Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh oh I wish that you missed me

was listening to Lemuria the other day and have that line in my head now.

My friend drew a picture of a giraffe today and I was amazing. I am the one who draws giraffes on everything. We think so a like. Haha. Only mine are way more cartoon-y than hers. So next Friday is Costume day at my school. I will dress up as Max from Where the wild things are!! My giraffe drawing friend was gunna be a ninja turtle but then decided she wouldn’t be allowed to wear the mask in class. So she’s gunna be a scene kid. I think it’ll be a fail. But oh well.

I just read a hell of a lot of MLIA in the past hour. Haha.

I have a take home quiz I really need help on cuz it’s impossible! Ahhh. Stupid algebra 2! Ruining my weekend!! Arggg.

I think I either saw a mouse of a creepy crawly run across the other side of the room. Either way, I’m scared. And to run out of the room I have to run to where it ran across. Blahhh. How come when I went to an abandoned house that had a freaking window open there were no pests??