Sunday, June 28, 2009


I saw Little Miss Sunshine for the first time today. Dwayne was pretty kool. But it's weird cuz yesterday I read this book where the main character decided to stop talking in hope to stop fighting with his best friend. Then today I see Little Miss Sunshine and Dwayne has taken a vow of silence too! Weird. I've thought of doing it before. Whatever. I like how Dwayne's first word after nine months of not talking is screaming"FUCKKKK." His dream was crushed! I felt so bad for him! Poor Dwayne!
Anyways. So my cousin read one of my favorite books. Becoming Chloe. Now she's reading Wallflower. She told me it seems like the books I like have gay people in them. And now that I think of it THEY DO!
  • Becoming Chloe-Jordan
  • The perks of being a wallflower- Patrick
  • Almost Home- Rusty
  • Totally Joe- Joe (And Colin and Zachary)
  • Rainbow boys series- All three main characters! (Nelson, Kyle, and Jason)
  • Suicide Notes- Jeff
  • So hard to say- Fredrick
  • Freak show- Billy
But yeah. So many good books. So many interesting characters! (With some of those if you haven't read them I might have just given them away. SORRY!)
I wrote a poem today cuz I was bored and I came up with pretty random things that kinda don't make sense. I just kinda wrote random sentences about things on my mind but I worded them weird so if you red it you'd be like "What is she talking about?" But I have decided it could work as a screamo song. LOL.
I was trying to watch the time for 11:11.
You know what sucks?
I'll be waiting for 11:11 and then I check the time and its 11:12!!
This happens to me a lot.
I really don't have much to say. So...


Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

So yesterday Michael Jackson died and like all over Facebook people's status's were all like "R.I.P. Michael Jackson :(" But like when he was alive everyone was all like "eww he's a petifile. Eww he looks like a girl. Ewww he doesn't even have a real nose" And no one ever seemed to be like "OMG Michael Jackson is amazing!!!"
But now that he's dead people are acting like they actually care. I know I'm not a huge fan. Sure I like "Thriller" and "Beat it" and that's like the only songs of his I know. I guess it's sad he died but it annoys me that all of a sudden people are acting like Michael Jackson fans just cuz he died. I dunno.
Yesterday I went to the mall with a friend and got the NeverShoutNever summer EP!!!
Goooodddd stuff.
Then I went to this concert thing with my parents in Rockville and I read half way through The Perks Of Being A Wallflower cuz I had it with me since my cousin wants to read it. There was a lot of little kids at this concert dancing. It was cute. And there were old couples danceing together but it seemed like they were just trying to show off or something. There was this kid in the family that was sitting in front of me. This little boy had a mullet! Last summer I saw a different little kid with a mullet. LOLL.
After the concert thing we stopped at the gas station next to Jeeper's and it made me remember when I went there when I was little and screamed my head off on the mini rollercoaster cuz I really thought it was like the scariest thing ever! LOL. And those barrol things. I went there when I was like 4 and I remember me and my friends went on the barrol ride and for some reason we said that if you look down you'll throw up. So instead we all looked up at the ceiling. LOL.
Then we went to the Vietnamese place that has amazing vegetarian subs and I ate it on the way to my cousins house. Like I ate the last bite right when we pulled up in front of their house! It was pretty impressive.
Then I watched Twilight with my cousin. LOL. There was a lightening bug flying around the room and it was like spazzng out and we were freaked out. LOL.
So yeah.
We drew tattoos on each other.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday my cousins came over. Then my brother and one of them went to a show so me and my other cousin watched the simpsons, jeoperdy, wipeout and I survived a Japanese gameshow...we have no lifes.
We were all really tired today.
I am always the first one awake at sleepovers and I hate it cuz if I'm awake I think everyone else should be awake and ready to do whatever. We walked to seven eleven. What a party.
My house is boring.
My brother was talking to this girl on my FB chat and I'm her new BFF even though I've never met her. Aren't I just so kool?
I'm tired. But if I try to sleep now then I won't be able to sleep at night which means I'll just be more tired the next day.
So yeah.
My hair is gross so I'll probably go take a shower soon.
no one cares.

Monday, June 15, 2009


No more school!!!
Til like August!!
So anyways.
Yesterday I got three new Cds.
  1. Metro Station.
  2. Hey Monday
  3. Punk goes Pop Volume two.
But pink goes pop isn't even punk so they need to fix the name! But it's still good.
And Metro Station! You killed Kelsey!
The version I had on my ipod before I got the CD must have been a demo or something. It's better than the album version.
I was on youtube watching this video of Christopher Drew (NeverShoutNever guy) doing a cover of that "Cute without the E" but he messes up the lyrics. And all these people commented saying he was killing good music and that he fails at life or whatever. Don't you hate it when people watch videos of things they dislike just so they can comment saying "This is fucking stupid!"
They are the stupid ones.
Just sayin.
I have like three videos of Mark playing "The Kill" and the NeverShoutNever video reminded me. Loll.
So on Saturday in the car I was thinking about lots of random things.
And I remembered who like three of my friends have showed me poems in the last couple weeks plus my cousin's short story. I write a lot of random things too. I THINK I SHOULD TRY TO MAKE A ZINE OVER THE SUMMER! I'll get my friends poems and short stories and mix in some of mine. I'll ask people over facebook if they want to contribute. I'll take whatever. Poems, short stories, essays (but not the crappy ones you write for school), lyrics, funny pick up lines, corny jokes, random quotes, photographs, drawings, whatever the hell people want to put in it.
Right now it sounds like a great idea but if I ask people if they wanta be a part of it they'd probably ignore it. Plus we all know I don't even have that many friends. I'm willing to let people I don't know contribute but how do I just ask someone I don't know "Hey give me your artistic stuff and I'll put it in a zine! Come on... it'll make you feel special!!" Yeah... I don't know. So right now it's just an idea.
That's all pretty much.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

That's classy.

