Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here's what I did today:

So I did pretty much nothing today.
Me and my brother went to seven eleven and got Arizonas.
Then my stomach started hurting like crazy in the parking lot!
And then I got a head ache.
And it was really hot outside.
And I felt miserable.
But I survived!
We went home after my groaning and complaining about my tummy hurting.
Then I went to sleep listening to AMERICAN DIARY.
Then I woke up an hour later and I was fine.
Then I took a shower.
Then I went on the computer.
Then I took a lot of those stupid Facebook quizzes.
Apparently I am Lilo! (Only one I posted)
And I will have an Asian baby.
And I am fun&&fabulous.
And Those were like only results I remember.
Then I went on youtube and looked up random music.
So yeah.
What a day.

nothing at all

Life is funny and Kira-Kira came in the mail the other day.
Gooooooood stuff. I have been saying it was Becoming Chloe that got me into reading but now I remember it was actually Kira-Kira. And I remember writing an essay on it cuz it was for summer reading. Then the told us we had to keep a reading log and read at least a book a month or something and we had to tell her a summary of the book to prove we read. I was always shy and quiet so I wrote the summaries in a notebook and gave it too the teacher. Haha now this is starting to remind me of Wallflower how Charlie wrote his english teacher essays on books...weird.
I'm listening to NeverShoutNever. Have you heard his new song "On the brightside"? I don't like it as much as his other stuff.
Why do I even blog?
Yesterday I finally ordered new glasses and the lady was coughing a lot and for some reason that really bothered me.
Then my family went to Ricky's ricebowl. I never can eat all of it. I can barely eat half. I always hope a homeless person finds it in the trash and eats it. If you were a hobo and found a bowl full of rice and veggies and peanut sauce wouldn't you be happy someone couldn't eat the whole thing? I would be.
Everybobys going to the party and we're having a good time.
Today feels like the type of day where I do nothing and then feel like a wasted a day.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Yesterday at the pool party I was messing around on my friends itouch. He has an LOL cats app.
What a loser.


I went to this pool party. I didn't swim cuz no one else was swimming plus I didn't want chlorine-ee hair cuz it is gross. Haha. So I sat and listened to my ipod like the whole freaking time. That's how kool I am. Haha. When I got home I watched Across the universe! It was odd...but I liked it.
My brother is at the zoo or something and I'm bored here at home watching random things on youtube. Wheeeee.
I wanta hang out with friends or my cousins or something! But of course I probably won't. I wanta go to the mall or Rio or something with a big group of people sometimes soon!
And I want freaking school to be out already.
But whatever, it will probably be done faster than I know it. I'm scared of finals. Why do we take finals when they already make us take freaking unit tests and HSA's and crap. Stupid school.
How come they make us learn things we don't care about? And how come when we try to learn what we wanta learn (like how to play guitar or something) they tell us it's meaningless and we aren't gunna use it in live? Like I wanta learn how to paint pictures cuz I think it would something kool to do. But nooo, I have to learn about freaking chemical equations and how to find the angles of a triangle. Like really? Where the hell am I ever gunna need to know that? Whereas if I took up painting I'd probably do it a lot. But they're like 'That isn't a good career choice.' Where is the fun in that?
My brother showed me this zine about dropping out. I probably won't end up dropping out of high school. But school is making me sick. We learn pointless stuff. Deal with asshole teachers. Deal with annoying students. It's just so frustratng! I just wanta runaway from it all sometimes. I bet if I ran away everyone would be confused as hell. Haha. And since I'm quiet barely anyone knows anything about me so if I disappeared they wouldn't know where to look. Suckers. Haha.
But I probably won't run away cuz I wouldn't want to travel alone. Last year I actually had a plan on running away but when I tried to get someone to go with me they thought I was kidding so they laughed.
But someday.
I will get away.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

