Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was told to continue blogging.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh oh I wish that you missed me

was listening to Lemuria the other day and have that line in my head now.

My friend drew a picture of a giraffe today and I was amazing. I am the one who draws giraffes on everything. We think so a like. Haha. Only mine are way more cartoon-y than hers. So next Friday is Costume day at my school. I will dress up as Max from Where the wild things are!! My giraffe drawing friend was gunna be a ninja turtle but then decided she wouldn’t be allowed to wear the mask in class. So she’s gunna be a scene kid. I think it’ll be a fail. But oh well.

I just read a hell of a lot of MLIA in the past hour. Haha.

I have a take home quiz I really need help on cuz it’s impossible! Ahhh. Stupid algebra 2! Ruining my weekend!! Arggg.

I think I either saw a mouse of a creepy crawly run across the other side of the room. Either way, I’m scared. And to run out of the room I have to run to where it ran across. Blahhh. How come when I went to an abandoned house that had a freaking window open there were no pests??

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm blue duba dee duba di

That was like the song of my childhood. My and my brother would listen to it on repeat…FOR HOURS! Haha. Oh the 90’s. So. Today’s been a rainy Wednesday. We had PSAT’s today. Oh boy. My friend got dumped right before their 1 year anniversary of going out with the guy. That asshole. Today she sat next to me on the bus ride home and she was crying. I break that stupid boys face now. Then I had a stalker moment after I got home. I looked out the window and saw her walking alone in the rain so I rain out after her. HAHAHA. The look on her face when I just appeared out of nowhere was priceless. She was like “OHMYGOD!” really loud. LOL. So then we walked to 7-Eleven and she got some pig out food. Cuz that’s just what you do when you just got dumped. Cry and pig out. All that fun stuff. Then we walked back and I made her laugh and such. So then I felt like a better person for making her smile when she’s in a crappy mood. And I felt like a stalker but it’s all good, she’s my friend and my neighbor so it’s ok. Haha. So yeah. That was basically my day. PSAT’s and stalking my friend.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


my saturday

I went to the mall today to get a dress for Homecoming. My friends made me try on a dress at American Eagle and it just showed off out freakishly pale I am. White dresses just don’t look good on me. At JCPenny my friends made me try on this purple dress that I didn’t really like. I’m bad at dress shopping cuz I don’t know what type of dress I want or anything. So I tried on the purple dress and I liked it once I tried it on. But it was $40 and I don’t know if that’s expensive or not for a dress cuz I like never go dress shopping. So I didn’t get it. I probably should have. But I am still not even sure if I want to go to Homecoming. So I dunno. If I do decide to go I’ll probably be upset for not getting the dress but oh well. Then I went to Hot Topic because I wanted to. Why are the shirts I like always more than I want to pay? There was an Owl City shirt, a Never Shout Never shirt, a Paramore shirt and like two Blink shirts. But they were $20 each and I’m cheap. Then I wanted to get a belt but those were freaking $25! Why does Hot Topic have to be so expensive? If they lowered the price of everything by like $10 I would buy things there SO MUCH. Haha. The people working there always ask “How are you today? Need help finding anything just let me know” And I usually say or do something that makes them laugh or talk to me more. It’s weird. So today I was drinking a smoothie when a dude working there asked me and it was a good smoothie so I kept drinking it and just gave him a thumbs up and he laughed and said he like that answer and that it was very to the point. It’s amazing how just sticking up my thumb made this dude laugh. He must not get out much. Haha. So yeah. Now I’m at home. I didn’t buy anything at the mall other than a smoothie. I wish I went to the library today. Cuz I’m not gunna be able to go next weekend either. :( . So I’ve decided I want to be Max from Where the wild things are for Halloween and I told my mom so not I need to make a costume. I need a grey hoodie. It would be great id it had ears sticking up out of the hood. And a clip on wolf tail. Haha. I hope I can get those buy Halloween. If not I’m being a freaking fairy…AGAIN. It’s random, but today my friends and I were at Payless shoes and I was drinking my smoothie and then I got a chunk of banana stuck in my throat. I was choking on a freaking banana. Haha. But it only lasted like 15 seconds then my friends laughed at me. So yeah. That was my amazing day.

Friday, October 9, 2009

You had me at hello

By A day to remember is so beautiful. I love it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Phil of the future

I was thinking about old TV shows and decided to watch some good old Phil of the Future on Youtube. What a great show. I used to think the guy that plays Phil was the cutest guy in the world. Hahaha.

So yesterday I went to the dentists. It actually wasn’t horrible. They put this stuff called sealant on my back teeth. I got to have my own little room. And the dentist was this new guy I’d never met before. He was this very nice and friendly Asian guy. He liked my random green zebra print shoelace. He said tiger stripe shoelace… but same thing. Haha. He also thought my purple plaid hoodie was very trendy. He told me when I become a famous fashion designer to remember him. I hate when dentists try to have conversations with you. It’s pretty hard to talk when they are putting sealant on your teeth! But yeah, for a guy that gets payed to look at peoples teeth, he was pretty kool.

I went to an abandoned house a couple days ago. It was pretty kool. And kinda sad. It makes me wonder what happened. It would have been a really nice house. There was a freaking fireplace in the bathroom! Pretty swanky. The smoke alarms were pretty annoying though. At first I thought it was a burglar alarm and almost started freaking out. But the house has been abandoned since August of 2007 judging by the date on the newspapers and magazines there. So the smoke alarms were beeping for new batteries. Anyways. Yeah. Going to an abandoned house. Yet another random thing I’ve done.

What a great post. Talking about old Disney Channel shows, the dentists, and going to an abandoned house. Wow. Haha.

So. Today I will probably go to the library. I want to reread the Rainbow boys series but every time I go to the library to look for them Rainbow Boys (the first book) isn’t there! So maybe this time it will be. I don’t know. Yesterday everyone in my family ate lunch at Ricky’s rice bowl but me! My brother went with his friends after school. And my parents went after I came home and told them I already ate lunch at school. Oh well. Lunch yesterday was kool. At first all my friends had already seemed to have left so I was like “Great, I have to eat alone. Ugh” but luckily Nereida and Vivian found me! They can always find a great place on campus to chill at for lunch where no one else will be. To yesterday we ate on this brick wall near the auto shop parking lot and the hill down to the portables and green house. It was so nice outside! I should eat with them more often. I want to go to Target sometime soon! Skelanimals is selling stuff in Target stores for Halloween! Skelanimals is usually at Hot topic for more than I can afford. So it would be kool to get some cute Skelanimals stuff for Target prices. So yeah.My friend Nereida wears a lot of Skelanimals shirts and thats what made me think of it. Haha.

Bye :D

Friday, October 2, 2009

all i wanted


Brand new eyes is amazing. I suggest you go buy it NOW.

Haha. So it is Friday!! I had a half day at school which rocked. But I had like a bijillion quizzes/tests!!! AHHH. Yesterday I wrote a song. I was kinda shocked when I read it over after reading it. It’s not that good. It’s probably got some really lame rhymes. But for once I wrote a song and got out what I was actually trying to say. I might post it here. I haven’t decided yet.

Yesterday was also the first day of OCTOBER!!!! October is like the bestestestest month ever!! Everyone’s like “Oh, you just like it cuz it has your birthday.” That is one of the reasons I love it but theres more to it than that. It has my birthday, my best friend/cousin’s birthday, my birthday party (usually), my cousin’s birthday party(s), Point look out (This beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. My family goes there like every year for a weekend in October), and HALLOWEEN!!! So what a fantastic month. I hope my parents get me a new camera for my birthday. I think one of my friends is gunna go get me all this stuff like lotions and fancy soaps and I’m gunna feel really bad for not getting her anything for her birthday. Well, in a way I gave her support when she was going through a tough time. And promised to do that whenever she needs me. Does that count as a birthday present? Anyways, one of my other friends has been saying since last year “I’m gunna buy you a big bag of Swedish Fish.” I’m so excited!! I think I told Mark to make my vegan cupcakes. That will be pretty freaking sweet if he does! Hahaha. I hope I get to go to both my cousin’s bday partys if she has two. Because usually I miss one. :( . I hope PLO is fun this year. The past two years interesting stories have happened at the play ground at night. I haven’t talked to my friend who usually goes in like a year. I hope we haven’t grown apart. Because then PLO will not be very fun. ALSO- I do not know what I want to be for Halloween this year! It is a dilemma! The past couple years I’ve been lazy and just worn fairy wings and been like “I’ma fairy!” but I want to do something different this year!

Yesterday me and my brother rode our bikes to the park so I could take pictures of him for my photo2 assignment. The film was acting weird but I hoped it would be ok because the pictures would have turned out AMAZING. So today I developed the film. IT FREAKING CAME OUT PLANK. I’m upset! So I got a new roll of film. Gunna try again over the weekend. I don’t really feel like riding bikes to the park. It’s too hilly for me. But if my parents drove us to the park my dad would probably try to tell me how to do everything like I’d never used a camera. Even thought I’ve taken more photography classes than he ever has. So yeah. At least I have actually learned a bit from my mistake. But it’s happened to me THREE times when the film came out bad. Two times it was blank and one time it was all black. Ugh. That’s why digital is a lot nicer sometimes. You don’t have to worry about the film coming out messed up. But film has it’s plus sides too. When it actually comes out good.

So yeah. I have to go to the dentists soon. I hate going to the dentist. Last time was horrible. My dad forgot my middle name and I missed the sink when spitting out that red crap they put on your teeth. So hopefully this time it’s better. Last time I was the oldest patient there. The rest were like 6 year olds. Oh boy. Ughhhh. So yeah. BYE.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Brand new eyes

Guess who got Paramore’s new CD a day before it’s supposed to come out?!?!!!

