Monday, March 30, 2009


I fell asleep listening to +44 last night. Then I listened to +44 again when I woke up. I feel better about life when I listen to that CD. Don't ask why cuz I don't even know.
I should go climb the tree again today it its not too bad outside.
I finished rereading the perks of being a wallflower.
I do not feel like reading at all today.
I don't know why.
Usually I like reading but today I finish wallflower and it's like nothing else needs to be read today.
Why am I so weird?
And why was Mitchell Davis's new video boring?
I hope I do something amazing today.
I kinda feel like going to rugged wearhouse. I used to hate that place but now that I can always find kool band shirts...but usually there like size XL...I get them anyways, haha. Like the paramore shirt I'm wearing now was from there and its really big on me. Oh well.
I really haven't done much this three day weekend but it kinda feels like I have and this weekend doesn't totally suck.
But tomorrow when I have to go back to school it will probably be like torture. Ugh. I don't even wanta think about it.
I'm thinking about Vans. I want the classic slip on kind. I saw these slip on ones in a magazine that have this bright colorful skull pattern that I'd like to have. And if I can't find those type I'd want the checkered slip on type. But bright pink and blue instead of black and white. It would be pretty awesome. The only Vans store I know of is in this outlet mall in Hagerstown I think. I think thats where my bro got his kicks.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Two blog posts in one day!
I didn't do all that much.
I climbed the tree in my back yard alone and listened to my ipod and wrote in my journal. I would have stayed up there longer but it was getting pretty windy and it looked like it was gunna rain. My dad and brother both weren't home so I ended up talking to my mom for a really long time. Like all after noon. It wasn't bad. She did most of the talking which is good cuz I'm usually quiet. Then she left at 9 to go pick up my dad. Now its 10:53 and I haven't had dinner yet. I don't know if I'm supposed to just microwave a burrito or wait. I'm actually not too terribly hungry. Just a bit bored. I found out I'm not the only one with certain issues and it makes me happy and sad at the same time. I was bored and did stupid stuff on facebook like leaving people stupid videos. Yeah, you probably saw them. Oh well.
So yeah. Bye.


Yesterday I went to the library and got the final Rainbow Boys book, Rainbow Road. I started reading it as soon as I got home and didn't take any breaks and I finished it all in one sitting. I have read every book by that author. I think his name is Alex Sanchez. So yeah.
Last night I felt happy cuz dinner was good. I always feel better when we have something good for dinner. And I listened to one of my brothers new CDs and listened to the stories and people talking at the end. Some of it was pretty kool. So yeah.
This morning I woke up really early, like 7am early. I can never sleep. I don't remember the last time I had a good night sleep. It doesn't bother me as much as it should. So anyways yesterday I remembered these random lyrics to a song but then I couldn't remember what the song was. So this morning I listened to like 5 different albums before actually finding this song. It's called "Bob and Bonnie" by Houston Calls. So yeah. Then I reread more of The Perks of being a Wallflower. What a great book. I am almost at the end again.
I thought about my Grandmother's old house some more. I remember this one party there over the summer. We set up a bad mitton net. Loosey goosey. And I remember the radio was on and "One thing" by Finger Eleven came on and me and my cousin turned it up and sang a long cuz it was our favorite song at the time. My brother and other cousin were off making that epic movie (hahhahahahaha) and then I remember later there was a random thunder storm and we freaked out cuz branches broke off trees and we ran into the basement and the lights flickered. Then the storm was over just as fast as it started. Then we walked around with cameras capturing all the tree branches in yards and in the street. Then we was this tree that crushed half a house. That was a really interesting day. I felt sorry for the person that had the crushed house but it was still a great day for me. That was one of my favorite summers.
So yeah. I tend to live in the past like that. I like telling stories about random things I've done.
So now today I'm in an optimistic mood.
Yesterday on the way to the library I randomly started thinking about laser tag. Haha. I'm not very good at laser tag but its fun.
I want to post a picture but I don't know what to post a picture of.
I'll go look throught pictures.
I couldn't find any pictures from that day. I know they exist but I'm not sure where. So no pictures today. Whenever I ever do go to my Grandmother's old house and take pictures of everything, then I might post something random.
Yesterday I went into this thrift store place and there was a bucket of old cameras. There was an old single-lens reflex camera for $5.I think it would have been kool to have but I know my Dad has one because I found it back in like September and I started looking through it and focusing and stuff. Then at one point I opened it up and discovered there was film in it. I really hope I didn't kill any amazing photos because of that. But yeah, I want a film camera. I like Polaroid cameras too. It would be nice If you could get me one :)
I want to go to a diner today. I kinda like diners sometimes.
I'm not really sure what I want to do today but hopefully I end up doing something kool that keeps my mood positive.
Maybe I'll even feel infinite.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am the only one awake right now in the house. It's weird.
My mom went to my grandmother's old house to clean out the basement.
For some reason I like the old refrigerator down there.
I wonder what's gunna happen to it.
I wish I had a nice camera and could go down and take amazing photos of everything.
I think I'll try to do that with my digital camera before everything from the house is gone.
It's gunna be weird when the house gets sold.
I keep thinking about it.
This weekend I just want to go somewhere that is not here.
Last night I watched Forrest Gump. It's one of my favorite movies.
I read this book called Paranoid Park.
I knew they made it into a movie so now I wanta see it. I really hope it's good.
Yesterday in photography class we had to watch a photoshoot.
I watched for like a minute and then got bored and started drawing in the back of my english notebook. I sat next to this girl and she always waves and smiles to me in the hall but I can't remember her name and it makes me feel bad cuz she remembers mine and she seems really nice. Then she started listening to her mp3 player. Right when i turned my ipod on this morning it said the battery was dead. It was like the worst day for it to die! So instead of rocking out to whatever I was half reading the perks of being a wallflower and half people watching. I wish I wasn't so shy. I wish I could make friends instead of just watching other people have fun... I'm such a loser.
I felt a bit like a hobo this week:

  • I went a long time with out showering.
  • Yesterday I saw a vitamin water in the trash half full and I was thirsty so I just took it.
  • I've only been wearing like the same two outfits the past couple of days. (Don't ask)
I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show the other night. I still remember the first time I saw it. It was at my friend's cross dressing party and I took pics of these two dudes in dresses.
Yepp, you might have seen those pics. I was the one who took them.
Its weird when I see one of those guys in the hall cuz I don't even know him but I've seen him in a dress. Haha.
I should find a new hobby. Cuz right now I'm really bored.
I can't really think of anything else to say so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

come on get higher

Ok, don't worry, I'm not using the pink font anymore. I went back and looked at it and it hurt my now I'll use the normal font color.
...Does anyone even read my blog?
I don't really think anyone does yet I keep blogging.
I should really get a life.
Today was pretty boring.
I don't like Wal-mart.
It pisses me off everytime I go there.
There's always too many people and you can always hear someone yelling at there crying kid.
It's not fun and I'd hate to be one of those kids.
My parents aren't really the yelling type. But they've got their issues.
I finished reading Rainbow High this morning. It's the sequel to Rainbow Boys.
It was pretty good. I think there's a third one so I'll get that from the library next week.
I went to the mall today with my family. The Twilight movie was playing on the TVs there. It was near the end right where Edward saves Bella, then it was the prom scene. I don't know if I feel like buying the Twilight movie cuz I think some of my friends might already have it so I could just watch it at their houses. My mom thought I'd want a cardboard cut-out of Edward. Those things are like $30!!! It's crazy. It would be funny if I actually got one though...I could definitely see me waking up in the middle of the night and seeing it and thinking it was a real person. Haha...
Oh man, the speakers are talking to me again!
Today I felt like shit...I don't know why.
I kinda miss having someone that would freak out whenever I said something like that...haha.
I'm bored.
Oh! I finished writing this story. I'm proud. I filled up a whole notebook with this one story. Unfortunately I'm not that attached to it. i don't think it's all that great of a story. And the ending was just kinda stupid cuz I was trying to fight writers block by coming up with random ideas that were pointless.
But atleast I finished so now I can move on to writing better things.
Also I could use more notebooks. If you could go out to like Office Deopt or something and buy me like a pack of 6 notebooks or whatever, I'd be your bestest friend.
Haha. I go through a lot of notebooks. tomorrow. I think I have a math quiz or test coming up. I'll probably do bad and then feel like an idiot for not understanding it.
Stupid school.
I find english class really pointless.
I hate being told what to read or what to write about.
I read and write plenty on my own time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


