Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This is my last entry of 2008. Maybe my New Years Resolution will be to write better blog post. But its not like anyone really read this so I dunno. BYE. SEE YOU IN 2009!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

nothing says 'i love you' quite like chapstick

I felt like I should write a new post because *drum roll* I got my blog siced. Hey look at me I think I'm important.
Ummm....hmmm I don't really have much to say. And of course now that I've said that, this will probably become some long post where I spill all the thoughts and ideas. Only not really. This post is meaningless. I just came up with the creative name for this post because I got some chapstick for Christmas along with all the other kool stuff. My friend that was at Christmas dinner with me told me she got all this rich people stuff like a camera, an ipod, and a TV.
Oh yeah?
Well I got chapstick!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

bury your head

Yesterday was Christmas. I get all excited for Christmas then the next day its like "That was it?That's what I was waiting for? LAME!" I did get most of the CDs I wanted:
  • Panic! at the disco- a fever you can't sweat out (I liked it better than pretty odd)
  • Paramore- final riot CD/DVD (I love paramore XD)
  • We the kings (I am into fueled by raman bands)
  • Twilight soundtrack (Which has TWO paramore songs I like. But it also has a linkin park song (I have a thing against linkin park even though some of my friends like them))
  • Now thats what I call music 71 (No that's not a typo. Its the latest British Now CD. Its got American music and some European music on it too.)
I also got the rest of the Twilight saga which is awesome! I know the people that gave me stuff don't read my blog, but thank you anyways! Last night was awkward and I felt like a ghost. My friend was there at dinner but we failed to hold a conversation and then we didn't eat together. After dinner I sat on the sofa in the TV room away from everyone and listened to my ipod. I don't think I've ever been bored enough to listen to my ipod at a party to pass the time. Then later I got dessert and looked for my friend but she wasn't there anymore. Sometimes I feel like I am just a ghost or something. On Saturdays my family usually goes to the library and taco bell or whatever. I usually just sit in the back seat of the car listening to my ipod. Then at taco bell or whatever kool place we go to eat I order my food and eat quietly while my dad talks or whatever. Then at the library I go off alone to look for books and then stalk my dad or brother when I'm ready to go. Nothing would really change if I wasn't there. Its sad when you start noticing these types of things. And yesterday I had fun with my cousin in the morning even though we were just eager to open presents and didn't really talk much or do anythig funny/amazing like we usually do. But other then that, the fun moments I had yesterday were the moments I had when I was alone. Dude, that made me sound like some "emo" hipster kid (which I am NOT). Whatever, we all have moments where we want to be alone I guess. Or maybe I'm just a natural at being a loner. Whatever. (I say whatever too much. A lot or people seem to notice that so sometimes I try to say revetahw) Ok well I have to go now. And I had more scene names to add!!! Oh well. That will have to wait.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fruit Punch Nerds