la di da

Hello. Yesterday I did the usual Saturday stuff like eating at Baja Fresh and going to the library. I read this book last night called Freak Show. It was about this seventeen year old drag queen. And about how there is a freak in all of us. Haha. It was a good book.
My brother got Across the Universe out from the library and I got excited cuz I've been wanting to see it like FOREVER! Haha.
So today I am going to a pool party. It is probably going to be boring. But it's weird. Last year if you said we were going to a pool party I'd be all happy and excited. It's cuz I seem to be growing apart from my old friend. :-/
So yeah. I'm not gunna bring my ipod maybe. So I can stop using it as a reason not to talk to anyone. I'm always complaining about my lack of friends and lack of social life. Well it's probably cuz I never freakin talk! So I am gunna try beig more outgoing. But when I am outgoing I usually end up saying stupid things. Ugh. I dunno.
My cousin got a haircut and it looked amazing! Haha. Me and my other cousin were discussing bandnames. He didn't like the ones I made up and I didn't like some of his. So I think we agreed on this ok name. But knowing him next time I talk to him we'll be trying to come up with more bandnames.
Last night I wrote two poems. One of them is more like a list of unanswerable questions. And the other one is based off one of my favorite books. The perks of being a wallflower.
This morning I started reading a book of short stories. The problem with books like these are some of the stories aren't that great. And then others are so great you wish it was a novel, not just a short story. One of the short stories is by Meg Cabot. I don't get why people think she's some amazing author. I went through a phase where I read most of her books. They are really all the same. A girl likes a guy. Something happens and they never end up together. Then girl starts falling for other guy. Other guy has secretly been in love with her since they were kids. They kiss. End of story. They are all like that. It's annoying!
I am being random with my blogging but OH WELL.
So yeah.
I hope this pool party is fun. And if not, oh well. I'll try to plan to do something fun tomorrow. I guess.

Friday, May 22, 2009


SO. Um...
I dunno. What's there to talk about?
Oh. The HSA schedule was nice cuz I didn't have to take any this year, meaning I got to sleep in and show up at school at 11 something and only have three periods a day. But the week still seemed to go on FOREVER. The year is almost over! I think the seniors are done like now or like in a week. The kool senior in my math class said today was his last day of that class. Now who is gunna make that class fun? I never did become friends with the senior in my photography class with the bail out shirt! This is horrible. Oh well.
If I was a senior I'm sure I'd be freaking out right now.
I got my yearbook today. It wasn't as kool as the ones my brother has from past years. Whatever.
I only have my ugly school photo in it. Blah. Next year my goal is to be in every photo. Even people's school photos. Haha. Just kinding. But I will try to be in more than just my school photo. I'm listening to "About a girl" by the academy is... I like it. And of course last time I was checking out Hot topic's clearance rack they had a million the academy is... shirts. So if I get into the academy is... and want a shirt, of course next time I go they won't have any.
Yesterday we had a gym sub so I sat on the bleachers with my friend. Then my other friend got mad that she was playing kick ball and I wasn't. She was like "You're dead to me!" at the end of the period. Which seems a bit over the top, I mean it's just gym class. Then today she was still mad at me. Then after lunch she seemed fine with me and even signed my yearbook.
Ok People. If you are going to sign my yearbook please be more create than the usual "Have a good summer, see ya next year" cuz so far everyone that has signed my yearbook has said that. I mean last year I had way more entertaining things written in my yearbook. (Examples-"Do not pie"(which relly was suppost to say die, but somebody had weird hand writing!!lol) then they wrote my full name and drew a picture of a stick person bungee jumping over a pit of spikes. LMAO!!. Another one included things about jetpacks and our amazing art skillz. Another included things about planet unicorn. And another one ended with "Love always" which made me feel special. Lol) So yeah, I'm sick of HAGS. I mean when I sign someones yearbook I end up taking up at least half a page with stories and inside jokes and other random things. Like one time last year I included the quadratic formula in what I wrote in someones yearbook. Haha. And I talked about how I met that person (having chalkboard eraser fights with them in english class in 7th grade. Haha) So yeah. Try and be creative, that's all I'm saying.
In photography I'm done with everything for the year. And it seems like the other people at my table are too. So this one girl who seems to like the same types of music as me was listening to her ipod and her sort of friend who likes rap and calls our favorite music "white people music" listened to random things on this girls ipod. She was trying to act like she was a fan of the music and head bang to random music like fall out boy and the gym class heroes. It was funny. And the girl who owned the ipod who has a similar taste in music as me told me which songs this girl was head banging to. It was nice not just sitting there awkwardly being totally silent. I talked a tiny bit. Haha. I also found out that the other quiet girl in that class who I am kinda friends with's favorite band is... BLINK 182!!! So that was kool.
In geometry I am probably failing or about to fail because of the test I had today. AHHH.
I really have nothing to talk about.
One of my friends wants to see some movie at the Rio but they couldn't find anyone to go with. The movie she wants to see sounds kinda stupid but it's not like I've got anything better to do. But if I go to the Rio, I like going in a big group. It's more fun and less awkward silences. Haha.
I dunno.
I wanta go to the mall with my cousin! That would be awesome. And it's a three day weekend!!!
So I might try to do that.
But it's like Memorial Day weekend and my other friend might be having a pool party or something...I dunno. I just hope this weekend isn't boring. I hope this weekend is fun and I hope this weekend doesn't suck!
I went to the eye doctors yesterday...FINALLY. It wasn't as horrible as I thought.
Now I just want my freakin glasses so I can freakin see.
I was Facebook stalking a minute ago. Don't worry it wasn't you...whoever you are. Haha.
I'm so bored.
I'm go youtubing or something.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Smile in your sleep

