Friday, October 2, 2009

all i wanted


Brand new eyes is amazing. I suggest you go buy it NOW.

Haha. So it is Friday!! I had a half day at school which rocked. But I had like a bijillion quizzes/tests!!! AHHH. Yesterday I wrote a song. I was kinda shocked when I read it over after reading it. It’s not that good. It’s probably got some really lame rhymes. But for once I wrote a song and got out what I was actually trying to say. I might post it here. I haven’t decided yet.

Yesterday was also the first day of OCTOBER!!!! October is like the bestestestest month ever!! Everyone’s like “Oh, you just like it cuz it has your birthday.” That is one of the reasons I love it but theres more to it than that. It has my birthday, my best friend/cousin’s birthday, my birthday party (usually), my cousin’s birthday party(s), Point look out (This beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. My family goes there like every year for a weekend in October), and HALLOWEEN!!! So what a fantastic month. I hope my parents get me a new camera for my birthday. I think one of my friends is gunna go get me all this stuff like lotions and fancy soaps and I’m gunna feel really bad for not getting her anything for her birthday. Well, in a way I gave her support when she was going through a tough time. And promised to do that whenever she needs me. Does that count as a birthday present? Anyways, one of my other friends has been saying since last year “I’m gunna buy you a big bag of Swedish Fish.” I’m so excited!! I think I told Mark to make my vegan cupcakes. That will be pretty freaking sweet if he does! Hahaha. I hope I get to go to both my cousin’s bday partys if she has two. Because usually I miss one. :( . I hope PLO is fun this year. The past two years interesting stories have happened at the play ground at night. I haven’t talked to my friend who usually goes in like a year. I hope we haven’t grown apart. Because then PLO will not be very fun. ALSO- I do not know what I want to be for Halloween this year! It is a dilemma! The past couple years I’ve been lazy and just worn fairy wings and been like “I’ma fairy!” but I want to do something different this year!

Yesterday me and my brother rode our bikes to the park so I could take pictures of him for my photo2 assignment. The film was acting weird but I hoped it would be ok because the pictures would have turned out AMAZING. So today I developed the film. IT FREAKING CAME OUT PLANK. I’m upset! So I got a new roll of film. Gunna try again over the weekend. I don’t really feel like riding bikes to the park. It’s too hilly for me. But if my parents drove us to the park my dad would probably try to tell me how to do everything like I’d never used a camera. Even thought I’ve taken more photography classes than he ever has. So yeah. At least I have actually learned a bit from my mistake. But it’s happened to me THREE times when the film came out bad. Two times it was blank and one time it was all black. Ugh. That’s why digital is a lot nicer sometimes. You don’t have to worry about the film coming out messed up. But film has it’s plus sides too. When it actually comes out good.

So yeah. I have to go to the dentists soon. I hate going to the dentist. Last time was horrible. My dad forgot my middle name and I missed the sink when spitting out that red crap they put on your teeth. So hopefully this time it’s better. Last time I was the oldest patient there. The rest were like 6 year olds. Oh boy. Ughhhh. So yeah. BYE.