Ok so this is just gunna be a random post were I talk about random things on my mind that no one really cares about.
So it's finally Christmas eve! And last night I was feeling depressed. This always ends up happening to me. It's the time of year where I should be feeling happy but I ended up feeling depressed. Maybe I'm like bipolar cuz my last post was all about feeling happy. I didn't end up giving my friends anything so I guess its ok that all they gave me was a crunch bar. I remember last year on the last day of school before break I got like a million candy canes and a pack of hello kitty fruit snacks. Those hello kitty things were amazing. I hope they didn't have gelatin in them. I was depressed last Christmas eve because I woke up at my grandma's house and that is usually depressing. I hope I don't ever lose my memory or get sick when I'm older. Last night I was depressed because I pretty much ate lunch by myself. Yeah, I was sitting with like five girls that I've known for a while but its not like they are my best friends. They seem more like friend-of-a-friend to me because I'm kinda just randomly with them. The one I am probably the closest with wasn't there yesterday which sucked. I think one of my New Years resolutions is gunna be to make new friends and be less shy. I also noticed this year that I have like no close guy friends. That sucks. I had a lot last year. But now I hang out with a group of girls. I'm sure theres a lot of kool dudes for me to hang out with at school but I'm shy. The girls I hang out with kinda consider our selves as extras. We're the kids you pass in the hallway but you don't know our names. We're the kids that get ok grade and are ok at sports but no one really remembers us for anything. Yeah doesn't that suck? And those girls don't listen to the same music as me and they don't veiw the world the way I do.They're nice and all and I like them but I am different from them.
I'm listening to Jimmy Eat World's version of "Last Christmas". I like their version the best. I was singing it when I got home yesterday. I think Christmas songs should be an all year thing. But maybe I'm just weird.
The other day on myspace some like scene girl added me. Scene kids have funny myspace names. I was making up scene kid names in my head all of last night. Here are the only ones I can remember:
  • Technicolor Tyler/Taylor
  • Zoe Zoom-Zoom
  • Chaotic Cindy
  • Emotionless Ellen
  • Bella Blood
I Just did it to random names. You should try! Haha. Me and my friends also like creating pick-up lines. Now those are funny! If you come up with any scene names or pick-up lines feel free to share. Haha. Early this morning I started creating a bucket list. I think thats what they are called. Ya know, a list of things to do before you die. I don't plan on dying anytime soon but its never to early to think of what you want to do in your life. I don't remember many of the things on the list. I should have wrote it down. Oh well. I just remember one thing was something like "get a song written about you" or something. So if anyone reading this wants to make my day, write a song for me. POR FAVOR!!! :) I made a lot of list in my head this morning. I made a list of people I'd like to meet. Its not like a list of celebrities or random kids at school. Its like I want to meet a girl that is trully confident. Or like a boy that has a sense of humor that isn't all gross' thats what she said' jokes. And a list of traits my dream guy would have. (Having a sense of humor that doesn't involve dirty jokes was also on that list)
I like sleeping but I'm bad at it. Last night my eyes were all blood shot. I go to bed late but still wake up way too early. So like today I woke up at 7am and listened to my ipod for three hours and created these lists in my head. Sometimes I hate waking up early but most of the time its kool. Its like I'm seeing something other people don't or something. Since tomorrow is Christmas I'll probably wake up early again and not get a lot of sleep but oh well its Christmas, no one cares about sleeping in.
Yeah...I know in my first blog post I said this blog was gunna be me writing poems and such but I haven't given you any poems yet. But oh well. I'll post my poems some day.
The name of this post is not a song title or anything so don't go looking it up...actually maybe you should, that would be an interesting song name. But anyways heres the reasons:
  1. I'm eating fruit punch flavored nerds I got from a friend
  2. I am pretty much a nerd. but I like the word DORK better.
  3. I like fruit tasted good and makes you're teeth red. hehehe
YEAH I was in a list making mood. I don't really like nerds so I'm not sure why I'm eating them but whatever.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

a season of optimism

So its Sunday and I have school tommorrow but for once I am glad. I just want to get it out of the way so it can be winter break already!!! I went to a Christmas party yesterday at one of my childhood friend's house. It's been a long time since I had been to her house! It reminded me of when we were little and had sleepovers at her house all the time. It was a nice feeling. Santa even drove through her neighborhood on a firetruck and I screamed "I WANT EDWARD CULLEN FOR CHRISTMAS!!!" (Yeah, I'm one of those kids thats in love with twilight XD) I love this time of year. I feel so optimistic all the time during the holidays which is really kool. I don't think my mom has really done any Christmas shopping yet which kind of bothers me but oh well. Its about giving, not recieving. But I'm really bad at picking out gifts so I tend not to buy my friends gifts so it makes me feel bad when they give me a gift and I give them nothing. I bet most people don't care and just want presents. But whatever. I also like New Years. I get to stay up pretty late and then I feel like I can start over new and set new goals for myself. I dunno. I feel fresh or something. Also I like some changes but I'm not so good with some other changes. Like when I was younger my family had more traditions and stuff we'd do for the holidays like going to see these winter lights around Christmas, or trick-or-treating with my cousins in my grandmothers neighborhood,or dying Easter egg at my grandmothers house with my cousins, or seeing the fire works with my cousins. But those traditions seem to be dying. I know last year it really freaked me out. This past Easter really freaked me out too cuz we didn't dye Easter eggs at all and we didn't do brunch at my grandmothers or dinner at my aunts house like we do every other year. It was just like a normal day but I had a basket with candy in it. So I got depressed and started worrying that holidays don't really mean anything when you're older. But I feel ok now that its the Christmas season because hopefully there will always be something under the tree and at New Years the big ball always drops and a new year always begins. Its hard not to feel optimistic like a little kid again during the winter holidays season.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


HEY YO!!! I'm at school. School is boring. Especially when you have a whole week in the computer lab for a stupid english project. It only takes like a day to make a four slide power point. So far this blog sucks cuz I've been too lazy to post any poems or stories or anything. Christmas is a week and a day away!!! I can't wait for Christmas and Christmas break and the New Year. And I can't wait to get out of the EXTREMELY boring english class. Yeah...this post sucks. But hey. I guess I'm proving that quiet kids ARE NOT nerds that love school. Ugh I hate the word "proof" or "proving"...reminds me of geometry...another class i hate. I've got like a C in that class. I passed algebra with a D. It was amazng. I fail like every test. Hahaha. Whatever. BYEEEEE

