Friday, January 30, 2009

ughhh (i wish i was more optimistic)

Seriously dude. UGH!!!
Its semester two of the school year. I never have any of my friends in photography! It sucks. The one class were you need partners and are allowed to pick your own partner, I don't know anyone. Yay me. Random kids tell me they like my hair and I do that stupid insecure thing where I wonder if they're serious or just making fun of me. BLAH. Some of my new classes are good. Some suck. So yeah. Thats my school life for ya.
Today is Friday so thats good. Party tomorrow!!! YAY!!! That will cheer me up.
I got home after school and I was home alone so of course I went to my room and blasted my music and sang along. I was feeling pretty alright. Then I come and get on the computer and watch some Mitchell davis videos on youtube. (I love Mitchell Davis!!! His vids always cheer me up. He's so awesome) So I was feeling pretty good.
Then I check my facebook and I was tagged in a note by a friend that always seems to cause drama. Well that's what happened. She insulted vegetarians and claimed that no one can survive without meat. (FYI- vegs live healthier lives that bloodmouths. If anything we survive better than bloodmouths...if that makes sense) So she killed my good mood and I commented the note. Then suddenly we were messaging and shit about this freakin note and I thought she was trying to make fun of me in the note...blah blah blah no one cares blah. Anyways I feel dumb for getting in a stupid fight over a stupid facebook note.
So I'm feeling 'ugh'.
Here's a random Mitchell Davis vid that I'M sending to YOU!!! You'll either like him or think its stupid. Whatever. I like him. This is my blog!!!!

OMG-ness (that means oh my goodness. NOT oh my God-ness like some people have assumed)
Ok so OMG-ness!!! The stupid facebook note drama might be coming to an end yay!!!
to celebrate your getting another random Mitchell Davis video!!!


Monday, January 26, 2009

trouble maker

I've got that weezer song stuck in my head.
I'm bored and felt like blogging.
I have nothing to say.
Here's something random:

have fun

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm so sick

No, I'm not actually sick. But I'm sick of annoying people that need to get lives and shut up!!!(That wasn't really to anyone in particular, just to annoying people in general)
Anyways, so I've been listening to lots of flyleaf and phantom planet cuz when I get new CDs I listen to them nonstop for about a week. So yeah, I like flyleaf and I don't know if all their songs are about God but it seems like if you look at their songs in a certain way they could be about God. I know that would really piss people off. But it doesn't bother me. I think I believe in God...but like if you said something about whats in the bible I'd probably be like "Huh?" or you could make up random stories and say they're in the bible and Id totally believe you. I sometimes pray. I dunno. Sometimes I like to think it helps or means something. Like I don't really know if heavens real, I like to think it is but I'm not sure...I have many random theories about what happens when you die. Like maybe in the second before you die you find out the meaning of life and death is ok. Or maybe you're just totally dead and gone and no part of you lives on. I don't really like that theory cuz then death is a really sad thing. Or maybe heaven is real. No living person will ever be sure. Some people think they know but they don't really have prove. There's not really any prove of God being real or not. So I like to try to think he's real, cuz it can't hurt. And I'm not like seriously strict about religion either. So I dunno. I don't like people trying to convince me God's not real. My cousin is pretty religious I guess and one time at a party he was telling me and my brother about it and how he feels like he's doing something right that matters. I think its kool that he feels that way. Its better then the depressed people that don't believe in God.
ANYWAYS...sorry for going on like that, I didn't really plan on this post being about God.
Today I feel like I did so much. I went to school and took my spanish exam. It was really easy...but I'm only in spanish 1. And I'm weird I guess cuz I actually LIKE spanish class and I actually pay attention. Whatever.
So I got to leave after that. Later me, my brother and my dad went to noodles inc. I like that place, its good...even if the only thing I ever order is mac and cheese.(RANDOMNESS- Yesterday I went to a diner. I always see cereal on their menus. Who actually goes to a restaurant just to eat cereal???) So yeah, I like noodles inc. Then we came home and went back out to go skating/skooter-ing. But earlier my brother said stuff about riding bikes. I love riding bikes. But I like never get to ride my bike. So I got excited thinking I was gunna ride my bike today, but my dad ended up being too lazy or whatever so we went to a park and my brother skateboarded and I did a little bit of skooter-ing. Then I sat on he tire swing and watched my shadow. (how come in photography when we did the shadows assignment there were no kool shadows but when I'm camera-less I see all these awesome shadows???)Whenever I go to parks I always think of like a billion kool things to take pictures of. So now I want to go back to the park sometime with a camera. Today I also climbed a tree. I am in love with that tree!!! I don't care if I'm a tree hugger!!! Earlier in the car I was staring out the windows looking at trees and thinking of how I want to find a kool tree to climb that would have a nice place to just sit. Well this tree I climbed was like perfect!!! So I sat in it for a long time listening to myself breathe cuz I'm weird and like to do that sometimes. And not to sound all Zen like, but I felt like I was part of the wind or something. Like I was a part of nature of something or like I was invisible...I dunno. Stop laughing!!! I like nature. What can I say?
I like that park a lot now cuz it has my perfect tree. And I remember going there as a little kid. And I like things that link me to the fun, care-free parts of my childhood. Sometimes I wish we could all me kids again cuz when you're a kid nothing seems to worry you and you're filled with so much optimism. I had to read part of To Kill A Mockingbird and I kind of liked it. I know its like supposed to be mainly about Scout, but I think Jem is really kool too. I wished I'd read the whole thing...I'll probably just end up watching the movie.
I'm so sick of racism.
I'm so sick of the creeps that kill childhood innocence...sometimes I'm just sick of growing up...even thought I'm still pretty young. When you're a kid... I dunno. Theres like some magic you contain when you're a kid. Then it dies and you become a depressed teenager. Wheres the fun in that???
Here's some other random stuff:
So the other day our heater broke (I told you everything is breaking!!) and my dad lit a fire in our wood stove thingy. And my dog is in love with it cuz it makes you warm just standing near it. So my brother was like "I wonder how hot it is?" So I touched it and it was way hotter than I thought. Then my dad came in and I was like "The stove is HOT" and he was like "Why? Did you touch it?" And I was like "NO!"...I'm so weird. If he really wants to know if I touched it he'll see the place where i wore off the dust.
Here's some random stuff involving my mom and the weird things she says to me. So one day me,my mom, and my dad went out to the stores and such and me and my mom waited in the car while my dad was grocery shopping. My mom told me that my dad plans on cutting back on drinking as a New Years resolution (I don't think its working)
So I told my mom that I never plan on drinking cuz its just so stupid and smells nasty and makes you hung over and theres nothing good about it. Then she was like "I'm sure theres some sweet little fruity drink we could get you to like" and I was like "MOM! Are you trying to get me to drink???" She was all like "No. Of course not."
Haha, my mom's so weird. But she's my mom, so she's kool...sometimes.
I bet this post is really long. But whatever. You got a lot out of me in this post. Well...not as much as I'll probably write in my journal later tonight, but it's still a lot for just one post!!!
Adios...I'm a ghost