I'm listening to Silverstein cuz I couldn't think of anything else to listen to. I made one of those "How well do you know me?" quizzes. So far no one has gotten lower that 90%. Yay. Peopleknow me. Haha. I took my cousins's quizzes and did ok. I took my random friends and did better than his mom on it. Haha. And I barely know him. I'm surprised there was no questions about dancing to Michael Jackson songs. HAHAHA :)
I just took this other guys and got 44%...which is kinda sad.
He even noticed I had a purple hoodie today, but I failed to know his eyes change colors. Too freakin bad.
So how 'bout that HSA shedual! I love it. I get to sleep in and only have three classes a day!!! XD
I'm bored. I am so happy I don't have to take any HSA's this year.
I should really be doing that geometry review packet.
Oh well.
I'm getting my yearbook this week!!! I hope I have more than just my ugly school photo in it. But I'm not in any clubs or anything. Oh well. I hope I get a lot of peopl to sign it. Haha.
My old friend keeps texting me but since I have freakin Virgin mobile I can't really text back cuz it costs too much. But I do wish I talked to her more.
I dunno what I'm doing anymore.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

for aim we what is Cute

Did I tell you about Jeffy? Jeffy is a bee/ hornet/wasp thing living in my window. You know, that gap of spaces between the screen and glass. I have no idea how it got in there but it's been buzzing around in there since Thursday or Friday. So yesterday I decided to name it Jeffy. I don't know why. It's like this bee thing is my pet. I don't know if it have anything to eat in there. And last night there was a thunder storm and it might have gotten soaked and died. I don't know. I wish I could somehow open the window and let it go outside where it should be but if I open the window it will probably sting me or something. So I don't know. It reminds me of when me and my cousin were at my Grandmother's a couple years ago and it was a rainy day and we found a dying butterfly. It was one of those kool yellow ones. I think they're called tiger swallows or something. We named it Alberto and used an empty bird feeder to keep it dry. But it died anyway and we actually buried it under the bushes.
Yesterday I went to the library and only got two books. I always read the back of the book for a summary and these days all the books sound the same. So I ended up just picking up two random books. I read one of them all the way through last night. It ended up being a romance. And the main character's boyfriend has the same name as this guy. It's complicated and I don't feel like explaining, so let's just say it reminded me of someone and made me sad. Which made me feel pathetic for being sad about it. ANYWAYS. I also went to Target yesterday! I got a new purple hoodie...from the girls section!!! Oh man!! All my old hoodies were like handmedowns from my brother or just gotten from the guys section cuz those hoodies are warmer. But now I have a girl hoodie and I'm hoping it's chilli outside so I can wear it. Haha...I'm weird. I also got three new notebooks. One of them is like a three section notebook. I'll be good for atleast a year or two!! Yay!! Haha.
One of my good friends that I haven't talked to in a really long time randomly told me on facebook "iloveyou" so I was like "iloveyoutoo" and they were like "good iwouldbesadifyoudidn't"
It's good to feel loved every now and then I guess.
Somedays you just need a hug. Yesterday was like that for me. I ended up ok.
Last night I stayed up really late. Well, not that late I guess. But for me it seemed late. I was not in a great mood and I was being paranoid over every little sound I heard so I slipped on my headphones and fell asleep listening to my ipod. I've only done this twice and both times I listened to cute is what we aim for. Cuz they have slower calmer songs like "Lyrical Lies" that make you sleepy but they also have faster louder songs like "There's a class for that" that block out the noises that make me paranoid and un able to sleep. So thank you cute is what we aim for.
Ugh. I want to talk to someone and tell them things but I haven't talked to them in a while and if I told them what I wanted to tell them they either wouldn't care or they'd laugh at me. UGHH
I'm bored. I'ma go youtubing.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