This is a Japanese maple tree... I used to like to climb this tree...then I moved on to better trees. But this tree is still pretty great.
Anyways, sometimes just words in a blog post looks boring, so I'm posting random pictures in blogs. I know I'm not that amazing at photography. So yeah.
Look who learned how to change font colors!!! Haha I actually didn't just's really easy to change font colors. I just felt like trying it out.
It's finally Spring! Yay!
I can't wait til the grass turns green again and flowers bloom and all that. Yesterday I was feeling so crazy and optimistic. It was pretty fantastic.
So lets talk about my school life ( let me tell you about my school life)
So... I've got an E in geometry. Most people think I'm a nerd but I'm not, nerds are smart. Haha.
But I'm a bit freaked out cuz I've never got an E on a report card before. But I'm really not sure why it even matters cuz its not like my life revolves around test grades and colleges. And I'm not sure where in life I'm ever have to need to know how to find the surface area of a cone. I mean really, it's a waste of everyones time.
In gym volleyball used to be fun cuz the teacher was out so we didn't have to play by the rules. But she came back last week and killed our fun! Haha...I'm that kid that can't play that well at all but atleast I have fun. I like to 'ninja' the ball...its like doing weird ninja moves and trying to hit the ball at the same started with basketball and now I've started doing it in volleyball too...haha. I also like doing epic dives and being all dramatic. And sometimes I actually get the ball over the net!! lmao. So yeah.
Lunch- I've actually started having different options of who to eat with. For like the first semester I ate in the cafeteria...thats just how cool I am! Haha...
So yeah
Enough about school.
So Becoming Chloe finally came in the mail the other say. And I read it and it was amazing. And now I want to travel.(If you've ever read it, you'd understand) I told my brother maybe he should read it but I'm not sure if he's like it or just say it wasn't realistic or something...Idunno.
I got Rainbow Boys from the library. I'd read another book by the same other and it was good. Rainbow Boys was pretty good too. I end up reading lots of books with gay characters. They are so awesome.
Rainbow boys, So hard to tell, Totally Joe, Becoming Chloe, Boy meets boy.
Theres some concert/ festivals I want to go to. But I wouldn't know who to go with and I'd have to tell my parents and I'd have to get tickets. I saw this think for bamboozle fest(but it was for it in New York). I hear fall out boy, all time low, boys like girls, new found glory, metro station, we the kings and other koolio bands are playing. Also the last time I went to California tortilla there was a little ad for this fall out boy, all time low, cobra starship and hey monday concert. Maybe it was bamboozle fest here or something. I don't even know...I'm not even sure what bamboozle fest so I feel weird talking about something I don't know much about. Anyways, so I knew of all the bands on the ad thinger except for hey monday. So today I looked up there stuff. Pretty good. Sounds kinda like Meg and Dia. I'm not really sure who 3OH!3 are but everyone seems to be sing that "Don't trust me" song. I kinda like it I guess.
Blah...I'm bored. Look at me. It's 10:35 on a Saturday night and all I'm doing is blogging and listening to this song on this random person that added me's myspace. I really like there song for some reason. But they don't have the music player thing, they have a video. But I have no idea who the song's by or what its even called.
Thats the girl's myspace. Listen to the song and figure out what it is for me. por favor?
I wish someone on Aim would atleast talk to me. Ugh. I'm so bored!
My computer is creepy. If you leave the speakers on but your not listening to a song or whatver you can hear really quiet voices, but you can't really tell what they're saying. I'm not even kidding. Its weird!
My mom says they're going through all the stuff in my Grandmother's old house. I know I want to have atleast something from it. But theres like so much stuff I don't even know. I'll really miss that house when they sell it. So many memories.
Haha, when ever I say or write sigh it reminds me of Lars the emo kid (random youtube video)
I should go watch Mitchell Davis vids or something to cheer me up.
Oh yeah, another thing I want to know if its strange or normal.
I like scars...I think they're kool and they tell a story. Is that normal or am I a weird sick person?
Umm... so yeah.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

two post in one day?!?!?!