Monday, December 8, 2008

David Blanco

This blog post is dedicated to an awesome (but fictional character) David Blanco. He was in a book I read this past summer. The book was called "Breaking Point". The book wasn't very good but I did my summer reading essay on it because I was too lazy to actually read one of the boring school recommended books.We were supposed to write our essay's on whether or not we agreed with the main character's actions. I didn't like the main character in the book so I wrote about how stupid I thought he was and wrote a bonus paragraph about David Blanco. I got a 72% on the essay. Apparently I used the word "stupid" way to much when describing the main character and apparently the paragraph about David Blanco was irrelovent. But I felt like I was making a point. Whatever. English teachers don't really give a damn about what creative things students have to say. Anyways you're probably wondering "So why was David Blancoso amazing???" He's David Blanco...enough said. Haha. Just kidding. I'll explain. So David Blanco is an only child. His mom was a lunch lady at a snobby private school. His dad was a janitor at the same snob school. Since both of David's parents worked at the school, he got in with a discount. The snobby rich kids that payed full prize hated David. They did everything to torment him and his immigrant family. His family was poor. They lived in a tiny house behind the school. The kids should of just let him be. David had a dog, the tiny white fluffy type, named Trouble. After school he would take his dog out to the football field and Trouble would shit on the sports fields. David thought it was a pretty funny way to get back at the kids that tortured him. One day David woke up and found Trouble's head, no body, sitting on his door step. The tiny dog's body was in a puddle of blood in the school next to a sign that said "Should have scooped". People are so cruel over the stupidest things. Kids would dump instant mashed potato powder in David's backpack and then pour in water so gross school-lunch mashed potatos covered his books. They would print out pictures of fat naked women and write "Blanco's mom". David had green hair and read Emily Dickenson poems. He was an interesting guy. Notice how I keep saying was? Well one day friendless David was sick of it all. He went to the top of the bell tower. The stupid main character, Paul, was like David because his mom worked at the school too. But Paul was desperate for friends and the bullying to stop so he got mixed up with Charlie, who was the kid that was behind most of the horrible things that happeed to David. Anyways so David was miserable and stood on the ledge of the bell tower. Paul saw him and went up to try to talk so sense into him. David told him this story about the birds and the beasts and the bat: "Once, all the creatures lived in harmony. Then, there was a conflict between the birds and the beasts. They formed two armies. The bat went to join the birds. But they said 'sorry you're no bird'. So, he went to go join the beasts, but they said 'you can fly, you must be a bird'. Finally the birds and the beasts made their peace. They had something in common- they all hated the bat, who was different from everyone. So the bat was forced to fly off alone before the other creatures ripped him apart." then he said, "The moral of the story is if you aren't like anyone, you'll always be alone." He explained how he was alone, he was a bat. Then he said "I'm a bat, want to see me fly?" And by the end of the chapter the blood of David Blanco weas all over the sidewalk below. This book shows how horrible people are when they have no reasons to be. I can relate to David. I may not be jumping off bell towers or going to snobby prep schools and my dog isn't headless (thank God). But me and David both know what if feels like to be picked on for no reason. We both get left alone a lot. I guess you could say I'm a bat.
Bats are one of my favorite animals. In third grade we had a project and we woould pick from a hat which animal we'd have to research. I was sick the day we picked so I ended up with bats. At first I was like "nooo who likes bats???" But I did the project and learned that bats were kool unique creatures and I guess I've liked bats ever since. Why is it no one seems to like bats? Maybe thats why they are so loney. Tonight I feel lonely but I pretty much know thats all my fault. When i was eating dinner Charlie Brown's Christms was on TV. Charlie Brown is a lonely kid too. And he has a dog too. I wonder if he grew p to become like David Blanco. Anyways Charlie Brown is a classic and Snoopy rocks.
(I'm sorry the end of this post seems kinda random but thats just how I write.And sorry if my grammar or puncuation is messed up. I'll be better nexted time.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

my intro

hello. I'm a quiet girl. This is my blog. In my real life I write a lot; mostly in notebooks. I write everything : stories, dreams, wishes, and about my life. I guess writing is my way of expressing myself and being me. I like music and art and all but I can never seem to write good songs or draw trully amazing pictures. So I write. I wish I was one of those people that inspires others. I don't really think I am so I guess this blog is me trying. I may not talk a lot but that doesn't mean i don't have things to say...or in this case write. So this is the quiet girls first blog entry. I didn't give you any poems or essays or anything. This is just the beginning
Stay tuned to find out if this blog is just some stupid bull shit or if shes actually going somewhere with this...