Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh oh I wish that you missed me

was listening to Lemuria the other day and have that line in my head now.

My friend drew a picture of a giraffe today and I was amazing. I am the one who draws giraffes on everything. We think so a like. Haha. Only mine are way more cartoon-y than hers. So next Friday is Costume day at my school. I will dress up as Max from Where the wild things are!! My giraffe drawing friend was gunna be a ninja turtle but then decided she wouldn’t be allowed to wear the mask in class. So she’s gunna be a scene kid. I think it’ll be a fail. But oh well.

I just read a hell of a lot of MLIA in the past hour. Haha.

I have a take home quiz I really need help on cuz it’s impossible! Ahhh. Stupid algebra 2! Ruining my weekend!! Arggg.

I think I either saw a mouse of a creepy crawly run across the other side of the room. Either way, I’m scared. And to run out of the room I have to run to where it ran across. Blahhh. How come when I went to an abandoned house that had a freaking window open there were no pests??

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm blue duba dee duba di

That was like the song of my childhood. My and my brother would listen to it on repeat…FOR HOURS! Haha. Oh the 90’s. So. Today’s been a rainy Wednesday. We had PSAT’s today. Oh boy. My friend got dumped right before their 1 year anniversary of going out with the guy. That asshole. Today she sat next to me on the bus ride home and she was crying. I break that stupid boys face now. Then I had a stalker moment after I got home. I looked out the window and saw her walking alone in the rain so I rain out after her. HAHAHA. The look on her face when I just appeared out of nowhere was priceless. She was like “OHMYGOD!” really loud. LOL. So then we walked to 7-Eleven and she got some pig out food. Cuz that’s just what you do when you just got dumped. Cry and pig out. All that fun stuff. Then we walked back and I made her laugh and such. So then I felt like a better person for making her smile when she’s in a crappy mood. And I felt like a stalker but it’s all good, she’s my friend and my neighbor so it’s ok. Haha. So yeah. That was basically my day. PSAT’s and stalking my friend.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


my saturday

I went to the mall today to get a dress for Homecoming. My friends made me try on a dress at American Eagle and it just showed off out freakishly pale I am. White dresses just don’t look good on me. At JCPenny my friends made me try on this purple dress that I didn’t really like. I’m bad at dress shopping cuz I don’t know what type of dress I want or anything. So I tried on the purple dress and I liked it once I tried it on. But it was $40 and I don’t know if that’s expensive or not for a dress cuz I like never go dress shopping. So I didn’t get it. I probably should have. But I am still not even sure if I want to go to Homecoming. So I dunno. If I do decide to go I’ll probably be upset for not getting the dress but oh well. Then I went to Hot Topic because I wanted to. Why are the shirts I like always more than I want to pay? There was an Owl City shirt, a Never Shout Never shirt, a Paramore shirt and like two Blink shirts. But they were $20 each and I’m cheap. Then I wanted to get a belt but those were freaking $25! Why does Hot Topic have to be so expensive? If they lowered the price of everything by like $10 I would buy things there SO MUCH. Haha. The people working there always ask “How are you today? Need help finding anything just let me know” And I usually say or do something that makes them laugh or talk to me more. It’s weird. So today I was drinking a smoothie when a dude working there asked me and it was a good smoothie so I kept drinking it and just gave him a thumbs up and he laughed and said he like that answer and that it was very to the point. It’s amazing how just sticking up my thumb made this dude laugh. He must not get out much. Haha. So yeah. Now I’m at home. I didn’t buy anything at the mall other than a smoothie. I wish I went to the library today. Cuz I’m not gunna be able to go next weekend either. :( . So I’ve decided I want to be Max from Where the wild things are for Halloween and I told my mom so not I need to make a costume. I need a grey hoodie. It would be great id it had ears sticking up out of the hood. And a clip on wolf tail. Haha. I hope I can get those buy Halloween. If not I’m being a freaking fairy…AGAIN. It’s random, but today my friends and I were at Payless shoes and I was drinking my smoothie and then I got a chunk of banana stuck in my throat. I was choking on a freaking banana. Haha. But it only lasted like 15 seconds then my friends laughed at me. So yeah. That was my amazing day.

Friday, October 9, 2009

You had me at hello

By A day to remember is so beautiful. I love it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Phil of the future

I was thinking about old TV shows and decided to watch some good old Phil of the Future on Youtube. What a great show. I used to think the guy that plays Phil was the cutest guy in the world. Hahaha.

So yesterday I went to the dentists. It actually wasn’t horrible. They put this stuff called sealant on my back teeth. I got to have my own little room. And the dentist was this new guy I’d never met before. He was this very nice and friendly Asian guy. He liked my random green zebra print shoelace. He said tiger stripe shoelace… but same thing. Haha. He also thought my purple plaid hoodie was very trendy. He told me when I become a famous fashion designer to remember him. I hate when dentists try to have conversations with you. It’s pretty hard to talk when they are putting sealant on your teeth! But yeah, for a guy that gets payed to look at peoples teeth, he was pretty kool.