That’s right. I got Brand new eyes today!!! I’m so happy. Paramore is one of my favorite bands and I got to listen to their new CD before a lot of other Paramore fans. :D

So how did I get the CD a day early? Well, I went to this CD store called CDepot and passed the section where the Paramore CDs are and was curious to see if they somehow already had it. They did!! So yeah. It made my day. I posted a status on facebook about it to make everyone jealous. Haha. I have no life.

The CD is pretty good if you are wondering. It’s different from their other CDs. Or atleast I think so. I don’t think it will be as big as Riot. But I still like it. I usually end up loving the CDs other people hate. Like that Kelly Clarkson ablum called My December that people said ruined her career or whatever. That is like my favorite album from her. Haha. So yeah. I also didn’t hate Red Jumpsuits Loney road CD. I’ll admit that Don’t you fake it was way better. But I do actually listen to Lonely road still.



Happy birthday to my three friends Paula, Brenda and Kathy!! I hope Brenda gets out of the hospital soon too cuz she’s amazing and I miss her!

Yesterday I was in a good mood so I went outside to hang out in my backyard. I was gunna swing and climb around in the tree but it rained earlier so everything was wet. So I ended up just sitting on the platform thing on the swing set and wrote in my journal. My brother came out and we threw the football around but I’m pretty bad at throwing and catching footballs. So that only lasted like two minutes. Haha.

I started working on a new story yesterday. I’ve only written a couple pages so far.

I finished reading The vast fields of ordinary. I liked it but it’s not my new favorite book or anything.

So now I am reading a book called Runaway. I read a while ago and liked it so I’m reading it again.

ALSO yesterday I wrote two poems. Here’s the random one. It’s called “Random things I love” It’s acrostic.

Stars that glow on my ceiling

The Saltwater room

Optimism in Owl City

New found glory in never shouting never

Eating only vegetarian food

Realizing the amazing things in life that are right under my nose

Blinking one hundred eighty two times in box cars with boys who like girls and breathing like Carolina

Apple cider in October

Lemuria and lava that lives.

Largo my amazing dalmation

That’s right. It says stoner ball down the side. If you don’t know, a stoner ball is a bouncy ball filled with water and glitter.According to my cousin, stoner kids at his school love to play with them. When my cousins went on vacation they saw a huge stoner ball at the store and bought it for me. It’s like the koolest thing. And whenever I see it I think of how awesome my cousins are. Haha. And the things in the poem sound funny. Especially B. I didn’t want it to just say Blink 182, Box car racer, Boys like girls and Breathe Carolina. So I made it sound weird instead. :)

So yeah. It’s Monday. Three day weekend. Woooo. Paramore’s new CD Brand new eyes comes out tomorrow and I am super cised.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Better weather

So here’s what I’m up to now: reading MLIA. I love it. My friend told me about it. I used to be into FML. But FML is sad sometimes. There’s ones like “Today my wife had a baby. She told me it wan’t mine. FML” I don’t want to read about someones misery. And if something happened that made me say “Fuck my life” I wouldn’t be rushing to the computer to post it on some website. But MLIA is funny. The people sound like they would be my best friends if I ever met them. Haha. Like I’ve gone through like five pages already trying o pick one out as my favorite but I read one. I like it. Decide it’s my favorite. Read the next one. Like it. Decide it’s my favorite. Haha.

So while I’m reading MLIA I’m listening to songs that used to play on the radio all the time but now they don’t. So I’ve listened to “1973” by James Blunt. On time that song came on while I was at Noodles Inc. What a great day. Now I’m listening to “Into the ocean” by Blue October. I remember one time me and my mom sang it in the car on our way to Target. Good times. My mom is going on a business trip today. She’s on her way to the airport right now. Last night she had this random talk with me about how it’s ok that I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. Then she said it’s a shame the library didn’t want me because I would have been amazing at the job. (I applied for a job at the library doing this teen advisory thing where I’d read books and right reviews and stuff. It would have been perfect for me. But they sent me an email saying I wasn’t quite what they were looking for. Losers.)

Whoa. On Facebook there was an advertisement for Hanson and Hellogoodbye playing a show in my state. Holy crap I want to go! Haha. I didn’t know either of them were bands still. I thought Hanson got old and stopped being a band. And I thought hellogoodbye was taking a break cuz Jesse is in college or something. Man, how awesome would it be to go to college with Jesse? Haha.

Today feels like it’s gunna be one of those days where I really don’t do anything. But I’m fine with it. I’m actually in a good mood today. It rocks.

I am currently reading this book called “The Vast Fields of Ordinary” The main character is gay. Gay guys are so awesome. I wish I had a gay friend. Haha. It’s a good book. At first I kinda thought the main character was gunna be some loser but he’s actually pretty kool.

I took a shower this morning and now my hair is finally dry and my bangs are doing this flippy thing. Haha.


Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm in the triple digits now.
How insane is that?
The big one oh oh.
So yeah.

My job interview thing at the library. It went well I thought. They seemed impressed with the books I read over the summer.
But this morning I went to check my email.
They emailed me.
I did not get the gig.
I am not a part of TAG.
I was so sure that I would have gotten in though!
So I'm just kinda shocked that I didn't get in. It sucks. Now where am I gunna get a billion SSL hours??
What a great experience. My first job interview and I didn't even get the job.
In the email the first paragraph was about how I was one of the "very qualified submissions" but they couldn't offer me the spot in TAG. Then the rest is like other ways I can volunteer at the library blah blah blah. Try again next year.
If they don't want me now why would they want me then? But sadly, I'll probably try again next year and write the best application they've ever read. Then lie in the interview and be like "Yeah, I go to teen events at the library all the time." Blah blah blah.
I was so looking forward to the free pizza.
Anyways, I'm just pissed off. In the interview they seemed all excited like they just found a great new member. Me. But what-freaking-ever.

Yesterday at school there was a pep rally.
Will I ever see a streaker?
Stupid security guards were freaking everywhere. Whats wrong with streakers? They're just high school kids keeping a tradition alive. So what if they're naked?

Yesterday was HUG A VEGETARIAN DAY!!
I only got like five hugs but it was fine.

So yeah. I forgot this post was gunna be the 100th one. Too bad it's about not getting accepted, steaker-less pep rallys.

Whatever. I hope today is amazing. Or that I do something kool over this three day weekend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bros before hoes

I don't know why but I felt like naming a blog post that.
So I've got this job interview thing at 7:20 tonight for this teen advisory thing at the library.
I hope I get it. Because it will be something new that I've never done before. And it would be nice to get 40 SSL hours.
So yeah.
Hopefully I don't freak out and get quieter than usual.
I hope the person interviewing me isn't a jerk or weird or anything.
So yeah.
Wish me luck.
If I don't get the gig than whatever. I've been having a crappy month anyways.
You can't kick me down I'm already on the ground.
So hopefully all goes well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm on a boat

I was chilling on youtube.
Watching Boxxy.
If only I could be as cool as her.
I finished reading The Catcher in the Rye for english. It was better than most books they make us read in school but it wasn't like the best book I ever read or anything.
Today has been pretty blah. Why do my friends got sick and stay home so much? This is the first time this year that my friends have been sick leaving me all alone.
Last year it was like the second day of school. Hah. I was a even huger loser last year believe it or not. Before first period I would go to my english class and read. This was for like a month. Then I started wandering around looking for lower C hall with a fatass stoner bully. I hung out with him too much. Today on the bus he sprayed Axe everywhere so my freaking Armadillo shirt smells like an Axe overdose. Ughhh. Why can't he drop out already?
Yeah then I have some friends now, oh hey look at me.
Only they get sick and then I'm alone at lunch so I hang out with friends I barely talk to anymore. We played BS at lunch and I won.
I really did.
I should start talking like Holden. I really should.
LOL... JK.
(He says 'I really did/ I really should/ He really does/ ect. a lot)
But yeah.
Today we played with blocks in Child development. This nerd girl in my group kept saying "I feel like a second grader again!!". She said it a lot. A LOT. But I was nice so I smiled and was like "Yeah me too. I wish we got to do this in every class"
Be nice to nerds. That is a rule I live by. They might be your doctor or lawyer someday. Respect them now, fool.
Have you heard "Thug story"? That Taylor Swift song. Wow. I wanta be just like her when I grow up.
Only not really.
On Facebook this guy I'm kinda sorta barley friends with sent me a flair thing saying "HUGGZ" it was an LOL cat or whatever. Haha. I was thinking before I got on the computer 'I could use a hug' and than bam he sent me this flair even though I only talked to him like twice. Maybe he can read my mind.... that would be really creepy. Haha.
I should really do my other homework.
So yeah.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Guess what song I have in my head?
I am the man who will fight for your honor. I'll be the hero that you're dreaming of.
"Glory of love" NFG
So on Friday my friend had her birthday party sleepover thing. I wasn't invited and felt pretty bummed out even though I hardly ever talk to her anymore. But yeah.
That was then.
So yesterday I went to the library and was looking for books but all the books looked so boring. I hate that! Some times I go to the library and there's like 87425876809 books that look interesting. Then other times it's like 'ugh... all these sound the same.'
Finally I found Nick and Norah's infinite playlist. Yeah. It was a book before it was a movie. Then I went to look for a movie and then what was there? Nick and Norah's infinite playlist!!!
So I got the book and the movie.
I read the book last night. I liked it. But I get the feeling the movie is only loosely based on the book. I don't know.
I'll probably end up watching the movie this afternoon.
I went to Target yesterday and got TWO CDs!!!
Breathe Carolina- Hello fascination
Boys Like Girls- Love Drunk
At the moment I'm liking the Breathe Caroline more than BLG.
I joined the Breathe Carolina fan club because the CD came with this code that gives me three free months in the fan club. I also joined the Cobra Crew (Cobra Starship fan club. Hot mess came with a code so I get to be in the cobra crew for free for a year!)
I hope I get free stuff.