*snip snip snip*

I did it. I cut my hair. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. I did side bangs. But I can also do the type of bangs I had as a little kid. They're jagged and a bit too short. But I was surprised I actually did it.
Anyways, I did that on Wednesday so that is old news. I'm getting Thursday and Friday mixed up. They were pretty much the same during the school day. Thursday was my friend's birthday. I made her a card in photography. And it's a pretty amazing card considering I made it in think 5 minutes in photography. It was very colorful and on the inside I had little speech bubbles with random inside joke type things. It was pretty great. Then in english I was waiting to give it to her but found out that she left to get braces. Getting braces on your birthday. That would suck. She came back in after lunch so I gave it to her then. Then she gave me a cupcake and told me to split it with my other friend. But the bell rang. So we were walking down the hall like weirdos carrying a cupcake hoping no one would bump into us. In science she gave me the cupcake and tried ripping it in half. It ended up one half was way bigger than the other but she let me have the big half. It was good but I some how managed to get frosting all over my hands and desk. Haha. The person that made my friend the cupcakes was like "You're the messiest eater I've ever seen." Hahaha. My other friend was like "Go wash your hands!" So I went over to the sink and she was like "No! In the bathroom!" Why walk over to the bathroom when you're in a classroom full of sinks? Haha.
We played kickball in gym. It's only fun to play it with my cousins. My teacher yelled at us and it was funny. She called us pieces of crud or something. She was like "It's just a game! Not a walk in the park! Move around more! Don't just stand there!" Chill out geez! If it is just a game then why was she yelling at us? She's weird. Also yesterday we had to do a class vote: play kickball inside or walk the track. I voted for walking but all these other people voted for kick ball so that's what we ended up doing. Then we did that things were two people pick people out from a line to be on their team. All the athletic kids ended up on one team and all the people I am friends with were on the other team. Then some annoying girl that is friends with the girl who yelled at my friend over knocking on a door picked me to be on the athletic people's team. So I tried to stay in the out field where the ball never goes. At one point this wannabe gangster kid kicked the ball really hard in my direction. I wasn't paying attention then I looked over and theres this red ball coming at my face. Luckily I used my ninja skillz from basketball and smacked it away...I'm such a nerd.
In photography this girl at my table is double jointed in her shoulders and elbows or something so she can put her hands together in front of herself then move them over her head and behind her back. It's weird and kool at the same time. She can also lick her elbow. So she was doing all these little arm trick things and this one girl was freaking out. Then other people noticed what this girl could do and the whole class started watching her. It was funny.
At lunch this random kid from my spanish class I barely know stole my backpack. It was weird. So I got up and walked after him. And I was like "Dude! I don't even know you. What the heck?" and he was like "I'm in your Spanish class!" like that explained everything. Then he ran out into that grassy part between f hall and h hall I think and all these random friends of mine were there eating pizza. It was really weird. Some random ghetto kid was like "Kick his ass!!" I was like "What the heck?" Then the kid finally put down my back pack on the table next to my friends and ran inside. So I said "Hi" to them and got my backpack and went inside. Then he was there holding the door shut. So I banged on the glass and he let me in. It was a weird minute of my life. Haha. Thursday (I think) one of my friends had a can of V8 and no one wanted it. I tasted it. It was like cold tomato soup. Also on Thursday the kid who took my backpack randomly came up to my group of friends at lunch and was like "Do any of you own dogs?" and we nodded and he was like "Tonight I'm gunna come to your houses and rape your dogs!" and then he left. That kid is weird.
So last night I went to Dave and Buster's for my friend's birthday party. I had to give three people rides and it was very awkward at first cuz the first girl we picked up is a girl I barely know so I didn't know what to talk about in the car. Then we got my other friends but they are quiet people too. I saw a sign that said "Get your hair cut today by soon to be professionals" my friends said they saw a sign that said "Korean Pancakes" Haha. I'm confused.
Dave and Busters in expensive and I was so proud that I got 305 tickets. Then we went to the place where you cash in your tickets for prizes and all I could get was light up pens or that slime stuff. I got a blue light up pen. Not that many people came so I was a bit disapointted. I'm tired of blogging for today. I might go to my old elementry school's Spring Festival today. I dunno. It looks like it's gunna rain. I went to the Spring Festival last year. I was workinmg at this football booth. It was boring but this nerdy sixth grader kid from my bus worked at that station too and he had ipod speakers so I became a DJ. Did your game booth have a DJ? I don't think so. Haha. That kid was awesome. I can't wait til he comes to high school. Haha.
I was on myspaces and read this person's bulliton and it had this video of this emo looking guy. I ended up watching like 5 of his videos. It's like Drew from wassabi production but with weirder hair meets Mitchell Davis with bad words and not as good camer quality. At the beginning of each vid I'm like, this is stupid. But then it changes and I watch the whole thing. I don't know how I feel about this. But I subscribed.
Oh. Haha. Also at Dave and Buster's I passed the DDR game and there was this dude, he must have been in his 30's and he was dominating at that game. I was like "I'm so jealous!" There was also this jumproping game I failed at but there was this little boy who got like a million tickets from it. I don't know where I'm going with this.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