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We are broken

Everything seems to be broken.
Last week our family computer got a virus. ugh. Then a couple days ago the DVD player in the basement broke. This morning our school bus broke down. I had to run to geometry so I wasn't late for the exam.
But some good things have happen :)
Like I started writing a new story the other day which is good cuz I haven't written a story in a couple months and was feeling very uncreative. I don't really think its gunna turn out to be the bestest story I've ever written, but I'm just happy to be writing.
Yesterday me, my brother, and my dad went to a CD place. I got a Flyleaf CD which rocks cuz I've been trying to find that CD everywhere. I like it a lot and I think its stupid that people compare them to paramore. I like paramore a bit better but I still like flyleaf. And I got a Phantom Planet CD. I knew some of their stuff but didn't really know much about them. They are pretty kool.
I feel like I should post another poem but I'm lazy.
My dad ate my leftover falaphal! (is that how you spell it?) He made me pick between it and taco bell. Thats not fair cuz I love both!!! Oh well.
I had more to say I think but I'm too lazy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

neon pink and blue

Today's been really boring.
It was snowing.
Yesterday I painted my nails neon pink and blue. Its amazing.
Also yesterday I told A about my blog. I told her I made it to post poetry and essays and stories. BUT I'VE NEVER ACTUALLY DONE THAT!!!
So today I WILL!!!
Ahem. I would like to share with you a crappy poem I wrote a long time ago. I wrote it in like 2 minutes and I was so proud cuz it rhymes.
And don't judge my writing based on this one poem because if I was to share the poem I think is probably my best, I'd have t give the long complicated story behind it which I'm too lazy to do right now. Ok so heres the crappy poem:

You judge me before you you even ge to know me
Don't you know its not all about what you see?
I want to make it so far
I daydream about becoming a rockstar
maybe somday
I'll make it to LA
Just when you start to wonder what became of me
You'll see me on TV
My songs will be the ones you sing in the car
And you'll know exactly what all the words are

Sad, right?Hahaha. It was a llllllllooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg time ago when I wrote that. If you actually liked it or anything please speak up.
But for now I think I'll use that for if I'm ever in a joke band or something. I'll make sure to make my voice whiney when I sing it. Haha. If you know me you'd probably know that I make fun of anything I do. Like pictures I draw or things I write. I am proud when I finish them. Then I think they are crap and make fun of them. Oh well. I guess its better then someone who thinks they are the shit even though no one likes them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