I'm bored so why not.
Hiya. How ya doin?
Why did I take or/and post a picture of dumpsters???
I don't know...I was bored.
Today I went to Best buy and got New found glory's new CD and Kelly Clarkson's new CD.
Yeah, I listen to Kelly Clarkson what?
At least I don't try to think I'm cool for listening to just hardcore or something.
I like to listen to a lot of random things.
I was bored so I edited random old pictures together to be like the photos you'd get at a photo booth.
Real photo booths are more than I want to pay.
I think everything should be free.
I don't get why facebook likes to change so much. I just started liking the old 'new facebook' but then it decided to change again. What-freakin-ever.
Also on facebook I heard that my Grandmother's cat had to be put to sleep for kidney failure or something. That's sad. I guess she really missed my Grandmother.
The song I've got stuck in my head is Westons "new shirt".
I got a new shirt for school yesterday and my mom said I looked real handsome in it.
"If its a good song in your head then why complain?
you never hear of music driving anyone insane."
-"Why complain" Curbside
I listened to curbside this morning.
Ugh...I'm bored.
I'm a bit disapointed with the NFG CD I got today. But then again I've only listened to it once so far. So maybe it'll grow on me.
I think I'ma go watch random things on youtube.

shut up and let me go

That's the song I'm currently listening to. I've decided I should get into more artists. So now I'm going on random bands I only know like one song by's myspaces.And my list of CD's I want is growing.It's pretty great.
I reread this book yesterday called Total Constant Order. It's about this girl with OCD and she meets this boy with ADD named Thayer. I think Thayer is a pretty awesome dude. I wish that fiction characters could come to life so I could hang out with them. I sound like a loser. Haha.
I woke up this morning at sucked. Cuz I couldn't fall back to sleep. So I started listening to my ipod but then it needed to be charged. So I sat awake for a long time thinking about random stuff. I've been doing this a lot. Not sleeping and thinking a lot. I always think a lot. But sometimes I wish my brain would shut up so I could sleep. But oh well.

Random list of things that I blame for making me think more:
  • The perks of being a wallflower
  • The movie Fight club
  • The movie Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • Total Constant Order
  • Climbing the tree in my backyard
  • school
  • My mail box (Becoming Chloe where are you???)
  • Lack of sleep. (The word insomnia pisses me off for some reason (Idon'tknowwhysodon'task))
  • Photography
  • Team Force!!! (Inside joke...don't ask)
OK G2g homie.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I was feeling uncreative with this post's name...but I am happy that it's Friday :)
Today in the mail I got a book I ordered a couple says ago.
Perks of being a wallflower.
I've heard from multiple people that it's a good let's hope they're right.
I'm hitting ENTER after every sentence.
oh well.
So yeah, after I'm done with this post I'm probably gunna start reading.
I used to hate reading but then in like 7th grade I started loving it.
Now I wonder what magical book got me to love reading.
I'm thinking it might have been Becoming Chloe.
For a while that was my favoritest book ever.
It's been a while since I've read it cuz I couldn't find it at the library anymore.
So I ordered it the day I ordered wallflower.
I hope it's as great as it was the first time I read it.
My favorite book now might be this book called Life is funny.
It's about these random teens in New York.
You think it's gunna be complicated keeping them all straight but it's actually pretty simple.
And they are all connected in's kool.
I say cool and kool.
I've decided when I say kool it means something that I find interesting.
Cool is something everybody else thinks is interesting...I dunno.
My brother just told me about
It's where people mail post cards with their secret on it to this guy and he posts them on a blog.
Maybe someday I'll mail something in.
I wish my friends mailed me letters instead of emailing me.
Letters are so much kooler!
Like last week I was bored so I decided to make a list of everything I'd want in a guy.
I don't remember if I blogged about this already.
Oh well.
So yeah, its like a three and a half pages far.
I wonder if this dream guy is real.
And if so why isn't he sitting here right next to me?
Whenever I make a list of things like this or of CDs I want or whatever it makes me feel greedy...
But know theres really greedy people in the world, so I'm probably nothing compared to them.
I don't feel like explaining how I felt the night of my Grandmother's funeral.
Maybe this will help you understand:
.......aww Pictures, Images and Photos

I think Pon & Zi...
so great.
So yeah...
I'm off to read what I hope is a good book.

Monday, March 2, 2009

oh boy!