here goes nothing

OhMyGoodness. I have only four never shout never songs on my ipod but I listen to them nonstop.
Haha. Christopher Drew is pretty awesome. Just saying.
So yesterday In gym some wannabe ghetto girl wouldn't open the door when my friend was locked out cuz she was too lazy to get up and open the door like a kind person. Instead she just yelled at my friend so my friend gave her the finger. In the locker room afterwards this girl was pissed and started cussing out my friend. It was so stupid and obnoxious. And something that really bothers me is that the girl that was all angry carries around this purse thing that says "Love and Peace." Really? Is it so loving to not open a door for someone? Is it so peacful to get in a stupid fight about it? It's very annoying.
Today in gym class my teacher was in an angry mood and made s run two laps around the track. I just walked with my friend. We were slow as hell. Haha. By the time we were like one fourth through our second lap everyone else was done and had gone inside. Haha. I noticed that there was a lot of buttercuts so we started picking flowers. Haha. And just then you thought it couldn't get amazinger, we started skipping and singing. We finally did make it back inside and the teacher had everyone lined up against the wall. And had two captons. Me and my friend were the last to get picked. Haha. In gym we're the weirdly joyful happy people trying to brighten fourth period. Haha. Most people look at us like we're on something and they know we won't be paying mucha ttention to hand ball or whatever. They just can't handle our awesomeness. Haha. I miss the days of the force. GOOD TIMES.
I don't like it when people or angry.
I have really considered cutting my own freaking hair. I don't know why my hair is pissing me off so much these days. I don't mean I'm gunna do my brother's hair style. Haha. I'll cut bangs or something to make it not look the same. I'm so bored with it. I think I should talk to my brothers female friend that has kool hair about hair. Why does that sond amazingly girly and weird?
Hey, lets go talk about hair!!

Gag. This sounds stupid. I don't know what I want to do about my hair. I'll probably just leave it this way forever. Blahh.
I finished reading this book called Razzle. It was ok. I wanta go to Cape Cod...but its not like the characters are real.
There should be this magical place where characters from books/shows/movies are real. I'd go there a lot. Haha. I'm a book nerd.
I had a geometry quiz today. I am starting to wonder if I have ADD or something. I cannot pay attention at all in that class. I had a science quiz too. My friend let me cheat off her. I feel dumb, I should have studied. The things I didn't understand were probably really easy. Oh well. I don't like worrying about school. English on the other hand i like the easiest class ever to me. It's actually one of my favorite classes cuz it's so easy and I have a lot of friends in that class and the teacher isn't the type of teacher to take seriously.
In photography I did my dodge and burn. I was too lazy to cut out a paper thing to do it so I used my hands. I thing everything just turned out bad.
they did't turn out any better that the crappy originals. Blah.
