Thursday, April 30, 2009

even more

You can learn so much more by watching Mitchell's live video blog.
But It's past my bed time and I'm debating on staying up to watch more.
I tried getting an account on the video blog thing so I could try to chat to him while he's livee but the things being stupid and not letting me.
Oh well.
I stopped hearing his voice.
Maybe he stopped.
Gotta go see.
I won't blog anymore to night unless something that's actually interesting happens.


I went to Mitchell Davis's twitter and it said he was one his live video blog tv.
So now I'm watching.
I have no life.
But Mitchell Davis is so kool.
Him live in a vid is just like his youtube vids but its more random and I'm not sure when it ends.
oh, he just showed off his weird ear piercings.
And he says he's working on getting a tattoo of his art designed.
gunna watch more
oh man
9:30 is 5 minutes away!!!

I told them I invented times new roman

That's right. I'm listening to...
Hahaha. If you don't know them they kinda sound like fall out boy but with more of the screaming stuff.
Speaking of fall out boy I one of my friends plus this girl in my photography class went to the fall out boy concert on Saturday. Yeah, I am very jealous of them!!!!
I don't like going on the computer on week days but I really have nothing to do. I've been listening to bands I have heard of or kinda knew some songs by. So I've been listening to The Devil Wears Prada, Safety suit, Name taken, Hey Monday, Silverstein ( I ended up listeing to A LOT of Silverstien...haha). And next on the list is Lydia, 3OH!3,Pedro the Lion (I know nothing about them but I read this book where a character was really into them and I saw there CDs at a CD store), and never shout never. Yes I actually had a list. Haha.
I was listening to hot 99.5. I usually never do this. I heard that Kanye West song I like "Heartless" and then that Lady Gaga song. Then I swear a half hour later they played them again. I am slowing starting to agree with my brother that the radio is stupid.
So. On Tuesday I went on that history feild trip to that museum. I was amazed we actually got nice buses. I got the window seat. It was fantabulous. I had my camera and I was bored so I took like a million pictures just on the ride there. I'll put the good ones on flickr on Saturday. I saw Mikey the ninja turtle at the museum. That made my day! Haha. He actually looked kinda creepy. But he is still the koolest. And I'm still confused on why he was in the atomic bomb section. Maybe if I actually read the things on the display case it would have made since. Haha. Screw that. I just took pictures of everything. My group was awesome. When we got to go outside to eat lunch there was this guy selling sunglasses and I walked by and noticed Kanye glasses and I said to my friend "Oh my goodness." And then the guy started yelling at me. Weird. This one girl was like "I bet he uses the money for drugs" and it reminded me of when I went to the Kimya Dawson show and my cousins thought everyone was drunk. I saw like a million little girls from other schools wearing plaid shorts. Now I want some! Haha. Just kidding. I don't get the whole plaid shorts trend. At all. Anyways. Instead of eating in the shaded grass in front of the museum like every one else my group at on the side walk across the street. We noticed a lot of people jogging so we said "hi" to them. That all looked at us like we were creepsters or something. We did get the shirtless old guy jogger with red short shorts to say hi thought. That was a great accomplishment. There was this guy wearing just shorts sleeping under a tree near where we were eating lunch. I think he was a crazy homeless guy. He randomly started yelling at these people. It was kinda creepy.
Yesterday in the girl's locker room it smelt like piss. It always smells bad like piss or throw up so I didn't really pay attention and me and my friend got changed. Then this girl started freaking out about this yellow puddle. It was flooding pee into the locker room. It was disgusting. It shows how rich our school is. Haha. So then I had to change back and run out before they closed the locker room. What a great littlke story.
Since he likes Three door down and Linkin park I told myself I hated those band. Then today i found out this song I liked was a 3DD song. And I still really like "Breaking the habit" by linkin park. I remember when that got played a lot on the radio. I'd sing along. Quite loudly. Haha. I wish me and younger me could hang out sometime. That would be so awesome! Haha. In History this kid I think is really kool even though he doesn't know me was talking about how he wanted a time machine. It was funny cuz i was thinking the same thing earlier during lunch.
I finished writing this story I'd been working on yesterday. My notebook was running out of pages so I had to end the story. I had to rush it so it kinda was one of those really open ended endings. Oh well. Some day I'll rewrite all those stories and make them better.
In the darkroom today I was working on my double exposure thing and when I was leaving I picked up the stack of film. I thought it was all my film but when I was sliding them into my sleeve thing I notice one of them was portraits of this emo looking dude. I have no idea how the boy in the pictures is but he looks just like how I pictured the guy in the story I was writing to look. It was crazy. So I took the film with me. And if that was your film, I'm sorry. Haha.
What else is there to talk about?
Oh. On Sunday I went to a BBQ and listened to 50 year old guys make weiner jokes. Oh how fun. When I tried hunging out with the people there closer to my age I felt awkward cuz they were all guys I didn't know with long hair. So I felt awkward and left to listen to more weiner jokes. (EXAMPLE- One was eating a hot dog and held it out to the other "Wanta bite my weiner?")
Oh. Last week on the bus I heard this conversation.
Dude 1- Hey can I come over to your house?
Dude 2- Sure man. I've got some Jack Daniel's we can drink.
Dude 1- Nah man, I don't feel like drinking.
Dude 1- I want to smoke weed. Ya know. Just to try it out. It seems like all the other guys on the team have done it.
Dude 2- No way man. As a friend I can't let you do that. It's my job to keep you straight edge.
I am confused. Aren't you? 'Hey lets go drink at my house' 'no lets smoke weed' 'no man it's my job to keep you straight'. Does that make any sense at all?
Loser freshmen.