You know what I love?
Things that glow in the dark.
I received a glow in the dark star kit for my birthday like five years ago. That's like One hundred thirty three stars. But these stars have been sitting in their box in the bottom drawer or my dresser for years. Then last night I was just like 'Those glow in the dark stars need to go on my ceiling' So I put up like 7 just to see if they would stick. And they did!!
My missions today:
  1. Watch Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
  2. Put glow in the dark stars on my bedroom ceiling!!!
  3. My dad just told me he taped the Fall out Boy thing on TV so I will watch that today too probably
  4. Take pictures of my dog for photo2!
  5. Stop blogging for today. BYE. n_n

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why can't you just love me back?

"I'm all over you I'm not over you."
- "All over you" Spill Canvas
I love that song. I'm listening to it right now. It's such a lame song but I love it anyways. It's fun to make fun of. It's like it's just asking for you to sing along in a horribly whiny voice. I'm listening to it now by the way.
In NSL I get bored in my little back corner and start coming up with the randomest ideas.
So today I made up a chorus to a song. I had words and a rhythm and everything. So I wrote the words and kept singing it in my head so now I know and remember how it's supposed to go.
The problem is I can't think of who to do the rest of the lyrics!
So the song is supposed to be sung by a girl. And basically it's about this girl and who she likes this guy from afar and she would do anything for him because she thinks he's perfect but as the song goes on you realize that he really isn't perfect and the girl was too blind to see it and then she feels ashamed for liking him as much as she did and she starts to hate him for not being the perfect guy she wanted him to be and because she got hurt. And I know I went it to start with some acoustic guitar and the girl singing, kinda folk-ish-ee I guess. Then as the song goes along the drums come in and a piano comes in or something so than in the end where she's angry at the boy the song is this big mean thing. I dunno. It's just an idea. I wanta finish the lyrics before I get my brother to come up with a kool guitar part.
So yeah.
Tomorrow is Friday.
This has felt like the longest week ever. And it's been a pretty shitty week too. But I'm actually understanding what's going on in Algebra 2. It's crazy. All these bad things are happening, but I understand how to graph piecewise functions. It's insane.
So yeah.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Arrogant boy love yourself so no one has too

Hey, I have a song in my head and that's what this post's title is from. If you know the song then give yourself a pat on the back! Good job!
So I have some good news and some bad news.

  • My friend that's in the hospital is in a coma. Which is really scary.
  • Child soldiers (Invisible Children came to my school)
  • Yesterday I learned that life really is unfair. (See first two bad news bullets)
  • The guy collecting donations for Invisible Children was hot. Haha. Me and my friend told him how we both almost cried. Then later when me and her were walking to english we were like "Dammit! Why didn't we ask for his number?" Haha.
I'm not in a list making mood anymore.
I'll talk about the Invisible Children assembly for a while. One of the things I think is kool about the organization is that it's not like adults came to tell us about it. It was teens and like 20 year olds. It's like kids here are helping kids there. I dunno, I think it's kool. I'm going to the A1 meeting on Monday.

You know what makes me laugh? Boys who push all there hair to one side of there face.I mean it looks kool on some of them. But notice how their heads tilt to the side all their hair is pushed to. Lol. Some of their heads are practically resting on their shoulders. Haha. I dunno. Randomness.

So yeahhh.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Radical Girrafes

That's the new Cadegoestocollege video. But it's more like Cadegoestothezoo.
Sigh. LOL.
Yesterday I think I saw my NSL teacher at Moby Dick's which was kinda weird.
My brother put lot's of Owl City on my ipod so I'm like YAYYYY!!!
I'm probably gunna be listening to it nonstop for a week or five.
Sunday is post secret day!
I probably say that every Sunday.

I just saw this vid of Mitchell Davis's friends pranking him in his sleep. That one where you make them put whipped cream all over there face. Haha. He looked kinda pissed off. Haha.

Friday, September 11, 2009

third post of today

That's crazy.
I was just eating dinner with my parents. They are STILL talking about back to school night.
Apparently my mom emailed the principle about what she wanted to be done differently at back to school night and the principle agreed.
When my mom starts complaining you better leave the room because once she gets started there's no stopping her. Ask her what she thinks of the paint color that my cousin used to paint my grandmother's old bedroom. Oh man.
I'm on Mitchell Davis's twitter to see if he's live on BlogTV tonight. It would make more sense to just go to blogTV but that's not the point.
The point is, Mitchell took a picture of himself with like three sharpies stuffed in each gage hole. I think gages are weird. But whatever. Also on his twitter this other time there was this series of pictures of this girl. She got "livelavalive" tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip. That's lavahead to the extreme!
I was bored so I watched this montage video of people saying happy birthday to MD. Being Youtube famous must be really weird. All these random people acting like they know you and what not. I mean yeah, I like his vids and like his photos and go to his twitter when I'm bored. But I didn't make some lame video trying at just like him to send to him. I didn't even know 999 was his birthday. Or that's 20 years old now. He's old. Two decades man.
But yeah. I hope Shane Dawson has a lot of creepy stalkers on Youtube. Because I don't really like him for whatever reason.


Scooby dooby dooo, where are you?
That was like the best show ever.
One time when I was little I remember my family stayed at a hotel and all I remember about the trip was watching a Scooby doo marathon. It was insanely amazing.
If me and the friends I hang out with before 1st period ever went trick or treating together we would have to be the Scooby doo gang just because one of my friends looks like Thelma (the chick with the glasses and orange sweater, you know, the smart one) My friend hate looking like Thelma, but if I looked like a cartoon character I would embrace it. But yeah.
I also remember back when I was younger, me and my brother would wake up at the 7am on Saturdays for the cartoons but the ones on we wanted to see didn't come on til * or something. I remember watching this show called TomTom. It was about these little cats and dogs that lived at a playground. I miss that show too even thought I remember like nothing about it.
I think I had more to say but I just don't remember what it was.
But talking about Scooby Doo makes me wanta go look it up on Youtube.

Hoodie Ninja

I have hoodie ninja stuck in my head. Haha.
So I was just on Youtube watching something and there was this related video called Korean romantic story or something like that. And I was bored and said "why not?" and watched it. The dude reminded me of an old friend of mine even though he's Vietnamese, not Korean. Basically it's this guy and girl that sit next to each other in class. And apparently they can beat your ass with a stick if you screw up in school because the girl always forgot to bring her textbook so the boy would give her his and he'd have to go to the front of the room where the teacher hit his ass with a stick. Then the guy and the girl start falling for each other or whatever. Then these gangster Korean guys beat up the guy like 3 different times. The girl gets taken away. She gets beat up. The guy sees her with the gangster guys getting beat up so he fights them. In the end they are alone together and both covered in scars and their smiling at each other. It was a weird video. Maybe if I understood Korean it would make more sense. Does love really involve getting beat up a lot? And I don't know what this has to do with anything other then the fact it's something I did in the last 5 minutes.
September 9th was Mitchell Davis's birthday. I hope a lot of people sent him his "Happy Birthday" video.
Today is my friend Megan's birthday.
So sad news: So this morning I got the news that my friend Brenda is in the hospital. A vein in her head popped. I don't really know anything other than that. But veins in your head aren't suppost to pop so I'm really hoping she's ok.
On the bus I couldn't stop thinking about her. And it was a rainy day. And it was a hoodie day*. And I was listening to Owl City and Jack's Mannequin and I don't know if that made me feel better or worse. But yeah. I hate writing about things that make me sad, because then I will get sadder, which is not fun. So changing the subject:
When I got home I watched Sweeney Todd. The one with Johnny Depp. It was interesting. The blood looked really fake. But the dude that liked Sweeney's daughter was BEAUTIFUL!! Haha. He reminded me of the lead singer of The Academy is... it was probably the hair.
Summer reading speeches were today. I was totally unprepared so I'm glad I wasn't forced to go today. The best speech was probably that random kid that sits next to me. I think his name is Thomas. But his speech made me laugh. So it was good. Mark's was good too. Because it was about Evasions. Which he still has even though he claims he doesn't. If Scott had it I would have reread it by now. Anyways. The row next to me had amazing summer reading books. Meghan with her witches and wizards book about Wicked witch of the west's untold story or whatever, Thomas with his book about saving America by killing people or whatever it was, and Mark talking about dumpstering and the whole class being like "Eww". Haha. Then there was that random kid that had this book about like evrything. His speech involved witches and all sorts of crazy things. Haha. I'm gunna write my speech about Last Exit to Normal. It's kinda obvious that Ben is the protagonist. He saved Billy. AND his girlfriend's uncle. So yeah.
In the middle of NSL yesterday I got this idea to make a movie. Based on the book Echo. Just because it's an interesting story and it doesn't seem like it would be too hard. But people love to point this out to me, I have no friends. So if I was to make a video, I would need actors. I also think it would be awesome to make a video to go along with mc chris's "Resse" because it's awesome. And I love Resse's. Chocolate+ peanut butter= PERFECTION. So yeah.
I think this blog is quite done.
The * thinger. Ok so let me explain to you hoodie days. Hoodie's are amazingly awesome pieces of clothing that I wear when I'm a.)cold b.) don't know what to wear c.) being lazy d.) feeling depressed OR e.) just feel like wearing a hoodie. Basically like everyday in winter is a hoodie day of some sort. Today was pretty much f.) all of the above. So yeah. It's weird. I can be in the shittiest of shitty moods but I'll act completely normal and no one really knows. And I can blog and seem totally normal. Well I'm not super depressed right now. I'm just really tired and hungry and lazy feeling.
Let's all hope that my bff Brenda Gomazing gets better!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

What's on my mind at the moment?