Maybe that's my mood today: blah.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I was watching Mitchell Davis videos...AGAIN. Some of his merch is on sale. I kinda want the monster hoodie but it's one of the things not on sale. I dunno if I should get a shirt or not. I mean he is pretty flippin awesome. So today I went to Baja fresh with my parents. They never give you enough guacamole there. Is that how it's spelt? I dunno. Then we went to the library and I forgot to get the graphic novels my brother wanted me to get him. Oops. Every week I look for "Across the Universe" and "Little Miss Sunshine" cuz my cousin says they are good. But I fail at finding them. Then me and my parents went to the mall. How cool am I? I hang out with my mom and dad at the mall. They were being really annoying. I wish I lived closer to the mall so I could just go by myself so they wouldn't piss me off. ANYWAYS, so at the mall I went to Claire's (hey, Claire is my middle name. Blahhhh.) and got my friend so stuff for her birthday. And I found a koolio purse for me. I don't really like purses but this one was pretty awesome. It had a cassette pattern on it. Pretty sweet. I think my mom expects me to pay her back...I hope she doesn't cuz I hate paying. Haha. One time I went to the movies with a group of friends and my guy friend payed for my ticket even though I didn't ask. And I remember I got mad at him and was like "What? You think I'm too poor to buy my own ticket?" I like picking pointless arguements sometimes. Haha. ANYWAYS. Then I went to Hot Topic and my mom came in with me cuz... cuz... I'm not sure why. I guess to pay. But I went to look at stuff and she went and looked at other stuff. When I went to Claire's only one person was working there. At hot topic there was like ten people working there and all of them seemed to ask me "Do you need help finding anything?" It does get annoying, especially when you're a shy person like me and all you want to do is look around and don't feel like talking to people. Anyways, I only look at stuff in the front. I only buy from the clearance section though. I found a We the Kings shirt and a cute is what we aim for shirt. My mom said the cute is what we aim for one would shrink in the wash so I got another one. It's like a freakin XL. I'm wearing it now actually. This always happens when I shop in the clearance rack or Rugged Wearhouse. It's hard to find something kool that fits. Usually I end up with something kool, but it's huge. Oh well. It's still a kool shirt. And hey, if I ever gain like 200 pounds I'll have a kool XL shirt. Haha. So now I'm home. I took a shower. While I was in the shower I was thinking about names ans initials. Wouldn't it suck if your initials were STD? Haha. How come I always think the randomest things in the shower? I braided my hair into a lot of little braids when I got out of the shower. Last time I did this my brother told me to dread it. He should had done it to his hair while it was still long. But nooo, he shaved it. And I kinda encouraged him. I was sick of hearing him debate shaving it or not so I was like "Just do it already!" So he did. We went out on the back patio and used my mirror. And I helped him. It was really hot out side that day so after a while I got bored and started getting paranoid that the sun was burning me. Cuz I'm freakishly pale and I've had really bad sunburns before and it is not fun. So now whenever it's sunny and I'm outside too long I sart freaking out that I'm gunna turn red and die of skin that actually be how I die. That would suck.
So, what I meant to say in my last post: this past week I decided to bring my old Po tellytubby doll to school with me. Haha. After lunch I usually just walked around carrying him. I hope people found it strange. Haha.My brother got me some Never shout never on my ipod. It's freakin amazing.
I posted a stupid note on facebook just now.
I'm hungry.
Me go get hot pocket.
Me stop blogging now.
Me say bye to you now:


Is that how you spell it? Whatever. I'm listening to SILERSTEIN. And I know their song is "heroine" but too damn bad. This week I got "Rent" from the library. AMAZINGNESS. The guy that wrote The Perks of Being a Wallflower wrote the screen play so you just know it had to be great.
My school had an art show Thursday and Friday. I ended up going five times. I had two photography things in it. A portrait of my friend and a "photo collage" of this creepy old guy. (It's cut up old photos to recreate a different picture. The picture I picked at random out of the bag to recreate was a picture of some old news anchor guy but he looked kinda creepy. Haha) So yeah. My friend is in an art class and none of her art was in the show so I told her to tape one of her art pieces up on the wall. She didn't. Loser. Haha. Just kidding.
I was suppoed to go to a dance "showcase" last night like I mentioned on Mark Jubert's blog (I got to guest blog!) but my friend said she couldn't go and I tried calling my other friends but they didn't pick up so I just stayed home. Then this morning I found out that the friends I was trying to call did go so I should have gone with them. Oh well.
I got invited to a party for next Friday. Hey look at me, I'm starting to have a social life again. I've gone to other people's houses for the last couple of weekends. (But one time was really boring and I listened to my ipod the whole time) But now I've got a party to go to next Friday. YAY. But it's a birthday party, which means I need to buy a present and I suck at picking out gifts.
Tomorrow I'm going to my bestfriend/ cousin's confirmation party. Yay!
I have nothing else to say.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What I did yesterday

So yesterday was my cousin's 21st birthday. We went to this mini golf place. My family is late to everything. The mini golf place seemed worn out. Me and my cousin's all pretty much cheated. My brother was the only one that was actually trying. Then we went to the birthday boy's house. Me and my cousins took like a million pictures. I was putting them on the computer earlier this morning. 170 pictures. Now I'm uploading some to facebook and it's taking forever. I won't have time to put the best ones on flickr today unless I was to be on the computer all day, which I don't.
Last night when it was dark we were all outside under a blossoming tree. We took lots of pretty pictures. We danced to Micheal Jackson songs in the basement. HAHAHA. I have "Thriller" in my head now. No joke. Yeah. It was a fun day/night. I wish photos uploading faster and I wish I actually knew the dance to "Thriller".
I started rereading this book I read last year. It's kinda like its trying to be wallflower but its not as kool.
I'ma go listen to random music on the interweb while the pics upload.
(Haha...I think that's a backstreet boys song)