I make fun of freshmen all the time even though I am one. I'm just not the typical loud kind.
Today at lunch me and my friends were bored so we started speaking with British accents. If only I had a real one.
In english my friend like my barrow her purple permantent marker for the next couple periods. On of those classes was gym. In the locker room across from my locker this girl wrote "Northern downpour sends its love <3" I know who wrote it. And today I had that song in my head and had a purple maker so I wrote the next line. Haha. I'm so kool. Also in gym we had a sub that let us do whatever so I got out the hula hoops! Apparently I'm really good at hula hooping. I had the magical pink shakey one. Then my friend threw more hula hoops over my head to see if they could add more and if I could still keep it going. It worked one time. So I felt like a ninja. I do random things and then call my self a ninja. Don't ask, not even I understand why I do it.
I hope I go shopping with my mom this weekend.
I kinda wanta go to rugged wear house too. I remember one time they had like a million cute is what we aim for shirts. I only knew one song by them so I didn't think it would be right to get one. Then like two weeks later I got into them and got there CD. Now rugged wear house doesn't have any cute is what we aim for shirts, well atleasr not the last time I checked.
I have a geometry quiz tomorrow. Ughhh.
I have it first period. The good thing is I get math out of the way but the bad thing is I'm half a sleep and can't focus that early in the morning.
In photography the nice senior I sit near kinda next to is sick and he was coughing. Yesterday he said he had an ahsma attack in the middle of th night and couldn't sleep. And today he was coughing a lot and this immature girl was like "Oh my God!! He has the Swine flu! We're all gunna die!!" Other freshmen at the table laughed but I thought it was really dumb.And I think the sick guy got upset over it.
I was distracted just now and went on my friend's facebook. Theres a couple of pictures of her wearing yellow sunglasses in her piano class and my brother is in the background. I am jealous that he has a class with her and I don't. I kinda miss band class last year. Me and her had so much fun in that class. Haha.
Aw man. Now I wanta go find my clarinet and bust out in "Extreme" (I never handed back some of the songs last year. Haha)
I'm listening to never shout never. Another band to add to list of bands to look for CDs by. That list is getting long! I have a feeling I'm gunna start blowing through all my saved up money in the next couple years. All these new bands I'm starting to like. Plus all the Arizonas and swedish fish. It's gunna start adding up. Whatever.
This seems like a kinda long post. It feels like I've been writing for a long time. I'ma go look at Mitchell Davis's flickr and check random twitters like Pete Wentz's and then maybe go to sleep. It's 9:05pm man. I go to bed at 9:30pm. It's not a rule with my parents. I just like going to bed at 9:30pm. I have a lot of weird things like that. Like if you ask me if I'm hungry I'll ask what time is it. Hunger hits me at the randomest times so I just try to eat at what seems like a normal time. Haha. I'm weird. Hey. i still haven't listened to Pedro the lion. I listened to one song and got bored. Maybe their other songs are better, I don't know. I'm tired now. Haha. I'ma end this post now.
good night :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I wanted to see how long of a blog post title I could make.
Haha. Anyways. So yesterday I got ghost mice stuff in the mail and it made me happy. Chris Clavin said my letter was the first one he got and that he hung my drawing on his door. I feel so special.
I went to the BAJA FRESH. I don't really know why I put that in all caps but whatever. Baja fresh was good. Then I went to the library and got three books like always cuz I'm such a dork.
It was really hot out! It is today too I think. I took a cold shower and it was great.
I watched 8 mile and then started coming up with crappy free styles in my head. I wrote one down but it's one of those things that only I would like. Someone else would read it and probably by like "WTF??" So yeah.
I read one of the books I got from the library. You know, when I'm talking I don't saw library I say libary. I dunno. Old habit or something. My friend does it too. ANYWAYS. So I read this book last night called Suicide Notes. There was only one suicide note so I think they need to fix the title. But still it was good. Sad at parts. But it's also just a book. So it was good. I read it all in one sitting. I've been doing that a lot. I should take my time and start doing other things. Whatever. I have actually been doing art stuff. It started with this picture I drew in science when I got bored. The painting of the Panic at the disco lyrics. Then a sharpie drawing of my fave flower, the tiger lily. Then my robot I drew. I like the robot thing the best. I was bored on Friday and hung them on my closet door but now I think I might take them down. Cuz the picture that used to me on the door got terribly faded by all the light in my room and I don't want that to happen to these pictures. So I guess I'llost a picture of my door with my art on it.
On the back of my bedroom door I taped up the photos from photography. Two are mine and the rest were rejects in the scrap photos box that I liked and decided to take.
It's one of my friends birthday today. So happy b-day to her even thought she probably doesn't read this. one does.
I am really not sure why I'm still blogging. My journals are way better than this. Only with journals you only have so many pages. I think today I should buy some notebooks. I'm running out of pages. This is what happens when you write too much. If someone wanted to be a great pal and buy me some notebooks I'll love you for ever. Haha. I even had a dream about going to the store and starring at all these crazy patterned notebooks. It was great. But I woke up notebookless. Just like two nights ago I had this dream where I finally had my dream hair. Then I woke up disapointed. My dreams just like to taunt me.
So basically all I want to do today is go to like Milestone. Get some note books. Get the tie dye looking shirt I saw in the target ad. Get the hoodie I liked at Koul's. Plus its half off now. Oh boy. What am I doing still blogging? I should go ask mi madre to go shopping.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