When it rains

I was feeling uncreative with the name of this post. I'm listening to paramore. I love paramore. I think I'll go watch the final riot today.
Anyways so yesterday I went to my friend A's house.(I don't feel like sharing my friends names with you so you just get the first letter) So I went to A's house. She gave me a make over. Everyone likes giving me make overs. Lol...weird. Anyways, then we sorta watched south park but we were doing other things and only half paying attention. We went to the mall! We told people we'd be there at that didn't work out. A had to spend forever doing her make up. Then her parents were grocery shopping so we had to wait for them and it was 3 and we were still at A's house. Anyways, so we went to the mall and met up with P. We linked arms and walked to hot topic to meet this boy W that like A. But A doesn't like him, she felt bad she kept rejecting him so they agreed to meet at the mall. Only A "accidently" bumped into me and P and wanted us to come with her and W. So we went shopping at hot topic. If I had a lot of money I could spend a lot at hot topic. I saw some band tees and twilight stuff I liked. So all I ended up getting from hot topic was blue hair extentions. I wanted to go to CVS or something to but sun in or something to bleach the bottom half of my hair but according to P the CVS isn't there anymore. So I'll wear the blue hair streaks until I find some sun in. We went to FYE and I got a totally awesome Panic! at the disco tee. We also got some pockey which is this yummy Asian candy. I also got a poster of Edward Cullen. I think I'll put it over my bed. 'I watch you sleep'-Edward Cullen. Hehehe. Yeah. I expected W to be all pissed off at p and me for ruining his date or whatever but he talked to us more than he talked to A. A was on her celly the whole time to avoid talking to W. We went a couple other places and I got some other stuff but I won't bore you with it. We went to MR.SMOOTHIE!!!! I love smoothies. :D So it made me really happy. :) So later I went back to A's house and we messed around with the video effects on her laptop and sent people vids on facebook. Watch them if you know who I am and have me as a facebook friend! Those vids kept us entertained :)
So yepp. W was odd. P did everything I did which is weird. I never thought anyone would think I was kool enough to copy. I love P and all but she needs to think for herself more. Aw man!! Thats an awesome song!!! "Lurn 2 think" by How Low?
So the mall trip was kinda odd but I am glad I got to buy some kool things!!
Oh, and A, I know you're gunna read this so : I you forgot your John Cena gum thingy. I'll give it to you whenever I next see you!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

"I like like you a lot lot"

Last Saturday I went ice skating with two friends. That was a mistake! One of them couldn't skate to save her life (but she's kool anyways) and the other ones parents drove us to the ice skating place. I thought they were just gunna drop us off but NO they decided to sit and watch us skate. I don't like it when adults feel the need to supervise. I'm a teen. I think I can handle ice skating thankyouverymuch. Whatever. Then they took us to get pizza at Ledo's. While we waited for a table I got bored and started prank calling. I'm not that funny of a prank caller but t passed the time. I called this one girl I kinda know and started fake coughing and it sounded like I was gunna loose a lung or something and everyone at Ledo's started staring at me. It was funny. Then I called so random number and was like "Jesus loves you" then he called back and was all pissed off sounding and he was all "WHAT?!?" Then we ate PIZZA!!! And talked about what we believe was really random. Good times at Ledo's. Then on the car ride home I decided I didn't feel like going home so I told my friends mom I was going home with the other friend. (the one who couldn't skate) I sang with my melodic voice in the car. (If you've ever met me you'd know I can't sing and when I do its just a joke.) So at my friends house we watched part of Disaster movie with her sister and sister's boyfriend. I liked the part where Alvin and the chipmunks sang screamo-ee. then we went in her basement and watched south park. Butters is so adorable!! And this whole week me and my friend have been quoting random lines from south park. We are just that awesome.
Today I had my english exam. So easy. English is like the easiest class in the word. All yu do is read bring books and review what words like "plot" mean. So I don't get why my teacher made a big deal out of the exam. Why do we have to take english all four years of high school anyways? I think I know how to read by now. Anyways so I spent two hours in my english class. I spent an hour taking the test which is weird cuz usually I finish english test type thingers really fast. So I ended up with an hour of time. I wasn't allowed to do anything cz then they think your cheating. All I wanted was to listen to my ipod but thats not allowed. Do they really think some kid is gunna find out the answers to the exam and somehow put them on their ipod? If someone was nerdy enough to do that then they are probably smart enough to ace the exam. So once that two hour testing period was over I got to leave since I don't have a second period exam. So my dad was waiting in the parking lot in the car but his car is silver. A lot of cars are silver and I never know which car is his. So I wandered around the parking lot looking for silver cars and finally my dad drove up behind me and made fun of me for not being able to locate his car. Apparently I looked right at him but while wandering. WHATEVER.
Tomorrow I'm going to my south park friend's house. Guess what we're probably gunna do? WATCH SOUTH PARK. Then we will go to the mall with some other people. We plan on being really girl to freak out this geeky guy that likes my friend. Victoria's secret here we come! LMAO.
Yepp. Looks like I'm starting to do stuff and have fun on the weekends!!!
This post was probably really long and boring.
If you've read this far you should be proud!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ugh. I had a crappy week. Thursday and Friday were ok but not amazing.
This morning I woke up thinking about words. I like words. I like the way a paper looks after its been covered in words. I don't have the greatest vocabulary but I like using big words correctly in a sentence. I sometimes think about reading the dictionary. It would be tedious. But I might learn lots of kool words. I read some random PSAT words from a list and liked some of them or liked what they meant. So reading a dictionary would be an even bigger list or words! I read like 5 random pages of the dictionary this morning but then got bored. I like adjetives the best I think. So I basically just rea the definitions to random adjetives. My favorite words are : surreal, dream, daydreamer, dag, and optimism. They all seem like kool happy words so maybe its a sign that I wish I was happy or something. Haha. I called this blog "In A Surreal world" just to use my favorite word in the title. And a surreal world would be like a dreamy place which fits with my other favorite words. Yeah I think you probably think I'm a loser for making a blog pot about words but whatever. WORDS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!
I like reading so it makes sense that I like words.
This morning I also listened to folk punk. Folk punk is amazing.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I love my mommy and all but she is bad at returning the love. Here's a conversation I had with her last night. I'ma tell you it like its a play. I'm bored so you're getting the whole short boring conversation.
Ready kids?