  1. Puppies
  2. Jonny Quest
  3. Luke Pickett
Puppies because yesterday I went to my Grandmother's old house for a family gathering or whatever you wanta call it. My Aunt got two new Boston terrier puppies. ADORABLE. But they have weird names. But I took like a million picture of them! And my cousin took a picture of one of them taking a shit. Weirdo.

Jonny Quest because yesterday after a lot of people left we started talking about Jonny Quest and my other Aunt has Jonny Quest on DVD. So we watched the invisible monster episode because my aunt said she thought it was super scary when she was little. Then we watched the Terrible Turo or whatever that episode was called. The old man and his dinosaur. My cousin wanted to see it. So now I'm sure next time I talk to my cousins we'll be ilke "KILL, TURO, KILL!" Haha. Jonny Quest, what a show. In the second episode we watching Hadji was like wearing a diaper or something the whole time. Then they were riding on the Amazon Queen boat which is clearly a rip off of that movie African Queen. Then there was alligators in the water so Dr. Quest was like "Everyone grab a gun" so they all grabbed rifles to shoot the alligators. Even Jonny and Hadji. I think we all died laughing.

Luke Pickett because it's what I'm listening to. Amazing-ness.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Foolest one with a smile

That's a quote from a Kelly Clarkson song. Haha. I just thought you should know that. And that song was stuck in my head on my first day of Freshmen year.
...I remember the randomest things.
So yesterday I watched Pretty in Pink.
Duckie was so much better than whatshisface, the rich guy.
I was watching the extra features and John Hughes originally wrote it that Andy did end up with Duckie but they changed it cuz they thought girls would want to see Molly Ringwald kiss the "cute guy" instead of Duckie. And they thought it would be saying that poor people only belong with poor people. And they didn't think Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer had good chemistry. But whatever. It would have been better if she ended up with Duckie. I like the scene where he's dancing in the record shop. Haha. And when he attacks the blonde rich guy that nobody likes.
So yeah.
I was watching Secret life on youtube cuz I have no life. It's so dramatic it makes me laugh. And why is Amy so annoying now? Whatever. They kept Moose the dog, that's all that matters.
Mitchell Davis has been on Poptub. I don't really like it. I miss the old videos of him being random in his room. And adventures with Kyle. The good old days when he didn't seem like he was famous on youtube. He just seemed like a normal guy posting random things on youtube.
Oh well. Lavaheads have been saying he goes out with Jena, the girl in the dart gun video. AKA Otter. But no lavaheads are sure. Lol...lavaheads. We have a name now. Anyways on Poptub he showed a video of two otters holding paws. Coincidence? Hmm.
I'm going to hang out with my cousins today!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Saltwater Room

"The Saltwater Room" by Owl City is amazing.
I love it.
Go listen to it now.
I was also listening to RUN DMC. I've only heard like two of their songs but so far my favorite is "It's Tricky" Haha.
I just finished my NSL homework!! Wooo!!
I know I need an article about somethign for a biology homework but I forgot what it has to be about or what we have to do the project on or whatever. So it sucks big time.
Also in photo 2 I need to take more pics.
Then this next school week is only 4 days long and one of those days is to develope film then I NEED to get in the dark room all the other days cuz I've been drawing pictures of Ninja Turtles instead or racing to get into the dark room.
I should probably go after school or something.
Last night I watched Galaxy Quest with my parents. Or whatever it's called. I think I'd seen it before but whatever. Justin Long was in it!!
Justin Long is probably one of my favorite actors. Everyone has probably seen a movie with him in it. He's always like the geek in movies. He's the Mac in those "I'm a Mac" "And I'm a PC" commercials. He was in Accepted (Me and my friends LOVE that movie. Lol), he was in Dodgeball, he was in Live free, die hard, and other random things. Geeky actors are amazing. Haha.
So yeah.
This morning I applied for the job thingy working for the library's teen site. What I'd be doing is writing movie reviews and book reviews and geeky stuff I already like to do, only this time it would get me SSL hours. I actually kinda want to be accepted cuz it would give me something new to do. And I only have like 20 SSL hours and I need freaking 75 to graduate.
At the library this week I got three books I've already read because I wanted to reread them.
Chloe Doe- its a pretty sad book. The girls best friend was her big sister and their mom gets married to some loser in Vegas and the guy ends up killing the main charcter's sister. So it's pretty sad. And I totally just spoiled that book for you.
Echo- I don't remember what happens. I just remember it's this kid thats pretty much gone crazy and he's reliving this one day over and over again in his mind.
The astonishing adventures of nerd boy and goth girl- or something like that. It's about this kid that's a comic book geek and he has no friends til he meets this weird goth girl.
So yeah. Then I got the Tim Burton's version of Sweeney Todd and that Molly Ringwald movie Pretty in Pink. I had this dream last night where me, my brother and my dad went on a road trip to this mountain with a waterfall but it was like a 20 mile hike to the water fall and this was in like the middle of nowhere and we decided the water fall wouldn't be worth a 20 mile hike up a mountain so we were in the middle of nowhere with no place to sleep. Then some how we found a grocery store and Molly Ringwald was there and we told her about our situation and she let her stay with her at her parents house. And she was getting married the next day or something. So me and my brother went exploring in her house and found these weird random empty rooms and rooms full of weird things. So yeah. LOL.
I have lots of money in famville cuz I harvested a bunch of artichokes. Now I'm growing soybeans to harvest tomorrow.
Tomorrow there is a party at my Grandmother's old house with my cousins and Aunt that lives in Ireland. So that'll be fun. ^_^
So yeah.

Friday, September 4, 2009

yo blog world

I'm in an awkward convo on FB chat right now.
Don't you hate it when you're about to log off but then someone starts talking to you?
I was about to go take a shower when this kid I'm kinda friends with from the bus starts talking to me.
My friend told me to watch this video on youtube called Mutant Poodles.
It was ok.
I think I laughed more when she was telling me about it, not while I was watching it.
But it was kool. Me and her also drew amazing pictures of Chubaca, monkeys, Dora, Boots. LOL. :)
I took pictures of little kids in Rockville yesterday and saw Mme. Boichin dancing. Haha.
I'm making friends this year!! hah. Only not really. It's more like I'm hanging out with old friends more.
Now I'm talking shit about a kid that bullys me. I always laughed about those anti-bully talks they give at school or whatever, but I actually have had a bully since 4th grade. But I never gave a shit about what he has to say cuz he's a fat friendless pot head. Who is he to say shit about me?
So yeah.
I do miss not seeing my friends I made last year. Like I've seen some of them sometimes and say "hey" but it's not the same.
The guy I was talking to has to leave.
So I'ma sign off and take a shower and do homework and all that jazz.
I actually have like a lot of homework.
It's insane.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Make up your own title

Day two.
I am considering staying in Child development because really all we did today was little kid activities even though the little kids aren't even there yet. So that was kool. Haha.
I ate lunch with my friend that I couldn't find yesterday.
We were determining which kids were freshmen that walked by.
There really isn't much to say so I'm not sure why I'm blogging.
It's funny what random conversations you hear in the halls:
Do lumber jacks like pancakes?
What an interesting debate I heard...LOL.
In Spanish 2 we still haven't had to speak a word of Spanish yet. We did another getting to know each other activity and one of the things we had to share with the class is what our favorite food was. Like everyone but me and a few other kids said "Steak" or "Chicken" Not kool.
And this has nothing to do with anything but while I was in the shower I was just randomly thinking: how come if you are discribing a person and mention their race people are all like "That's racist". No it's not. Like compare racist-ism to sexist-ism. If you say a person is a girl it's not sexist. So why should mentioning a persons race be racist? I mean if you were like "They are dirty Mexican" or like "Their a nigger" then yeah, it's racist. But like if you are just describing someone "He's Spanish" or "She's Asian" How is that considered racist? So people should learn that a racist is someone who thinks their race is Superior to everyone else. Or whatever.
So yeah.
That's that.
Right now on farmville I basically just have an artichoke farm cuz that's all I'm growing besides random fruit trees. And in real life I hate artichokes. Haha.
So that's it for this post.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Did THE QUIET GIRL freaking finally actually say her real name on her blog!!!???
Everyone already knew it was my blog anyways.
Today is August 31st.
August 31st 2008 is the day I think I officially went vegetarian!!!
So as of today I haven't eaten meat in a year!!!
YAY ^_^
Think of all the animals I just saved!!!
So yeah.
Also today was the first day of school.
Sophomore year!!
Year number two of this crazy thing called high school!!
So yeah.
The bus never came so my dad had to drive us.

FIRST PERIOD= photography 2!!!
I like photography so having it first thing in the morning is fine.
But I need a camera that takes film. And a better digital camera.
But it's kool cuz I want both already and photo 2 gives me a better excuse for wanting them.
And I actually have a friend in the class! Yay! I am a loner no more!!
But our first assignment is to take pictures of kids.
At a parade. Without permission.
So basically being a stalker.

SECOND PERIOD= child development
The teacher is weird and I don't like her.
I don't know like anyone at all.
And the only reason I signed up for the class in the first place is cuz like all my friends were. So of course I end up being in the class with people I don't know.
It sucks.
I am most likely switching out.
LOL...I don't even know how to switch out cuz I've never wanted to switch out of a class before.
I should really figure it out.

I hate math of like any form
Also a class with no friends.
But I don't really care.
It's easier to focus that way.
Excpt this girl that's friends with one of my other friends is in that class and she sat next to me.
She talks a lot most of the time. And all her stories don't really get to the point or anything.
So I dunno.