listening to Vice on victory

I really don't have anything to blog about really.
Have you ever tried typing with your nose?
Tried but after one word I was tired of it so I quit.
In english we're in the poetry unit and yesterday we had to write a poem that had 10 to 12 lines and 3 stanzas and it had to have a rhyme scheme. My poem ended up kinda good I think. I can't share it here cuz I handed it in and I don't have another copy. There was like 5 minutes left in class and my friend's paper was still blank and we had to hand in our poems by the end of the period so she gave her paper to me and said her topic was Spring. I wrote the crappiest poem ever! It was fun. Haha. I came up with all these lame rhymes. I'm gunna laugh if the teacher thinks it's the greatest thing ever. My english teachers is this fresh out of college guy so I don't really take him seriuosly as a teacher. Like one time he told me to do something that I didn't feel like doing so I was just like "Don't tell me what to do." It was really funny at the time. Anyways. He told my other friend to write a poem about her mom. She didn't know what rhymes to use so he was like "Ok. Use this. My mom/ is the bomb." And I think he was serious. On Thursday I had the perks of being a wallflower with me and I was trying to prove to my friend not every poem sucks so I was showing her the poem in that cuz it was the only poem I could think of at the time. Then my teacher came over and he was like "Oh my gosh! You're reading this book! It's one of my favorites!!" I don't think that means much. Cuz everytime he sees a book or something he's like "This is one of my favorites!" Or who knows. Maybe he's like Charlie and whatever the last book he read is his favorite. Still. I'm not sure if my teacher is now slightly kool since he like's wallflower. But a thing that makes him not kool is we have to write like 4 poems by the end of the unit (that's kool) but he says they all have to have the same topic. So he made us write down 10 topics we'd like to write about then we had to narrow it down to three then give it to him to pick a topic for us. I was angry about this cuz poetry is suppost to be about expressing your self and writing about whatever the hell you want. So for my three topis I picked "life", "life" and "life". I figured that would be a big enough topic I'd be able to write about anything. He didn't like this. But I'm still gunna write about whatever I feel like it. He already thinks every essay or BCR or written thing I hand in is amazing. So I'm good. Haha.
Yesterday I was on the computer and went to Mitchell Davis's live video blog thing. There was a prerecorded video but I watched it anyways. He seems like he'd be a good person to know.
In Spanish class we were watching Kung Fu panda. Its in Spanish with english subtitles. It has nothing to do with anything. Haha. I think my teacher has gotten lazy. But that's kool.
In gym my teacher is wayyyy un-kool. She made us do these stupid soccer drills. She took like 10 minutes just explaining how to do them. It sounded like she was making it up as she went a long. In involves cones, dribbling, spinning, kicking forwards, kicking backwards. It was ridiculously stupid. Then we spent forever doing that and everone looks bored and walked around like zombies instead of running. Then we never got to actually play a game of soccer cuz of her stupid drill. Then at the end of the period she yelled at us for being non-energetic. So in the locker room me and my friend complained so much. Every day they make us come to school to do things we hate/don't feel like doing. Then they complain we aren't enthusiastic about it. School is dumb.
ANYWAYS. Um...I don't know wht else to talk about.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

new dells

My friend was calling noodles new dells yesterday so I decided to use that as a post name.
School wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. But I was really tired. I did scream "HI!" to my old friend but she was talking to someone else and I was too lazy to try again. Yesterday my dad told me he scheduled trips to the eye doctor. I will finally be able to see again! I've been need glasses since like last year. butnoonecares.