Setting- My bedroom (Me sitting on bed. Mom in doorway.)
Characters-Me, Mom

Mom- So are you done with those vampire books?
Me- Yeah.
Mom- So now your waiting for the next one?
Me- No. Breaking Dawn is supposed to be The End.
Mom- Oh. (Awkward silence because Mom lacks knowledge of vampire books.)
(more silence) You know, you should get a life beyond just sitting in your bedroom reading and listening to music.
Me- What?
Mom- You know. Like get a social life. (Exits)
Yepp. My mom told me I need to get a life. Thanks mom. Love ya too.
I probably should post the funny picture my brother took of my mom back in October where she has this hilarious look on her face, but she's weird about pictures and the internet being mixed.
Anyways, so my mom got me thinking again of how I lack a social life. So I think this year I'm gunna try to be less shy.
But it probably won't work out cuz nothing ever works out for the quiet kid right?
If I was one of those "emo kids" I would go on myspace or facebook and put up a stupid status message about pain and broken hearts cuz that what those kids do. Then of course if you ask them whats wrong they either a.) tell you (and its for some really lame reason like their dad won't let them go see the Harry Potter movie or whatever) or b.) they don't tell you because they think it makes them look more dark and troubled. I like to add those kids to my myspace friends. They are funny. I know most of them aren't actually depressed so its kinda ok to laugh at them. The kids that actually are depressed are the ones that don't spend all their money at hot topic and are the ones with real problems.I'm not an "emo kid" and I don't think I'm seriously depressed or troubled. As I told you before, I'm just an extra. Hey I think I should be an extra in movies. That'd be funny to have as a career. I watched that movie called Day After Tomorrow or whatever it was like a long time ago, and in the credits this lady is there as "Frozen Body". I think I could be a dead person in a movie too!!! You could go to the movie premeire and people would be talking about their big part in the movie and I would be like "Oh yeah? Well I played the frozen dead lady. It was my dream role. I was so excited when [insert some big movie director's name here] asked me to be an extra in his[or hers] movie!!!" Or I could be an extra in a music video if you think I'm too good for movies. I was watching Blink 182's "Stay together for the kids" video yesterday. I could sit there looking depressed in the beginning and then mosh around during the chorus. Sounds like a fun way to be famous. Only not really cuz no one cares about extras. If school was a movie I'd have so much more fun being just an extra. I think all extras (movie extras, music vieo extras, teen extras whatever) should gang up and take over the world. Then you could emember us!Mwahahaha...
I'm not weird. I'm just bored. I find it funny how this post started off by talking about my mom and vampire books and turned into a rant about extras.
I'm so great :) [This is the part where you start fake coughing and say "not really loser"]
I can be such a pessimist sometimes.
Whatever atleast this gives me something to do other then sitting around in my room. TAKE THAT MOM!!!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

first post of 2009

I am too lazy to tell you how I spent my New Years eve.
I am too lazy to tell you my New Years resolutions.

Yesterday I got bored and drew a picture.

I know I'm not an amazing artist but when I first finished I was really proud.
Now that I'm seeing it again its only an ok drawing. But whatever. I am putting it up cuz I have nothing else to blog about.