FORTH PERIOD= Espanol dos
Is that how you spell it?
My teacher has like 15 letters in her last name and I don't know how to pronounce it.
Not even my friend how speaks Spanish could figure it out.
But yay, I do have one friend in that class AND she already speaks Spanish.

Couldn't find my friend.
I saw her other two friend who we ate lunch with last year walking down the hall during lunch and was like "HEY WHERE YOU GUYS HEADED??"
And they like ignored me (I don't think they like me, but I've had this theory for a while :-/)
Or thay didn't hear me. I don't know. I was like right next to them.
So I ate lunch with the friends that made me sign out for freaking child development.
Which was ok.
But I think my other friend will get mad if I start not eating lunch with her. Even though I like never talk anyways.

I keep calling it SNL by mistake.
Ya know like SAturday night life?
The teachers nice and there's like four kids in that class I'm kinda friends with so it's kool.

SIXTH PERIOD= Honors english
With my kinda friends. Woooo.
And Mark Jubert who said he was a fan of my blog.
Twice in one period.

SEVENTH PERIOD= Honors biology
My lab partner is some girl I don't know.
But she seemed nice.
That's kinda all I have to say about school.

About Cadegoestocollege. He made a new video!!! And he has a blog on blogspot!!!
So guess who's following him??
Lol that said very stalker-ish.
He's freaking 20.
He's olllllldddddddddd.
But yeah.
thats all.
I'm talk to my cousin on FB and stop blogging now.
I hope this is like the longest post ever.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomorrow = the first day of the rest of my life...LOL

I wanted to give this post a stupid name.
So there ya go.
Tomorrow is the first day of my sophomore year of high school. Oh boy. My english teacher last year told me that sophomore means wise fool. But he wasn't a very good teacher so who knows if that's true. And I thought it was spelled sophmore until spell check said it's sophomore. And it still doesn't look right to me but I looked at my mom OLD high school yearbook cuz it's on the shelf right behind me and apparently it is sophomore.
I just finished watching the rest of Cade's youtube videos so now I am think of what to do next.
So yeah school starts tomorrow. And usually I'm like freaking out the day before school starts but right now I'm just kinda like "So what?" which is weird cuz usually I'm like freaking out about everything. Maybe like tonight or tomorrow morning I'll be all like "ohmyGodohmyGod school!! AHHHHHHHH!" but right now, I'm pretty chill.
Right now my brother is at Virgin Free Fest.
He is going to see Blink 182. Lucky duck!
Another thing with school starting: I will probably try to not spend all my time on the computer. So my farm on Farmville will just be sitting there. But whatever. It's been fun.
I just remember today is Sunday!!
And you know what Sunday means:
I've been confused on what day it is for like at least three weeks now.
I can't really think of anything else to say.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I'm about the get off the computer but there was a Cadegoestocollege video that I thought was cute so I'ma post it on here in honor of this being the last week of summer.


dentist= unfun

GUESS WHAT!?!????!!
I went to the dentist today.
I hadn't been there in like years.
On the car ride there my dad asked if I was born on the 12th or the 14th cuz he thought 14th.
Then we got to the dentist and my dad had to fill out this form thinger and wrote my birthday as 08/12. Now he's getting the month confused!
And he wrote that my middle name initial was E.
Wrong kid.
Then when I actually had to go back and get my teeth X-ray-ed the lady gave me salt to swallow for some reason. I'm still confused.
Then I went and sat in the chair and after like 5 minutes a lady finally came over and cleaned my teeth while talking to one of the other ladies about her kids or whatever.
Then she left and I waited like 10 minutes till the dentist guy came over and told me I have no cavities.
Now I have to go back in like a month or two.
So now I'm bored.
I'm on youtube watching CadeGoesToCollege videos. He's kinda like Mitchell Davis but not quite.
He's kooler than Shane Dawson though. I don't really like Shane Dawson. I don't know why. And I don't get why his vids are so popular? Whatever.
The important thing is: me and Cade both wear yellow socks.
So yeah.
That's all.
Go play farmville!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last week of summer 09

I was bored so I watched old videos I filmed.
We all look different now!
I have like three different videos of Mark singing/playing "the kill".
Back when he had long hair.
I have a video of Megan running through Ally's backyard laughing like a maniac and screaming something about fire.
Megan proposing to a muffin.
A random clip of my cousin casing me up the stairs.
A fight scene my brother and my cousin made when I first got my camera.
Like a billion random videos from 8th grade art class.
Mark and Bobby dancing, and me and Joanna laughing in the background.
There was a lot of random videos. lol.
All good times!
I want a new camera!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One time

I haven't blogged in like a month.
Wanta see an adorable video that makes me laugh?
It's not even a Mitchell Davis video!!
Its insane.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

OMFG finally!!!

OK. So there's been this song that I've been in love with since last year. I heard it on some random persons myspace. They had the vid of it and it didn't say the name of the song or the artist. So I've been going to that persons profile just to listen to the song. Well I was on youtube just now and guess what video was in the related videos section!!???? It was THE SONG!!! So I finally know who it's by and what it's called. "Blood money" by Luke Pickett. I don't even understand why I like the song so much, I just do. LOL.
Last week I got The Breakfast Club out of the library. Then yesterday I got Sixteen Candles. What other 80's movies should I watch? Lloyd (Well, the actor that plays Lloyd) from Say Anything plays a nerd in Sixteen Candles. Or at least I'm pretty sure it's him.
Dude I just Wiki-ed Sixteen Candles. The girl that plays Sam who also plays Claire in the Breakfast club is on the Secret life of the American Teen (Or whatever it's called). And the guy that's the geek in both movies (Brian in Breakfast Club) was in Edward Scissor hands. But Wiki doesn't say who he played in that movie. WAIT. I think he plays the jerk. You know, the girl Edward like's boyfriend. Crazy! He is wayyyy better as the geek in 80's movies. Apparently he had a drinking problem too. Weird. But he's sober now apparently. And the girl who played the crazy girl in Breakfast Club became addicted to sleeping pills apparently. Anyways. So now I know more movies these people were in that I should watch. So yeah.
It's Sunday.
That means:
Later alligater!

Friday, July 17, 2009

she wants do to her own thing her own thing and she doesn't care is anyone is watching

"Don't Wake Me Up" by Represent!
Good stuff.
We got a lot of Arizona at costco the other day so I've been drinking a lot of iced tea. Haha. :)
One of my friends told me on Facebook this morning that she bought this coffee with whiskey in it as a souvenir on vacation. If you knew which friend this was this would be weird to you too. Especial when her parents are over protective and then they let her buy and drink it.
I have nothing to do. This week has been so boring and when I woke up I thought it was Wednesday but the newspaper says Friday and so does my phone.
Yesterday I watched Back to the Future. What a great movie.
So yeah.
I want to go on vacation. To a rental house NOT the camper. I like rental houses. So yeah.
I should get off this computer and go do something with my life!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cute without the e

I'm bored so I'm looking up music by bands I've heard of but don't really know.
First I looked up rocket summer and it remember me of Hanson for some reason. Haha. But the music was ok.
Then I looked up Jack's Mannequin. Good stuff!
So now I'm listening to taking back sunday and I never knew what the real taking back sunday "cute without the e" sounded like cuz I've only heard Christopher Drew do a cover of it. I'm not sure if I like Taking back sunday or not.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lilian's Safari

So yesterday I was on youtube listening to nevershoutnever on this person's channel. Then I looked to see what other vids they had. They are one of those people who makes lyric vids for songs and what not. So I looked at there vids and thay had all these songs by bands I've never ever heard of so I listened to random ones. So now I'm in love with all these new songs.
  • "Lilian's Safari" -Delta Delta! (And any other song by Delta Delta! cuz they seem awesome)
  • "Your boyfriend sucks" -Emily2thousand. (The guitar part sounds just like it's from some other song but I can't place it! I just know it's something my brother can play. LOL.)
  • "Put your money where your mouth is" -Show me the skyline
  • "100 years is forever" - Always look before you leap
  • "Don't wake me up"- Represent!

I heard that Panic at the disco broke up. This makes me sad. Why do bands have to break up? :(

On facebook I got a Graffiti from my cousin so I made her one. I know Graffiti is like old and like no one cares about it anymore but I like it. lol.

AriZona diet green tea is good. It has this stuff called ginseng and I am not sure what ginseng is. I'm gunna go google it. OK. So it's this plant from Asia that is treats diabetes or something like that. (I didn't have the attention span to read all of wiki told me.) But it says a side effect is inability to sleep. GREAT. That is just what a person who already can barely sleep needs. But it sure is tasty in green tea!

OH! I remembered something I've always wanted to look up on google maps. Is there a Sesame street? So I'ma go look that up.
Oh man. There's a lot:

I have no life.
I went to the library yesterday and got Twilight- Director's notebook. It's like something that should be in the special features of a DVD but instead its a book. So I read it yesterday. DUDE. The lady that directed Twilight also directed Lords of Dogtown!
That's all.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Christopher Drew (Never shout never guy) was in a screamo band. Who knew? Eatmewhileimhot.
Yesterday was the forth of July and I did nothing.
Boringest forth of July ever. Then my mom was quizzing me on American history. Blah!
Haha. Christopher Drew said mother freaking instead of mother fucking in the eatmewhileimhot song.
Umm. A couple days ago I wanted to blog about something but now I don't remember what it was.
So yeah.
That's all for this post then.
OH! My cousins bought me a stoner ball at the beach apparently so now I can't wait to see them.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I saw Little Miss Sunshine for the first time today. Dwayne was pretty kool. But it's weird cuz yesterday I read this book where the main character decided to stop talking in hope to stop fighting with his best friend. Then today I see Little Miss Sunshine and Dwayne has taken a vow of silence too! Weird. I've thought of doing it before. Whatever. I like how Dwayne's first word after nine months of not talking is screaming"FUCKKKK." His dream was crushed! I felt so bad for him! Poor Dwayne!
Anyways. So my cousin read one of my favorite books. Becoming Chloe. Now she's reading Wallflower. She told me it seems like the books I like have gay people in them. And now that I think of it THEY DO!
  • Becoming Chloe-Jordan
  • The perks of being a wallflower- Patrick
  • Almost Home- Rusty
  • Totally Joe- Joe (And Colin and Zachary)
  • Rainbow boys series- All three main characters! (Nelson, Kyle, and Jason)
  • Suicide Notes- Jeff
  • So hard to say- Fredrick
  • Freak show- Billy
But yeah. So many good books. So many interesting characters! (With some of those if you haven't read them I might have just given them away. SORRY!)
I wrote a poem today cuz I was bored and I came up with pretty random things that kinda don't make sense. I just kinda wrote random sentences about things on my mind but I worded them weird so if you red it you'd be like "What is she talking about?" But I have decided it could work as a screamo song. LOL.
I was trying to watch the time for 11:11.
You know what sucks?
I'll be waiting for 11:11 and then I check the time and its 11:12!!
This happens to me a lot.
I really don't have much to say. So...


Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

So yesterday Michael Jackson died and like all over Facebook people's status's were all like "R.I.P. Michael Jackson :(" But like when he was alive everyone was all like "eww he's a petifile. Eww he looks like a girl. Ewww he doesn't even have a real nose" And no one ever seemed to be like "OMG Michael Jackson is amazing!!!"
But now that he's dead people are acting like they actually care. I know I'm not a huge fan. Sure I like "Thriller" and "Beat it" and that's like the only songs of his I know. I guess it's sad he died but it annoys me that all of a sudden people are acting like Michael Jackson fans just cuz he died. I dunno.
Yesterday I went to the mall with a friend and got the NeverShoutNever summer EP!!!
Goooodddd stuff.
Then I went to this concert thing with my parents in Rockville and I read half way through The Perks Of Being A Wallflower cuz I had it with me since my cousin wants to read it. There was a lot of little kids at this concert dancing. It was cute. And there were old couples danceing together but it seemed like they were just trying to show off or something. There was this kid in the family that was sitting in front of me. This little boy had a mullet! Last summer I saw a different little kid with a mullet. LOLL.
After the concert thing we stopped at the gas station next to Jeeper's and it made me remember when I went there when I was little and screamed my head off on the mini rollercoaster cuz I really thought it was like the scariest thing ever! LOL. And those barrol things. I went there when I was like 4 and I remember me and my friends went on the barrol ride and for some reason we said that if you look down you'll throw up. So instead we all looked up at the ceiling. LOL.
Then we went to the Vietnamese place that has amazing vegetarian subs and I ate it on the way to my cousins house. Like I ate the last bite right when we pulled up in front of their house! It was pretty impressive.
Then I watched Twilight with my cousin. LOL. There was a lightening bug flying around the room and it was like spazzng out and we were freaked out. LOL.
So yeah.
We drew tattoos on each other.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday my cousins came over. Then my brother and one of them went to a show so me and my other cousin watched the simpsons, jeoperdy, wipeout and I survived a Japanese gameshow...we have no lifes.
We were all really tired today.
I am always the first one awake at sleepovers and I hate it cuz if I'm awake I think everyone else should be awake and ready to do whatever. We walked to seven eleven. What a party.
My house is boring.
My brother was talking to this girl on my FB chat and I'm her new BFF even though I've never met her. Aren't I just so kool?
I'm tired. But if I try to sleep now then I won't be able to sleep at night which means I'll just be more tired the next day.
So yeah.
My hair is gross so I'll probably go take a shower soon.
no one cares.

Monday, June 15, 2009


No more school!!!
Til like August!!
So anyways.
Yesterday I got three new Cds.
  1. Metro Station.
  2. Hey Monday
  3. Punk goes Pop Volume two.
But pink goes pop isn't even punk so they need to fix the name! But it's still good.
And Metro Station! You killed Kelsey!
The version I had on my ipod before I got the CD must have been a demo or something. It's better than the album version.
I was on youtube watching this video of Christopher Drew (NeverShoutNever guy) doing a cover of that "Cute without the E" but he messes up the lyrics. And all these people commented saying he was killing good music and that he fails at life or whatever. Don't you hate it when people watch videos of things they dislike just so they can comment saying "This is fucking stupid!"
They are the stupid ones.
Just sayin.
I have like three videos of Mark playing "The Kill" and the NeverShoutNever video reminded me. Loll.
So on Saturday in the car I was thinking about lots of random things.
And I remembered who like three of my friends have showed me poems in the last couple weeks plus my cousin's short story. I write a lot of random things too. I THINK I SHOULD TRY TO MAKE A ZINE OVER THE SUMMER! I'll get my friends poems and short stories and mix in some of mine. I'll ask people over facebook if they want to contribute. I'll take whatever. Poems, short stories, essays (but not the crappy ones you write for school), lyrics, funny pick up lines, corny jokes, random quotes, photographs, drawings, whatever the hell people want to put in it.
Right now it sounds like a great idea but if I ask people if they wanta be a part of it they'd probably ignore it. Plus we all know I don't even have that many friends. I'm willing to let people I don't know contribute but how do I just ask someone I don't know "Hey give me your artistic stuff and I'll put it in a zine! Come on... it'll make you feel special!!" Yeah... I don't know. So right now it's just an idea.
That's all pretty much.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

That's classy.

I'm listening to breathe carolina.
I have this long list in my head of CDs I want.
I should go CD shopping soon.
Yesterday I read TWO books in one sitting. Then I was like "Dang, I'm a nerd!" Haha. This this morning I woke up and started reading ANOTHER book. I should really get a life. Haha.
Yesterday I was thinking too much and got annoyed at myself. I hope today is better.
Tomorrow I have to take the Spanish exam, which will be easy then SUMMMMER!!
I hope I don't ended up wasting the summer away doing nothing but being bored.
I have a list of random things I want to accomplish by the end of the summer. Making lists keeps me sane some days.
I really don't know why I am blogging, I've been pretty bored/boring lately.
On of my friends is moving I think. Which sucks. Cuz I just met her this year and I've hung out with her a lot this semester. If she moves them who will help me make up ghetto names for people? Who will make cat noises with me on the way to the buses after seventh? Who with take weird pictures of me during history that make my look like I'm crying? Who will being trying to fly after taking exams now? Sigh.
It feels like I haven't hung out with my cousins in a really long time. Like, last time they saw me I didn't have weird bangs that I cut myself! Haha.
I was reading this magazine and it said never say "lol" in an AIM convo cz then the other person won't know what to say after it. So I tested this out. It is true. Everytime I said "lol" he was silent for a couple minutes til another random thought popped into my head for me to say. So if you're trying to hold a conversation with someone. DO. NOT. SAY. "LOL".
OH. Yesterday I was on Mitchell Davis's youtube and I was like "Hey he has a twitter, lets see what he tweets about" so I went to his twitter and I noticed one of the things he follows is POST SECRET. That makes him even kooler. I wonder if he's ever sent something in.
So yeah.
Dannggg. For someone thay has nothing to say I can sure make a long blog post.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm listening to Metro station cuz I'm just that bad ass. HAHAHA.
So. Schools almost over!!! I have to take two exams tomorrow. Blah. Then Spanish exam on Monday. Some of my friends are done on Friday. Lucky ducks.
On Tuesday I stayed after school with a group of friends to go to the school library to study for history. Haha. I just sat there bored and let them copy my packet if they didn't have the answers. Then my other friend showed up so me and her and my other friend went to a different table to hang out and attempt to study math. Then they kicked us out cuz the library closes at three. Then we went to my friends locker and my old band buddy was randomly walking down the hall so I hugged her. Lol. Then I got a ride home with my friend. Her dad has a jeep and it didn't have windows so it was kool but my hair got messed up. Haha. Then he stopped at the beer store and got us sodas. Then we ended up behind her little brother's school bus and we hunked and waved when he got off. Then they dropped me off in my nieghbors' drivewasy for some reason. Lol. Then that night my parents said no to the Ghost mice show and I was really mad cuz I really wanted to go.And it seems like I never get to have any fun.
So yeah. Then after exams yesterday my dad took us to the library and it was a couple minutes before it opened. People actually wait outside the library like it's something really important. Lol. That'll probably be me someday.
Today I took the english exam and managed to stuff an essay and two BCRs on one sheet so then I used the other sheet to draw an amazing picture of my water bottle. I might scan it and post it here later. Haha. So yeah.
Last night I had this dream where my guy friend got a new girlfriend and I called his cellphone and she picked up and my parents were throwing a crazy party with tons of drunk adults. So I couldn't hear what the bitchy Gf was saying to my on the phone but she was angry. Then my guy friend was on the phone with me being a jerk so I hung up and cried in the bathroom then my uncle came in to give me love advice or something. Then I came to school in the middle of the day and gym class was being held in the parking lot and my guy friend was there and his Gf was there and she tried to fight me and he egged her on.
So like an hour ago I told my friend (from the dream) about this and he was just like "Wow. That's really weird" And it's even more weirder if I told you who he was and if you knew me well.
I have spent way too long on the computer.
In english the bell rang so everyone left but my friend wanted to show off her poetry skillz to the teacher and me and my other friend wanted to hear her poem so we stayed and listened. She is one messed up child. When she finished I was like "Do you need some anti-depressents or something. Man!" It was a depressing poem. Then we left. Then I saw an old friend in the hall and she was about to hug me but then was like "Ew you're wearing a we the kings shirt, no hugs." Watch. Like next school years she's gunna be all "OMFG I love we the kings!" Cuz one time she told me Paramore sucked then next thing I knew they were like her favorite band. Just like at linch she told this girl that The Academy is... sucks but when me and the other girl started singing "About a girl" she knew all the words.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday we didn't have school cuz of graduation. And it rained like all day. My brother was somewhere, and my mom was at work. So me and my dad drove to Rockville and ate lunch at that Vietnamese place, I forget what it's actual name is. But I got a vegetarian sandwich and it was great. Then we went and picked up my glasses!!! I can see! Haha, but I don't need to wear them all the time. I was really bored yesterday after that. I sat in my room for atleast an hour doing absolutly nothing but listening to the radio. And half the time I wasn't actually listening, I was just thinking nonstop like I always do.
So this morning I went on youtube. My old friend from summer camp is one of my youtube friends. I haven't talked to her in years. But she's uploaded a lot of videos in the past month so I watched like 5 of them. It's her talking about random things. It's kinda weird since I haven't really talked to her in a long time. I should though.
I was talking to my cousin on AIM just now.I haven't talked to anyone on AIM in a long time. Now a days everyone just uses Facebook chat. AIM is still kool!
She went to Hershey park yesterday and on Monday she's going to Kings Dominion. Not fair! Lol. She gets to go have fun and I have to go to school and review for freaking finals! BLAH.
I'm gunna stop talking now.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here's what I did today:

So I did pretty much nothing today.
Me and my brother went to seven eleven and got Arizonas.
Then my stomach started hurting like crazy in the parking lot!
And then I got a head ache.
And it was really hot outside.
And I felt miserable.
But I survived!
We went home after my groaning and complaining about my tummy hurting.
Then I went to sleep listening to AMERICAN DIARY.
Then I woke up an hour later and I was fine.
Then I took a shower.
Then I went on the computer.
Then I took a lot of those stupid Facebook quizzes.
Apparently I am Lilo! (Only one I posted)
And I will have an Asian baby.
And I am fun&&fabulous.
And Those were like only results I remember.
Then I went on youtube and looked up random music.
So yeah.
What a day.

nothing at all

Life is funny and Kira-Kira came in the mail the other day.
Gooooooood stuff. I have been saying it was Becoming Chloe that got me into reading but now I remember it was actually Kira-Kira. And I remember writing an essay on it cuz it was for summer reading. Then the told us we had to keep a reading log and read at least a book a month or something and we had to tell her a summary of the book to prove we read. I was always shy and quiet so I wrote the summaries in a notebook and gave it too the teacher. Haha now this is starting to remind me of Wallflower how Charlie wrote his english teacher essays on books...weird.
I'm listening to NeverShoutNever. Have you heard his new song "On the brightside"? I don't like it as much as his other stuff.
Why do I even blog?
Yesterday I finally ordered new glasses and the lady was coughing a lot and for some reason that really bothered me.
Then my family went to Ricky's ricebowl. I never can eat all of it. I can barely eat half. I always hope a homeless person finds it in the trash and eats it. If you were a hobo and found a bowl full of rice and veggies and peanut sauce wouldn't you be happy someone couldn't eat the whole thing? I would be.
Everybobys going to the party and we're having a good time.
Today feels like the type of day where I do nothing and then feel like a wasted a day.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Yesterday at the pool party I was messing around on my friends itouch. He has an LOL cats app.
What a loser.


I went to this pool party. I didn't swim cuz no one else was swimming plus I didn't want chlorine-ee hair cuz it is gross. Haha. So I sat and listened to my ipod like the whole freaking time. That's how kool I am. Haha. When I got home I watched Across the universe! It was odd...but I liked it.
My brother is at the zoo or something and I'm bored here at home watching random things on youtube. Wheeeee.
I wanta hang out with friends or my cousins or something! But of course I probably won't. I wanta go to the mall or Rio or something with a big group of people sometimes soon!
And I want freaking school to be out already.
But whatever, it will probably be done faster than I know it. I'm scared of finals. Why do we take finals when they already make us take freaking unit tests and HSA's and crap. Stupid school.
How come they make us learn things we don't care about? And how come when we try to learn what we wanta learn (like how to play guitar or something) they tell us it's meaningless and we aren't gunna use it in live? Like I wanta learn how to paint pictures cuz I think it would something kool to do. But nooo, I have to learn about freaking chemical equations and how to find the angles of a triangle. Like really? Where the hell am I ever gunna need to know that? Whereas if I took up painting I'd probably do it a lot. But they're like 'That isn't a good career choice.' Where is the fun in that?
My brother showed me this zine about dropping out. I probably won't end up dropping out of high school. But school is making me sick. We learn pointless stuff. Deal with asshole teachers. Deal with annoying students. It's just so frustratng! I just wanta runaway from it all sometimes. I bet if I ran away everyone would be confused as hell. Haha. And since I'm quiet barely anyone knows anything about me so if I disappeared they wouldn't know where to look. Suckers. Haha.
But I probably won't run away cuz I wouldn't want to travel alone. Last year I actually had a plan on running away but when I tried to get someone to go with me they thought I was kidding so they laughed.
But someday.
I will get away.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

la di da

Hello. Yesterday I did the usual Saturday stuff like eating at Baja Fresh and going to the library. I read this book last night called Freak Show. It was about this seventeen year old drag queen. And about how there is a freak in all of us. Haha. It was a good book.
My brother got Across the Universe out from the library and I got excited cuz I've been wanting to see it like FOREVER! Haha.
So today I am going to a pool party. It is probably going to be boring. But it's weird. Last year if you said we were going to a pool party I'd be all happy and excited. It's cuz I seem to be growing apart from my old friend. :-/
So yeah. I'm not gunna bring my ipod maybe. So I can stop using it as a reason not to talk to anyone. I'm always complaining about my lack of friends and lack of social life. Well it's probably cuz I never freakin talk! So I am gunna try beig more outgoing. But when I am outgoing I usually end up saying stupid things. Ugh. I dunno.
My cousin got a haircut and it looked amazing! Haha. Me and my other cousin were discussing bandnames. He didn't like the ones I made up and I didn't like some of his. So I think we agreed on this ok name. But knowing him next time I talk to him we'll be trying to come up with more bandnames.
Last night I wrote two poems. One of them is more like a list of unanswerable questions. And the other one is based off one of my favorite books. The perks of being a wallflower.
This morning I started reading a book of short stories. The problem with books like these are some of the stories aren't that great. And then others are so great you wish it was a novel, not just a short story. One of the short stories is by Meg Cabot. I don't get why people think she's some amazing author. I went through a phase where I read most of her books. They are really all the same. A girl likes a guy. Something happens and they never end up together. Then girl starts falling for other guy. Other guy has secretly been in love with her since they were kids. They kiss. End of story. They are all like that. It's annoying!
I am being random with my blogging but OH WELL.
So yeah.
I hope this pool party is fun. And if not, oh well. I'll try to plan to do something fun tomorrow. I guess.

Friday, May 22, 2009


SO. Um...
I dunno. What's there to talk about?
Oh. The HSA schedule was nice cuz I didn't have to take any this year, meaning I got to sleep in and show up at school at 11 something and only have three periods a day. But the week still seemed to go on FOREVER. The year is almost over! I think the seniors are done like now or like in a week. The kool senior in my math class said today was his last day of that class. Now who is gunna make that class fun? I never did become friends with the senior in my photography class with the bail out shirt! This is horrible. Oh well.
If I was a senior I'm sure I'd be freaking out right now.
I got my yearbook today. It wasn't as kool as the ones my brother has from past years. Whatever.
I only have my ugly school photo in it. Blah. Next year my goal is to be in every photo. Even people's school photos. Haha. Just kinding. But I will try to be in more than just my school photo. I'm listening to "About a girl" by the academy is... I like it. And of course last time I was checking out Hot topic's clearance rack they had a million the academy is... shirts. So if I get into the academy is... and want a shirt, of course next time I go they won't have any.
Yesterday we had a gym sub so I sat on the bleachers with my friend. Then my other friend got mad that she was playing kick ball and I wasn't. She was like "You're dead to me!" at the end of the period. Which seems a bit over the top, I mean it's just gym class. Then today she was still mad at me. Then after lunch she seemed fine with me and even signed my yearbook.
Ok People. If you are going to sign my yearbook please be more create than the usual "Have a good summer, see ya next year" cuz so far everyone that has signed my yearbook has said that. I mean last year I had way more entertaining things written in my yearbook. (Examples-"Do not pie"(which relly was suppost to say die, but somebody had weird hand writing!!lol) then they wrote my full name and drew a picture of a stick person bungee jumping over a pit of spikes. LMAO!!. Another one included things about jetpacks and our amazing art skillz. Another included things about planet unicorn. And another one ended with "Love always" which made me feel special. Lol) So yeah, I'm sick of HAGS. I mean when I sign someones yearbook I end up taking up at least half a page with stories and inside jokes and other random things. Like one time last year I included the quadratic formula in what I wrote in someones yearbook. Haha. And I talked about how I met that person (having chalkboard eraser fights with them in english class in 7th grade. Haha) So yeah. Try and be creative, that's all I'm saying.
In photography I'm done with everything for the year. And it seems like the other people at my table are too. So this one girl who seems to like the same types of music as me was listening to her ipod and her sort of friend who likes rap and calls our favorite music "white people music" listened to random things on this girls ipod. She was trying to act like she was a fan of the music and head bang to random music like fall out boy and the gym class heroes. It was funny. And the girl who owned the ipod who has a similar taste in music as me told me which songs this girl was head banging to. It was nice not just sitting there awkwardly being totally silent. I talked a tiny bit. Haha. I also found out that the other quiet girl in that class who I am kinda friends with's favorite band is... BLINK 182!!! So that was kool.
In geometry I am probably failing or about to fail because of the test I had today. AHHH.
I really have nothing to talk about.
One of my friends wants to see some movie at the Rio but they couldn't find anyone to go with. The movie she wants to see sounds kinda stupid but it's not like I've got anything better to do. But if I go to the Rio, I like going in a big group. It's more fun and less awkward silences. Haha.
I dunno.
I wanta go to the mall with my cousin! That would be awesome. And it's a three day weekend!!!
So I might try to do that.
But it's like Memorial Day weekend and my other friend might be having a pool party or something...I dunno. I just hope this weekend isn't boring. I hope this weekend is fun and I hope this weekend doesn't suck!
I went to the eye doctors yesterday...FINALLY. It wasn't as horrible as I thought.
Now I just want my freakin glasses so I can freakin see.
I was Facebook stalking a minute ago. Don't worry it wasn't you...whoever you are. Haha.
I'm so bored.
I'm go youtubing or something.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Smile in your sleep