Last night when I went to bed at 9pm (lol) there was no snow. I was like "Oh man...There's probably gunna be school tomorrow."
Then I woke up again at like midnight and I heard my parents talking about the snow. It was snowing!
Then this morning my dad told me no school!!!
I felt like throwing in a drawing that has nothing to do with snow. Haha. Are you confused yet? Lol.
I think today I'll draw a new picture!! If it's any good, I'll post it.
I also want to write today cuz this story I started writing a while ago has been an abandon project for like two months!!
I feel like I should try to make this a really long post cuz I haven't had a really long post in a while. I get the feeling this idea is gunna fail but oh well. I listened to my ipod for a really long time this morning. Then I daydreamed about traveling.
I really don't have much to talk about.
On Friday night I wrote a poem thinger on a sticky note. I lost the sticky note and I don't remember how the poet went!!!
Maybe someday I'll find it and post it.
Last night Rain man was on TV. I didn't watch it. But it is a movie I've seen before.
I want to watch Forrest Gump. It's a great movie. If it's not one of your favorites, then something is wrong with you.
After I watch Harry Potter movies or old episodes of Red Dwarf I feel like speaking with a British accent. I want to know if thats normal or if I'm just a weirdo head. Lol.
Mitchell Davis should make a new video. It would make my day.
Wassabi productions really need to make a new video!! I don't care if Roi and Alex are busy with school. Keeping youtubers entertained is more important! Lol.
I hate saying Lol cuz you never actually laugh out loud. But it's easier to say lol instead of hahaha...funny. Or something. WHATEVER.
That Fred dude is the most subscribed to thing on youtube. It's kind of sad. Anyone could make videos and do voice effects. After a while its just stupid/boring. Whatever. Then again anyone could do what Mitchell davis does.
So I'll shut up about it then.
Speaking of Michell Davis, I added him on myspace and I saw a link for his flickr. He actually is pretty decent at photography. I know from his "50 things" video that he also paints. Now I wanta see what his paintings look like!
I also wish I was better at photography!
Right now I blame my digital camera. If I had one of those cameras we use in photograhy class it would be awesome. Then I could actually focus the camera and take clearer shots. Photography is so awesome. Film cameras are so kool. I love developing pictures in the dark room. Like once you put the blank white photo paper in the developer it's so kool watching your image slowly appear. But it does suck if you can't get it out fast enough! If you've never developed pictures then what I just said might not make sense to you, but I'm too lazy to explain photography. If you really wanta learn take Photo 1 next year. It's a great class...but the school is a really boring photo subject. I'm not a fantabulous photographer so I feel kinda dumb going on and on about photography when theres still a lot I don't know...
Well that's why I'm gunna take Photo 2 next year. THen maybe I'll become a fantabulous photographer. Saying fantabulous is annoying me so I'm gunna stop.
Ok...End of post. I got all excited thinking about photograhy so I'm gunna go look at good photographers' pictures.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I get a Saosin CD out of the library yesterday. I listened to it this morning. (Voices is the title of one of their songs) This morning at like 4:30am my cellphone was beeping cuz the battery was dead. So it woke me up. I was not to happy about that. But then I did have a lot of time to listen to my ipod.
Speaking of voices, I read this book the other day called Echo. It's about this boy and his little brother was playing around with their dad's gun but he accidentally shot himself. Then the big brother a year later is hearing voices in his head and is pretty psycho. It was an ok book. I actually kinda liked it.
I was just listening to Jason Mraz. I like "You and I both", it's a nice song. I also listened to "Heartless" by Kanye West, it doesn't seem like a song I'd like but some how I do like it. Then I listened to "Fer sure" by Medic Droid. Hahaha. I remember last year when that song was the shit. Everyone when around singing "Fuck me in the backseat." or "no jkjkjk lololol." Good times.
So today I had to go shopping for funeral clothes. Isn't that a mood killer. I actually kinda like the skirt I got. I should try to wear it still after the funeral with different outfits.
The weather people said it's gunna snow. I really hope it does. Cuz I really don't feel like going to school tomorrow.
This morning I ate a bagel for breakfast. After reading Evasion it makes you want to eat bagels. Haha. So yeah, I had a bagel.
I'm failing geometry right now. That kinda sucks.
My blog topics for this post are all over the place. Hahaha.
Well I guess I'll let my brother use this computer...BYE!