".
Back when he had long hair.
I have a video of Megan running through Ally's backyard laughing like a maniac and screaming something about fire.
Megan proposing to a muffin.
A random clip of my cousin casing me up the stairs.
A fight scene my brother and my cousin made when I first got my camera.
Like a billion random videos from 8th grade art class.
Mark and Bobby dancing, and me and Joanna laughing in the background.
There was a lot of random videos. lol.
All good times!
I want a new camera!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One time

I haven't blogged in like a month.
Wanta see an adorable video that makes me laugh?
It's not even a Mitchell Davis video!!
Its insane.