Friday, February 27, 2009


Today started out pretty good. It was a half day. Then I went to the mall with a friend. You know those car things for little kids? you put in a quarter and they rock back in forth? There was this robot thingy like that at the mall that I tried to fit in. Some random lady started yelling at me. It was pretty funny. All I bought was green zebra print shoelaces at hot topic, pocky (Asian candy), and a strawberry banana smoothie. I sat down in like the middle of the mall, took off my shoes and relaced them. I like doing random things like that. Haha.
Then I got home. I attempted to make a 50 things video response to Mitchell Davis's but I went over 10 minutes and youtube doesn't want vids over 10 minutes. then I tried making another one but the camera had issues and decided to stop recording randomly. So whatever.
Then I went on the computer. Then my dad came down. I assumed he was gunna ask to use the computer so I logged off. But instead he sat down and told me my grandmother died. Then my mom needed to use the computer so I went up to my room and I wrote about what my dad told me. Then I found myself crying. I'm usually pretty good at holding back tears but this time I wasn't. And since I hate crying in front of people (I hate it when people worry about me) I closed the door and changed into my pajamas. Now I'm back on the computer. My parents left to see the rest of my mom's family. I was home alone for a while but now my brother's here with his friend. Which is weird since we never have friends over.
So anyways, I don't have any gandparents anymore and i'm feeling sad. I'm glad my parents left cuz my mom was crying and seeing her cry only made me wanta cry more. Then my dad kept awkwardly asking me if I was ok. Me and him never talk so its always weird when he tries to talk to me.
I think I'll be ok. I didn't really know much about my grandmother. We always went to her house and she never could remember my name. But its still sad that she died.
I think my way of dealing with sadness is to ignore it during the day and then cry my eyes out at night.
It's also weird. I feel psychic. This probably sounds really dumb. But like when I woke up I somehow sensed that i was gunna cry today. And I did. Also, a couple days ago I was watching Jeopardy and it was final jeopardy and the subect was "American authors". Then it cut to commercial. I knew it wouldn't be a recent auther so I thought of the names of old authors. I remembered reading in a magazine that Pete Wentz named his dog after Hemingway, this old author dude. So in my head I was like "watch the answer be Hemingway". But then it actually was. It was crazy. Also yesterday, me and my brother walked up to 7-eleven and I some how knew that when we got back our dad would be home. And he was. Maybe I'm the next Alice Cullen. 0.o

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I want a red jumpsuit

Ok not really but I was on myspace and apparently red jumpsuit apparatus's new CD is out. They're like one of my favorite bands and I feel kinda dumb for not knowing about this new album sooner. Well anyways, I was listening to DC 101 the other day and the DJ announced a song as a red jumpsuit apparatus song and I stopped what I was doing to listen. I thought the guy messed up. It didn't sound like Ronnie Winter! So yeah I went on myspace and started looking throught bullitons and red jumpsuit sent out one about this new album of theres. So now I'm on their space listening to their new stuff. I don't know if I like it or now. So far I don't really like the new song they've had on the radio.
Like this drawing? I drew it over the summer. Over the summer I wanted to improve my drawing skillz. Usually I just draw depressed looking people but I was like 'i should try something new.' So I found this travel guide to Hawaii that I've had forever and decided I should try to draw pictures from the travel guide. So this is one of the pictures I drew. Ya dig? I know its probably not that good but whatever. If you had art with my last year you'd know I am always putting myself down over my art. Haha. I think today I might try and get this new RJA CD. I wanta go shopping. Haha. I'm such a chick.
ok bye

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I wish I had something interesting to say.
Hmmm...lets see, what is there to blog about?
Oh yeah, this picture. I made it a while ago.
But since I haven't been posting any poems or cool stuff I decided to start posting art if I have nothing else to post.
So yeah. Those are my hand prints. The background was a failed attempt at drawing tye dye. I wish i had a tye dye shirt. That'd be flippin sweet.
There's this dude in my photography class. He wore a bail out shirt. That's awesome.
like I have to leave now.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Swedish fish

So is Arizona mucho mango.
I've been to 7-Eleven like three times in the last couple of days. I've gotten Swedish fish and mucho mango Arizona each time. I should change things up a bit next time I go...but Swedish fish and mucho mango are just too amazing!
So...I like three days weekends but tomorrow I have to go back to school (NOOO!!!!)
Ummm...I don't know what to blog about
Sorry for wasting your time ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009


