Saturday, October 10, 2009

my saturday

I went to the mall today to get a dress for Homecoming. My friends made me try on a dress at American Eagle and it just showed off out freakishly pale I am. White dresses just don’t look good on me. At JCPenny my friends made me try on this purple dress that I didn’t really like. I’m bad at dress shopping cuz I don’t know what type of dress I want or anything. So I tried on the purple dress and I liked it once I tried it on. But it was $40 and I don’t know if that’s expensive or not for a dress cuz I like never go dress shopping. So I didn’t get it. I probably should have. But I am still not even sure if I want to go to Homecoming. So I dunno. If I do decide to go I’ll probably be upset for not getting the dress but oh well. Then I went to Hot Topic because I wanted to. Why are the shirts I like always more than I want to pay? There was an Owl City shirt, a Never Shout Never shirt, a Paramore shirt and like two Blink shirts. But they were $20 each and I’m cheap. Then I wanted to get a belt but those were freaking $25! Why does Hot Topic have to be so expensive? If they lowered the price of everything by like $10 I would buy things there SO MUCH. Haha. The people working there always ask “How are you today? Need help finding anything just let me know” And I usually say or do something that makes them laugh or talk to me more. It’s weird. So today I was drinking a smoothie when a dude working there asked me and it was a good smoothie so I kept drinking it and just gave him a thumbs up and he laughed and said he like that answer and that it was very to the point. It’s amazing how just sticking up my thumb made this dude laugh. He must not get out much. Haha. So yeah. Now I’m at home. I didn’t buy anything at the mall other than a smoothie. I wish I went to the library today. Cuz I’m not gunna be able to go next weekend either. :( . So I’ve decided I want to be Max from Where the wild things are for Halloween and I told my mom so not I need to make a costume. I need a grey hoodie. It would be great id it had ears sticking up out of the hood. And a clip on wolf tail. Haha. I hope I can get those buy Halloween. If not I’m being a freaking fairy…AGAIN. It’s random, but today my friends and I were at Payless shoes and I was drinking my smoothie and then I got a chunk of banana stuck in my throat. I was choking on a freaking banana. Haha. But it only lasted like 15 seconds then my friends laughed at me. So yeah. That was my amazing day.