I got all A's and one C on my report card. I raised the E in geometry to a C!!! Am I smart or what. Haha.
I wrote Chris Clavin a letter the other day. I really hope I don't sound like a dumb ass cuz I just wrote random things and it probably sounded like I had ADD or something. Haha. Oh well. I mailed it yesterday.
I'm listening to Name taken. I just found out about them. And apparently they're broken up. Oh well.
Lunch has been interesting the last two days. On Thurday some random dude ate lunch with us and we had this weird conversation about sex related things. Then him and this other girl were joking around and making "sexy" faces or whatever while they ate and he kept looking at me when he did it and then we called him creepy. I still don't know who the heck this dude is. I asked my friend and she said she doesn't know who he is either. I'm starting to wonder if he's just a random guy that eats lunch with strangers and acts like he knows them. Haha.Then yesterday there was drama going on between these two girls I kinda know.
In photography me and this other quiet girl took portait pictures and then we devoloped the film and it came out blank. I was so disapointed. But luckily we reshot and it came out good.
I got bored one day this week and painted with water colors. It's that panic at the disco song "When the day met the night" I was bored so I illustrated it. Its the picture at the top of this post if you didn't figure it out.
I read this book about a twelve year old runaway and the book is suppost to be like her journal and she wrote some poems in it too. I also read a book about Sylvia Plath. She was a famous poet who ended up killing herself. I also have been hanging out in my back yard a lot. So what does all this added up mean? I wrote a poem about being outside in the backyard. Its like two pages long thought. I write a lot. Haha. It's probably not a good poem but I like it. It's called "The quiet girl's backyard to infinity" It's about me, my backyard, childhood memories, and feeling infinite. You think I'm gunna post it? No. Well atleast not now. Since it's so long I don't really feel like typing that much.
My brother told him this girl told him I was awesome. Hahaha. It turned out to be this girl I hung out with in like 6th and 7th grade that told him.
I am still debating what to get with my $25 Visa gift card. Theres so many random things online I want but the gift card is only $25. Oh well. I'll figure it out eventually.
In school we had this assembly about the dangers of driking and driving and the girl next to me like freaked out and I sat there pretty emotionless. Haha. Then the nurse lady told us a story of this guy that crashed into a tree and the tree went through his chest and he was gunna die if the took it out. That would suck so bad. It reminded me of my favorite Grey's Anatomy episode. I've only seen that show like 4 times. Haha. But my favorite episode is this episode I've seen twice. An ambulence flipped over and the driver would die if they took him out. That would suck so bad. Knowing you were gunna die and you couldn't move or do anything about it. Plus once they take the tree out or take you out of the flipped ambulence it would be really painful. And that would be the last thing you ever experienced. I really hope that doesn't happen to many people.
On a happier subject, I haven't felt depressed at all this week which is amazing cuz I thought I'd be bummed out about being back in school. But I've actually felt pretty great.
More randomness, In gym me and my group had to do push ups sice we kept kicking the ball out. My friend had long sleeves and the floor was slickery. She totally face planted. Hahaha. Then me and her were playing wall ball and I accidently threw the ball at a window. It didn't break. Then the teacher told us to go to a wall, not doors/windows. So I threw it at the wall and I thought my friend would get it but she didn't so it bounced back and hit me in the face. Hahaha. Gym is kinda fun/funny sometimes. Then yesterday we were outside doing soccer drills and this weird wanta be goth junior kid called us weird. Haha.
So yeah. That's like the summary of my week.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Last day of Spring Break :(