But I'm glad it's finally the weekend :)
Its Friday the 13th but nothing unlucky happened.
Tomorrow is Valentines day. I told my friends that I'm anti-Valentines day this year and I wanted to stab all the heart shaped balloons I saw today. Its not even Valentines day yet! Last Valentines day I had a BF (gasp!) and he gave me yummy chocolate but it had a million bajillion calories!!!
ANYWAYS to cut the story short, Valentines day was one of the few holidays we were together for and its awkward now thinking about it. Plus Valentines day is way too commercial!
ANYWAYS I got chocolates from my friends. My friends know I hate Valentines day but I do still like free things. Especially free food. LMAO.
After school I went to 7 Eleven and got some fantabulous Mango Arizona and Swedish fish. I'm so glad Swedish fish don't have gelatin! Cuz they are so good :D
So now I'm bored. My parents are annoying me cuz I asked them something but they said "We'll get back to you on that". Translate that to my language and it usually means "no". So that really sucks!
On myspace I accepted some random friend request from a random band and they commented me:
hey there! how have you accepted our add i saw you do are caught haha..just kidding but let us know how you your page :)
Haha. It made me feel special cuz I hadn't gotten a mypace comment since October! Myspace is a waste of time. Going on the computer is usually just a waste of time. Yet here I am...sigh.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Red Hoodie

I'm wearing a red hoodie and couldn't think of an interesting blog post name so I was like "Why not 'Red Hoodie'?"
...Not that Red Hoodie is a good name.
So anyways. I'm listening to Cute is what we aim for. I don't own anything by them but I probably will buy something by them next time I go CD shopping.
But that's not why I'm blogging. I'm blogging cuz I'm bored. And because I wanted to talk about the song I started writing last Saturday night/ Sunday morning. It started off as like a downer song about suicide. Not that I'm suicidal. I just thought it was an interesting topic. So that Sunday night I wrote it down on paper.
(By the way its supposed to be a folk punk song)
Then Last night, I went back to look at it again since my friend was like "We need to write a song". So I went back to look at it and was like "Dude WTF is with this suicide shit? That's lame!"
So last night I rewrote the song. I think its better now.
Its called "Today".The original version of the song was called the same thing. I wrote both songs to pretty much be about how everyday starts the same but it can turn into anything. The depressing version ened up being like: what if today is like the worst day of your life where you finally decide to end it all? ...Its not very happy. Which is why I decided to rewrite it. It kinda makes me laugh. Where did I even come up with that emo shit? Haha. So then I rewrote it to be the oposite. Now its about: what if today is the best day of your life?
Ok let me run up to my room so I can get my notebook so I can share the lyrics with you. BRB!
OK! So here it is. The new and inproved "Today":

What if today ends up being the greatest day of your life?
What if today's the day you find true love?
What if today's the day you go to the park and climb trees like you did as a kid?
What if today's the day you and an old friend finally make up?
What if today's the day you finally go to the ocean?
What if today's the day you save a small child's life?
What if today's the day you feel like dancing?
What if today's the day you read the most amazing book?
What if today's the day you feel inspired by everything you see?
What if today's the day you inspire everyone you meet?
What if today's the day you finally enjoy yourself for the very first time?
Today is the day.

It's so much shorter looking typed out!
I might try to add more. I don't know. So what do you think? If you steal my lyrics I'll have to hurt you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the quiet girl's day off

The story of my day off is not as interesting as that Ferris dude from that movie. I'm actually sick.
I went to the doctors and the lady that came to listen to my heart and such seemed way too happy to be dealing with sick people. I dunno, when I feel like crap, it annoys me when I see hyper enthusiastic people. Over the weekend I thought I was dying or something, I just felt so sick. Then Monday I was practically fine and went to school. Then today and yesterday I've stayed home from school. The hyper doctor lady told me I have some virus and she can't give me any medicine for it. She said I have to kind of wait for it to pass and I might be back in school by Friday if I'm lucky...oh boy. I can hardly remember the last time I was at school for a full week. I'm like never sick so when people ask how I'm doing I'm probably being over dramatic about it. Last time I went to the doctors was 2005. I like to think my immune system is better than most peoples. Haha.
Ugh... I'm bored. I wanted to do some photo editing but I don't know how to edit one of the photos to make it look as cool as possible. And I'm not even sure how to edit the other one the way I want to. I thought it was some simple thing you could do on paint. But I never use paint so I'm not sure how to do this picture... whatever.
Haha. I remember when I first made this blog I wanted it to be like some big mystery on who this mysterious blogging quiet girl who posted these amazing poems was. HAHA. Now I think its funny cuz I like never post any poems and I think everyone knows who I am. whatever. Maybe I'll cise it on my facebook. Screw the stupid mysterious poet crap that never worked out at all. I already wrote a tiny little thing about my blog on my myspace but no one seems to use myspace anymore. I still do!!! Haha.
Today I was bored so I was thinking about my hair. I think my hairs too thin to pull off a cool layered look. Now I think if I got a hair cut i should get it cut like the singer of Meg and Dia from their "Monster" Music video. I think it might look pretty alright on me.
So yesterday I reread this book called Anything but Ordinary. I think thats an Avril Lavigne song. Haha. But the book is cool. Its pretty much a nerd love story. I wish our school had a dude like Bernie!
Last night I started rereading Twilight again. Its a good long book to read when you're home sick.
I've also been listening to Box Car Racer. My brother told me some thoery thinnger about BCR being about the life and death of a teenage boy or something. It seems cooler to think of it that way so thats what I've been doing.
I think I'm finally out of things to say.
I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog? Haha.