Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm blue duba dee duba di

That was like the song of my childhood. My and my brother would listen to it on repeat…FOR HOURS! Haha. Oh the 90’s. So. Today’s been a rainy Wednesday. We had PSAT’s today. Oh boy. My friend got dumped right before their 1 year anniversary of going out with the guy. That asshole. Today she sat next to me on the bus ride home and she was crying. I break that stupid boys face now. Then I had a stalker moment after I got home. I looked out the window and saw her walking alone in the rain so I rain out after her. HAHAHA. The look on her face when I just appeared out of nowhere was priceless. She was like “OHMYGOD!” really loud. LOL. So then we walked to 7-Eleven and she got some pig out food. Cuz that’s just what you do when you just got dumped. Cry and pig out. All that fun stuff. Then we walked back and I made her laugh and such. So then I felt like a better person for making her smile when she’s in a crappy mood. And I felt like a stalker but it’s all good, she’s my friend and my neighbor so it’s ok. Haha. So yeah. That was basically my day. PSAT’s and stalking my friend.