I'm listening to Silverstein cuz I couldn't think of anything else to listen to. I made one of those "How well do you know me?" quizzes. So far no one has gotten lower that 90%. Yay. Peopleknow me. Haha. I took my cousins's quizzes and did ok. I took my random friends and did better than his mom on it. Haha. And I barely know him. I'm surprised there was no questions about dancing to Michael Jackson songs. HAHAHA :)
I just took this other guys and got 44%...which is kinda sad.
He even noticed I had a purple hoodie today, but I failed to know his eyes change colors. Too freakin bad.
So how 'bout that HSA shedual! I love it. I get to sleep in and only have three classes a day!!! XD
I'm bored. I am so happy I don't have to take any HSA's this year.
I should really be doing that geometry review packet.
Oh well.
I'm getting my yearbook this week!!! I hope I have more than just my ugly school photo in it. But I'm not in any clubs or anything. Oh well. I hope I get a lot of peopl to sign it. Haha.
My old friend keeps texting me but since I have freakin Virgin mobile I can't really text back cuz it costs too much. But I do wish I talked to her more.
I dunno what I'm doing anymore.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

for aim we what is Cute

Did I tell you about Jeffy? Jeffy is a bee/ hornet/wasp thing living in my window. You know, that gap of spaces between the screen and glass. I have no idea how it got in there but it's been buzzing around in there since Thursday or Friday. So yesterday I decided to name it Jeffy. I don't know why. It's like this bee thing is my pet. I don't know if it have anything to eat in there. And last night there was a thunder storm and it might have gotten soaked and died. I don't know. I wish I could somehow open the window and let it go outside where it should be but if I open the window it will probably sting me or something. So I don't know. It reminds me of when me and my cousin were at my Grandmother's a couple years ago and it was a rainy day and we found a dying butterfly. It was one of those kool yellow ones. I think they're called tiger swallows or something. We named it Alberto and used an empty bird feeder to keep it dry. But it died anyway and we actually buried it under the bushes.
Yesterday I went to the library and only got two books. I always read the back of the book for a summary and these days all the books sound the same. So I ended up just picking up two random books. I read one of them all the way through last night. It ended up being a romance. And the main character's boyfriend has the same name as this guy. It's complicated and I don't feel like explaining, so let's just say it reminded me of someone and made me sad. Which made me feel pathetic for being sad about it. ANYWAYS. I also went to Target yesterday! I got a new purple hoodie...from the girls section!!! Oh man!! All my old hoodies were like handmedowns from my brother or just gotten from the guys section cuz those hoodies are warmer. But now I have a girl hoodie and I'm hoping it's chilli outside so I can wear it. Haha...I'm weird. I also got three new notebooks. One of them is like a three section notebook. I'll be good for atleast a year or two!! Yay!! Haha.
One of my good friends that I haven't talked to in a really long time randomly told me on facebook "iloveyou" so I was like "iloveyoutoo" and they were like "good iwouldbesadifyoudidn't"
It's good to feel loved every now and then I guess.
Somedays you just need a hug. Yesterday was like that for me. I ended up ok.
Last night I stayed up really late. Well, not that late I guess. But for me it seemed late. I was not in a great mood and I was being paranoid over every little sound I heard so I slipped on my headphones and fell asleep listening to my ipod. I've only done this twice and both times I listened to cute is what we aim for. Cuz they have slower calmer songs like "Lyrical Lies" that make you sleepy but they also have faster louder songs like "There's a class for that" that block out the noises that make me paranoid and un able to sleep. So thank you cute is what we aim for.
Ugh. I want to talk to someone and tell them things but I haven't talked to them in a while and if I told them what I wanted to tell them they either wouldn't care or they'd laugh at me. UGHH
I'm bored. I'ma go youtubing.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

*snip snip snip*

I did it. I cut my hair. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. I did side bangs. But I can also do the type of bangs I had as a little kid. They're jagged and a bit too short. But I was surprised I actually did it.
Anyways, I did that on Wednesday so that is old news. I'm getting Thursday and Friday mixed up. They were pretty much the same during the school day. Thursday was my friend's birthday. I made her a card in photography. And it's a pretty amazing card considering I made it in think 5 minutes in photography. It was very colorful and on the inside I had little speech bubbles with random inside joke type things. It was pretty great. Then in english I was waiting to give it to her but found out that she left to get braces. Getting braces on your birthday. That would suck. She came back in after lunch so I gave it to her then. Then she gave me a cupcake and told me to split it with my other friend. But the bell rang. So we were walking down the hall like weirdos carrying a cupcake hoping no one would bump into us. In science she gave me the cupcake and tried ripping it in half. It ended up one half was way bigger than the other but she let me have the big half. It was good but I some how managed to get frosting all over my hands and desk. Haha. The person that made my friend the cupcakes was like "You're the messiest eater I've ever seen." Hahaha. My other friend was like "Go wash your hands!" So I went over to the sink and she was like "No! In the bathroom!" Why walk over to the bathroom when you're in a classroom full of sinks? Haha.
We played kickball in gym. It's only fun to play it with my cousins. My teacher yelled at us and it was funny. She called us pieces of crud or something. She was like "It's just a game! Not a walk in the park! Move around more! Don't just stand there!" Chill out geez! If it is just a game then why was she yelling at us? She's weird. Also yesterday we had to do a class vote: play kickball inside or walk the track. I voted for walking but all these other people voted for kick ball so that's what we ended up doing. Then we did that things were two people pick people out from a line to be on their team. All the athletic kids ended up on one team and all the people I am friends with were on the other team. Then some annoying girl that is friends with the girl who yelled at my friend over knocking on a door picked me to be on the athletic people's team. So I tried to stay in the out field where the ball never goes. At one point this wannabe gangster kid kicked the ball really hard in my direction. I wasn't paying attention then I looked over and theres this red ball coming at my face. Luckily I used my ninja skillz from basketball and smacked it away...I'm such a nerd.
In photography this girl at my table is double jointed in her shoulders and elbows or something so she can put her hands together in front of herself then move them over her head and behind her back. It's weird and kool at the same time. She can also lick her elbow. So she was doing all these little arm trick things and this one girl was freaking out. Then other people noticed what this girl could do and the whole class started watching her. It was funny.
At lunch this random kid from my spanish class I barely know stole my backpack. It was weird. So I got up and walked after him. And I was like "Dude! I don't even know you. What the heck?" and he was like "I'm in your Spanish class!" like that explained everything. Then he ran out into that grassy part between f hall and h hall I think and all these random friends of mine were there eating pizza. It was really weird. Some random ghetto kid was like "Kick his ass!!" I was like "What the heck?" Then the kid finally put down my back pack on the table next to my friends and ran inside. So I said "Hi" to them and got my backpack and went inside. Then he was there holding the door shut. So I banged on the glass and he let me in. It was a weird minute of my life. Haha. Thursday (I think) one of my friends had a can of V8 and no one wanted it. I tasted it. It was like cold tomato soup. Also on Thursday the kid who took my backpack randomly came up to my group of friends at lunch and was like "Do any of you own dogs?" and we nodded and he was like "Tonight I'm gunna come to your houses and rape your dogs!" and then he left. That kid is weird.
So last night I went to Dave and Buster's for my friend's birthday party. I had to give three people rides and it was very awkward at first cuz the first girl we picked up is a girl I barely know so I didn't know what to talk about in the car. Then we got my other friends but they are quiet people too. I saw a sign that said "Get your hair cut today by soon to be professionals" my friends said they saw a sign that said "Korean Pancakes" Haha. I'm confused.
Dave and Busters in expensive and I was so proud that I got 305 tickets. Then we went to the place where you cash in your tickets for prizes and all I could get was light up pens or that slime stuff. I got a blue light up pen. Not that many people came so I was a bit disapointted. I'm tired of blogging for today. I might go to my old elementry school's Spring Festival today. I dunno. It looks like it's gunna rain. I went to the Spring Festival last year. I was workinmg at this football booth. It was boring but this nerdy sixth grader kid from my bus worked at that station too and he had ipod speakers so I became a DJ. Did your game booth have a DJ? I don't think so. Haha. That kid was awesome. I can't wait til he comes to high school. Haha.
I was on myspaces and read this person's bulliton and it had this video of this emo looking guy. I ended up watching like 5 of his videos. It's like Drew from wassabi production but with weirder hair meets Mitchell Davis with bad words and not as good camer quality. At the beginning of each vid I'm like, this is stupid. But then it changes and I watch the whole thing. I don't know how I feel about this. But I subscribed.
Oh. Haha. Also at Dave and Buster's I passed the DDR game and there was this dude, he must have been in his 30's and he was dominating at that game. I was like "I'm so jealous!" There was also this jumproping game I failed at but there was this little boy who got like a million tickets from it. I don't know where I'm going with this.