I'm listening to breathe carolina.
I have this long list in my head of CDs I want.
I should go CD shopping soon.
Yesterday I read TWO books in one sitting. Then I was like "Dang, I'm a nerd!" Haha. This this morning I woke up and started reading ANOTHER book. I should really get a life. Haha.
Yesterday I was thinking too much and got annoyed at myself. I hope today is better.
Tomorrow I have to take the Spanish exam, which will be easy then SUMMMMER!!
I hope I don't ended up wasting the summer away doing nothing but being bored.
I have a list of random things I want to accomplish by the end of the summer. Making lists keeps me sane some days.
I really don't know why I am blogging, I've been pretty bored/boring lately.
On of my friends is moving I think. Which sucks. Cuz I just met her this year and I've hung out with her a lot this semester. If she moves them who will help me make up ghetto names for people? Who will make cat noises with me on the way to the buses after seventh? Who with take weird pictures of me during history that make my look like I'm crying? Who will being trying to fly after taking exams now? Sigh.
It feels like I haven't hung out with my cousins in a really long time. Like, last time they saw me I didn't have weird bangs that I cut myself! Haha.
I was reading this magazine and it said never say "lol" in an AIM convo cz then the other person won't know what to say after it. So I tested this out. It is true. Everytime I said "lol" he was silent for a couple minutes til another random thought popped into my head for me to say. So if you're trying to hold a conversation with someone. DO. NOT. SAY. "LOL".
OH. Yesterday I was on Mitchell Davis's youtube and I was like "Hey he has a twitter, lets see what he tweets about" so I went to his twitter and I noticed one of the things he follows is POST SECRET. That makes him even kooler. I wonder if he's ever sent something in.
So yeah.
Dannggg. For someone thay has nothing to say I can sure make a long blog post.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm listening to Metro station cuz I'm just that bad ass. HAHAHA.
So. Schools almost over!!! I have to take two exams tomorrow. Blah. Then Spanish exam on Monday. Some of my friends are done on Friday. Lucky ducks.
On Tuesday I stayed after school with a group of friends to go to the school library to study for history. Haha. I just sat there bored and let them copy my packet if they didn't have the answers. Then my other friend showed up so me and her and my other friend went to a different table to hang out and attempt to study math. Then they kicked us out cuz the library closes at three. Then we went to my friends locker and my old band buddy was randomly walking down the hall so I hugged her. Lol. Then I got a ride home with my friend. Her dad has a jeep and it didn't have windows so it was kool but my hair got messed up. Haha. Then he stopped at the beer store and got us sodas. Then we ended up behind her little brother's school bus and we hunked and waved when he got off. Then they dropped me off in my nieghbors' drivewasy for some reason. Lol. Then that night my parents said no to the Ghost mice show and I was really mad cuz I really wanted to go.And it seems like I never get to have any fun.
So yeah. Then after exams yesterday my dad took us to the library and it was a couple minutes before it opened. People actually wait outside the library like it's something really important. Lol. That'll probably be me someday.
Today I took the english exam and managed to stuff an essay and two BCRs on one sheet so then I used the other sheet to draw an amazing picture of my water bottle. I might scan it and post it here later. Haha. So yeah.
Last night I had this dream where my guy friend got a new girlfriend and I called his cellphone and she picked up and my parents were throwing a crazy party with tons of drunk adults. So I couldn't hear what the bitchy Gf was saying to my on the phone but she was angry. Then my guy friend was on the phone with me being a jerk so I hung up and cried in the bathroom then my uncle came in to give me love advice or something. Then I came to school in the middle of the day and gym class was being held in the parking lot and my guy friend was there and his Gf was there and she tried to fight me and he egged her on.
So like an hour ago I told my friend (from the dream) about this and he was just like "Wow. That's really weird" And it's even more weirder if I told you who he was and if you knew me well.
I have spent way too long on the computer.
In english the bell rang so everyone left but my friend wanted to show off her poetry skillz to the teacher and me and my other friend wanted to hear her poem so we stayed and listened. She is one messed up child. When she finished I was like "Do you need some anti-depressents or something. Man!" It was a depressing poem. Then we left. Then I saw an old friend in the hall and she was about to hug me but then was like "Ew you're wearing a we the kings shirt, no hugs." Watch. Like next school years she's gunna be all "OMFG I love we the kings!" Cuz one time she told me Paramore sucked then next thing I knew they were like her favorite band. Just like at linch she told this girl that The Academy is... sucks but when me and the other girl started singing "About a girl" she knew all the words.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday we didn't have school cuz of graduation. And it rained like all day. My brother was somewhere, and my mom was at work. So me and my dad drove to Rockville and ate lunch at that Vietnamese place, I forget what it's actual name is. But I got a vegetarian sandwich and it was great. Then we went and picked up my glasses!!! I can see! Haha, but I don't need to wear them all the time. I was really bored yesterday after that. I sat in my room for atleast an hour doing absolutly nothing but listening to the radio. And half the time I wasn't actually listening, I was just thinking nonstop like I always do.
So this morning I went on youtube. My old friend from summer camp is one of my youtube friends. I haven't talked to her in years. But she's uploaded a lot of videos in the past month so I watched like 5 of them. It's her talking about random things. It's kinda weird since I haven't really talked to her in a long time. I should though.
I was talking to my cousin on AIM just now.I haven't talked to anyone on AIM in a long time. Now a days everyone just uses Facebook chat. AIM is still kool!
She went to Hershey park yesterday and on Monday she's going to Kings Dominion. Not fair! Lol. She gets to go have fun and I have to go to school and review for freaking finals! BLAH.
I'm gunna stop talking now.