I went to an abandoned house a couple days ago. It was pretty kool. And kinda sad. It makes me wonder what happened. It would have been a really nice house. There was a freaking fireplace in the bathroom! Pretty swanky. The smoke alarms were pretty annoying though. At first I thought it was a burglar alarm and almost started freaking out. But the house has been abandoned since August of 2007 judging by the date on the newspapers and magazines there. So the smoke alarms were beeping for new batteries. Anyways. Yeah. Going to an abandoned house. Yet another random thing I’ve done.

What a great post. Talking about old Disney Channel shows, the dentists, and going to an abandoned house. Wow. Haha.

So. Today I will probably go to the library. I want to reread the Rainbow boys series but every time I go to the library to look for them Rainbow Boys (the first book) isn’t there! So maybe this time it will be. I don’t know. Yesterday everyone in my family ate lunch at Ricky’s rice bowl but me! My brother went with his friends after school. And my parents went after I came home and told them I already ate lunch at school. Oh well. Lunch yesterday was kool. At first all my friends had already seemed to have left so I was like “Great, I have to eat alone. Ugh” but luckily Nereida and Vivian found me! They can always find a great place on campus to chill at for lunch where no one else will be. To yesterday we ate on this brick wall near the auto shop parking lot and the hill down to the portables and green house. It was so nice outside! I should eat with them more often. I want to go to Target sometime soon! Skelanimals is selling stuff in Target stores for Halloween! Skelanimals is usually at Hot topic for more than I can afford. So it would be kool to get some cute Skelanimals stuff for Target prices. So yeah.My friend Nereida wears a lot of Skelanimals shirts and thats what made me think of it. Haha.

Bye :D

Friday, October 2, 2009

all i wanted


Brand new eyes is amazing. I suggest you go buy it NOW.

Haha. So it is Friday!! I had a half day at school which rocked. But I had like a bijillion quizzes/tests!!! AHHH. Yesterday I wrote a song. I was kinda shocked when I read it over after reading it. It’s not that good. It’s probably got some really lame rhymes. But for once I wrote a song and got out what I was actually trying to say. I might post it here. I haven’t decided yet.

Yesterday was also the first day of OCTOBER!!!! October is like the bestestestest month ever!! Everyone’s like “Oh, you just like it cuz it has your birthday.” That is one of the reasons I love it but theres more to it than that. It has my birthday, my best friend/cousin’s birthday, my birthday party (usually), my cousin’s birthday party(s), Point look out (This beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. My family goes there like every year for a weekend in October), and HALLOWEEN!!! So what a fantastic month. I hope my parents get me a new camera for my birthday. I think one of my friends is gunna go get me all this stuff like lotions and fancy soaps and I’m gunna feel really bad for not getting her anything for her birthday. Well, in a way I gave her support when she was going through a tough time. And promised to do that whenever she needs me. Does that count as a birthday present? Anyways, one of my other friends has been saying since last year “I’m gunna buy you a big bag of Swedish Fish.” I’m so excited!! I think I told Mark to make my vegan cupcakes. That will be pretty freaking sweet if he does! Hahaha. I hope I get to go to both my cousin’s bday partys if she has two. Because usually I miss one. :( . I hope PLO is fun this year. The past two years interesting stories have happened at the play ground at night. I haven’t talked to my friend who usually goes in like a year. I hope we haven’t grown apart. Because then PLO will not be very fun. ALSO- I do not know what I want to be for Halloween this year! It is a dilemma! The past couple years I’ve been lazy and just worn fairy wings and been like “I’ma fairy!” but I want to do something different this year!

Yesterday me and my brother rode our bikes to the park so I could take pictures of him for my photo2 assignment. The film was acting weird but I hoped it would be ok because the pictures would have turned out AMAZING. So today I developed the film. IT FREAKING CAME OUT PLANK. I’m upset! So I got a new roll of film. Gunna try again over the weekend. I don’t really feel like riding bikes to the park. It’s too hilly for me. But if my parents drove us to the park my dad would probably try to tell me how to do everything like I’d never used a camera. Even thought I’ve taken more photography classes than he ever has. So yeah. At least I have actually learned a bit from my mistake. But it’s happened to me THREE times when the film came out bad. Two times it was blank and one time it was all black. Ugh. That’s why digital is a lot nicer sometimes. You don’t have to worry about the film coming out messed up. But film has it’s plus sides too. When it actually comes out good.

So yeah. I have to go to the dentists soon. I hate going to the dentist. Last time was horrible. My dad forgot my middle name and I missed the sink when spitting out that red crap they put on your teeth. So hopefully this time it’s better. Last time I was the oldest patient there. The rest were like 6 year olds. Oh boy. Ughhhh. So yeah. BYE.