School tomorrow. AHHHHHHH!!!!!
I am not looking forward to going back. But I'm really bored here too so whatever.
I dyed Easter eggs with my awesome cousins on Saturday and then I slept over at their house and went to church with them on Easter. Hanging out with them was like the highlight of my Spring Break. Which makes me sad that I really didn't do anything fun but that. I got Swedish fish in my Easter basket and my brother didn't. Hahahahaha.
I also got a $25 Visa gift card and I'm trying to decide what to buy with it. I'll probably be a dork like last time and order books on Amazon.
I promised a friend [that I haven't really talked to in like 2 years] that I would scream "HI!!" to her at school next time I see her. I'm not a really yelling type person. Especially at school when I'm all quiet. But I feel like a need to do it. Haha.
When I started this post I thought I'd have a lot more to say but I guess not.
I hope I do something amazing today.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

SpRiNg BrEaK fOuR

No picture for this post cuz I'm too lazy.
I have a killer headache and it is not kool at all!
But other than that everything's great.
This afternoon I hung out outside in my back yard.
In the tree. On the swing set.
It was great and I spent a really long time out there. I took my camera outside with me. I posted them on my flickr. Ask me for the link if you give a shit about my pictures.
Then I re-watched Paranoid Park. I don't care if my brother hates it, I like it. I don't know why, I just do. Even though the movie is missing some parts from the book it's an ok movie. And I actually kinda like the artsy thing it's got going on. Plus the guy that plays Alex, Gabe Nevins I think his name is, is kinda cute. Haha.
My mom got a new clock. It confuses me cuz it sounds weird. I thinkit would work great in a horror movie though. Hahaha.
So yeah. That's kinda all I had to say. Hope your Spring Break is awesome.
I would end this with 'I hope I do something amazing today' but it's 10:36 at night.
So hopefully I have sweet dreams tonight (:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring break 3

Hey ya'll. WAZZZUP??
Haha...I don't know what that was about...
Anyways. So this post is spring break 3 cuz it's my third entry over spring break. So yeah. The other day I went CD shopping and got Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' lonely road CD...I expected better from you Ronnie! Plus Ronnie is married... not kool. Haha. I also got Cobra Starships' viva la cobra. It was alright. And I got Hellogoodbyes' CD. Not as good as the EP but I still like it. Yesterday I watched the hellogoodbye DVD and I must have listened to them like 5 times... I'm pretty hellogoodbye-ed out. I went to 7-eleven and got lots of candy. I really don't have that much to say but I wanted to blog anyways. I'll try to remember this hiaku I wrote a couple weeks ago.

I like climbing trees
walk to 7-eleven
swedish fish are good

YEAHHHHHHHHHH...pretty great. Right?
I hope I do something amazing today.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So. Yesterday I didn't do much. I went to the library and saw three kids I know at the Giant parking lot which was kinda odd but whatever. Me and my brother hung out outside in our backyard. I like being outside and I like our backyard. At one point I was like 'it's a pretty day I should get my camera.'
So I did and I took like ten pictures. None of them are that outstanding but I felt like taking pictures and at least now I have pictures I can post on my blog. This picture is my shadow while swinging. Yeah.
Then I went inside and read a book all the way through in one sitting. Then I was still bored so I picked up another book and read it all the way through in one sitting too. I was disappointed because neither of them were that good. The one had a horrible ending. It just ended...there were still unsolved issues though! Whatever.
Last night I did one of those 101 things to do in the next 1001 days things. Mines ever's 102! Haha. I really do not think I could possibly get it all done in 1001 days. So I'll say its a whole life thing. I don't care if that kills the point of it. If I really wanted to do it right I would have blogged it, not handwritten it. And most of the things are things that only I would care about since I find the weirdest things kool.
I have been listening to Panic at the disco's Pretty odd album. The first time I heard it was just weird but now that I'm going back and listening to it, I really like it. I also can't get Gym class heroes "Cookie jar" out of my's annoying cuz I don't really even like that song!
I hope I do something amazing today.
(I plan on ending ever spring break blog post like that.)
Oh yeah! This post is called grass cuz I like really really green grass and I hope I see more today. I can't wait til everything is blooming. I've never been to see the cherry blossums in DC but I would like to some time. Ok. So I've ran out of things to say. ADIOS
I hope I do something amazing today.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

spring break

It's finally Spring Break!!! Yay!! But after Spring break we get like no other days off which sucks. So I'll have to enjoy it while I can.
This past week has felt soo long. Yesterday my friend told me her dog died and it made me really sad.
In science I was probably acting really annoying cuz I was actually being talkative and I was joking around. I even made the teacher was pretty weird. In history I turned my trash into art...whatever you'd call it. Haha. I left one of them in the class room. I wonder if anyone will find it and be like "WTF??" Hahaha.
I really hope this is better than last Spring Break. Last Spring break sucked cuz I didn't do anything. I got an Easter basket with an itunes gift card last year. That was it. We didn't even do Easter dinner at my Aunts house and I became really upset about the Family Traditions dying. It just wasn't a good spring break. This time I kinda know what I would like to do but I have no idea if they'll happen because I did the same thing last year where I made a list of things I wished to do over break and only like one of them happened which was going to the movies. It wasn't all that great. This year I want to celebrate Easter with my cousins and have fun and go to the mall with people or something kool. I even kinda wanta travel even thought trips with my parents are usually really boring, I can daydream and get inspired by the randomest things so I dunno, maybe it would be kool.
Yesterday I was home alone and went outside to take pictures of me cuz I'm one of those freaks that has nothing better to do. I really liked the pictures right after I took them but now I kinda hate them. Whatever.
This morning we had a big pink box of doughnuts and it reminded me of Almost Home when Scabius is all excited about the big box of doughnuts he dumpstered but then Tracy said the guy at the doughnut shop thinks she's pretty and gives her fresh ones for free. I don't know what that has to do with anything.
ANYWAYS. So on Tuesday night I think it was, I was feeling really depressed for some reason and used the type writer and typed out this whole big thing about all the shit in my life. I hid it in my journal and told myself never to read it again. Then I started to read it again but it just pissed me off so I put it back. Now I just want to get rid of it. And I don't want to just throw it away I want to like burn it or something...ANYWAYS.
So Wednesday I started writing a new story. Its kinda funny cuz the main character is pretty much just me but with a different name and I changed everyone I knows' names and made them characters. All the changed names rhyme with or start with the same letter as the persons' real name. Haha. The only thing that makes it fictional is the other main character. I took my list of everything I wanted in a guy and turned him into a character thats all mysterious and such... Now that I'm typing this it sounds really stupid ...oh well. I'll make it magical somehow. Or I'll just give up and write something better. I used to write really good stories, what happen? I should probably just rewrite old stories and fix them to make them better. revetahw.
Don't you hate it when no one is online that you want to talk to? This happens all the time!! Grr...
I can across this one girl's blog. She goes to my school and I always see her on my way to english but I don't really know her but from her blog she seems really kool. I should try to become friends with her. I should try being less quiet.
I hope I do something amazing today.